Lazy Man’s Chinese Sausage Rice 腊味饭

I was attracted by the sight of lap cheong 腊肠 (Chinese preserved meat sausage) while grocery shopping today, so I bought a couple of it on impulse (tsk tsk tsk!)…

I had the idea of making lap mei fan 腊味饭 (Chinese sausage rice) using my rice cooker. But I had no idea what are the other necessary ingredients in the recipe…

I thought maybe I could add some Chinese mushrooms and chicken breast meat, but… Chinese mushrooms are f**kin’ expensive man! And the chicken breast meat available in the poultry section today looked grossly… unappetizing.

I was also not interested to buy a few bottles of specific sauces only to use once. That would be a terrible way to waste some of my hard earned cash…

Time to improvise on the spot. That’s what Lazy Man does all the time… I need to buy ONE ingredient that could replace mushrooms and meats and Chinese sauces… But then I also thought, Lazy Man is always doing crazy things, so my Chinese sausage rice might be better off not resembling a proper Chinese dish…

DSC_0003 (800x559)
Here’s my special ingredient: Jalapeno sausage

Chinese sausage + western sausage. This is truly a sausage rice…

I cut them all into thin slices and threw them all in with my mixed grain rice in my rice cooker.

Ingredients in the rice cooker:

  • Rice – 2 cups (with corresponding amount of water)
  • Chinese sausage – 2 sticks
  • Jalapeno sausage – 1 stick
  • Light soy sauce – 2 tablespoons
  • Garlic powder – 2 tablespoons
  • … That’s all…
DSC_0004 (800x491)
It smells awesome!

There is enough rice for 3 portions (4 if you are a small eater, 6 if you are my mom).

DSC_0006 (800x495)
Serve with a simple veggie + egg stir fry. How can I forget my veggie intake, right?

My rice not only smells awesome, it is also very delicious! Of course, it is not Chinese restaurant flavor, but… that’s hardly important, is it? 😉


  1. Kudos! Like you, I don’t buy flavours from the supermarket, my house only have salt, pepper, soy sauce.. not even oyster sauce.. but recently I bought shing heng jau, (chinese wine) to cook with vegetables and chicken… 🙂

    • Hahaha, no wine for me, I don’t like wine in my food frequently, so no point for it too. 😛

    • Well, I don’t hate it, and it is not very much more expensive compared to white rice, so I figured, why not? 😉

    • Only slightly, there’s like 2 tiny bits of chili in the entire sausage. I think even you can handle it. 😛

      Of course not, lap cheong is sweet and not salty, my rice has lots of flavors! 😀

      • I was under the assumption the entire Japeno sausage was Jalepeno flavoured 🙄

        Lap cheong as sweet? I always thought it was both sweet and salty lol. But I’ll admit that when you cook lap cheong with fried rice and the frozen corn, the lap cheong tastes much sweeter than the latter 🙄

        • Hmm, I suppose you could say lap cheong is 80% sweet and 20% salty. Bottom line is my rice is not that salty at all. 😛

  2. Wah, looks good. Can name this east meat west sausage rice. You are so, so, so lazy to stirfry vegetables on the side. I would have thought you would be diligent enough to do a one pot so will also throw your vegetables into your rice to cook together with your sausage. Then again you are too lazy eh? So stir fry vegetables it is. ;p

    • Tsk! Cooked leafy veggie cannot keep overnight one (that’s what my mom taught me), how can cook together with the rice?? The rice I need to keep 2 more days… Some more, I said Lazy Man’s RICE, don’t lump the veggie together lah… 😛

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