Europe 2016 Day 7.3: Fontana Magica di Montjuic

Let’s reveal the magical place

This magical place is located right behind the palace looking building in the last photo of my post from yesterday [which Mun pointed out as Montjuic National Palace]. There’s a pathway behind the palace leading towards it.

DSC01683 (1024x580)
View from the palace, the magical place is right behind the four columns from afar
DSC01682 (1024x580)
Staircase leading down

The stairs led me down to a big open space…

DSC01684 (1024x580)
I thought it would be a good idea to turn around and get a nice view of the palace itself from here
DSC01685 (1024x580)
The four columns. I don’t know if they are of any significance
DSC01687 (1024x580)
Right behind the columns, is where all our focus should be

It doesn’t look any… special, does it? Like I mentioned in the previous post, this place only becomes magical from 7.00 PM till 8.30 PM. And it doesn’t turn magical every day. The city council controls the operating days and it changes every few months. When I was there, it only operates on Fridays and Saturdays every week.

I tell you this magical place is very popular with lots of visitors. It might not seem so from the picture above, so let me show you some other angles…

DSC01689 (1024x580)
See? People seated on the steps waiting for the show to begin
DSC01701 (1024x580)
Some agile ones climb up the column bases to get a better view

I actually got a spot quite close to the magical place waiting for the show to begin as well, but I was somewhat distracted. At 6.55 PM, 5 minutes from the expected start, something happened behind me.

DSC01694 (1024x580)
A bunch of pro looking people setting up pro looking tripods for their pro looking cameras
DSC01692 (1024x580)
Oh! So the ponds right next to the staircase leading down from the palace… is actually a fountain!

That moron standing by the fountain, he earned a lot of “Tsk!”s from the row of photographers behind, but he ignored everyone completely and remained there obstinately. Tsk!

I couldn’t linger around to wait for him to f**k off, because, as I turned back to the magical place

DSC01698 (1024x580)
HHhhhhhuhhhhhh, the show has began!

What exactly is magical place? Well, it is called Fontana Magica di Montjuic. Magical Fountain of Montjuic.

Magical right? Even the name of the fountain is magical…

Here’s some more photos…

DSC01709 (1024x580)

DSC01713 (1024x580)

DSC01718 (1024x580)

DSC01720 (1024x580)

DSC01712 (1024x580)
It was very windy, and when the water shoots too high, it gets blown to one side so some people gets free shower

You know what? I don’t have a lot of photos of this magical fountain show. That is because I switched to video mode shortly into the show. Here’s a 5 minutes clip of the show…

I do not have further photos, because I shot this video until the camera died, and I needed whatever little juice left on my smartphone to operate the GPS to guide me back to La Rambla.

Anyway, it was a very nice colorful fountain show. More importantly, it is free of charge. It was a perfect ending to my Day 7…


    • I guess that’s the risk associated with shooting water towards the sky, out in the open. πŸ˜›

    • I went all the way to Spain! But okay lah, I wasn’t here to specifically watch the fountain. πŸ˜›

  1. Ehhhh, so your magical means got LED changing lights neh, canggih !! So you kiasu-kiasu go there before 6.30pm and wait for 7pm to see the LED lights huh.. I clicked on your video, fuyoh, the water so “high” ahh!

    • Hahaha yeah, well actually that place is called the Magical Fountain, that name not I give one hahaha… πŸ˜›

    • Yeah, I think in the summer, they only turn on the fountain at 8 PM instead of 7 PM. It is all about matching the color of the sky I think..

    • But for me personally, I think it was okay, no camera means I get to watch the fountain properly. πŸ™„

  2. the fountain looks like something I hav seen before…in M’sia…I tink last time The Mines Wonderland got such dancing fountain with color lights, but that was 20 years ago. Now, that park already closed down.

  3. Wow! The photos are fabulous with the architecture of the magnificent Palace and surroundings. I wonder how many days I need to stay in Barcelona to cover all? Sweating now.

  4. From the pictures, that is quite a show. Pity about the wind blowing the water left, right and centre. I’d watch the 5 minute video if I wasn’t skimping on internet data πŸ™

    It is a very nice show with the blue hour sky as a backdrop. I like πŸ™„

    • I think that’s why they pick this timing to start the show. The sky is important as backdrop. πŸ™„

  5. Thanks for the about 5 mins video. Very nice. You’ve gotten a good vantage point to capture the video. At certain points the fountain looks like a frothy mug of beer, hahaha.

    Lucky that you were not at that side when the wind blew and everyone at that side got free showers.

    So did you take the metro from Placa Espanya to the nearest station to La Rambla.

    You went to the tandas in the metro station? Never mention here when you went to tandas. Hehehehe, I am interested because one main thing I remember from my Europe and Tokyo vacations is how I always seem to be looking for tandas and queuing for them, hahaha. Now older lagi cannot tahan so it is best to travel when young. ;p

    • Yeah, I took the metro back, 2 stations only… but I was dead beat so I did not feel like walking anymore 😐 .

      Hahaha no, actually I don’t think there’s tandas in the metro station. There’s a hotdog stall and a portable toilet (like the ones we get in certain parts of KL) near the fountain, that’s the tandas that I used.. πŸ™„

      • You did your homework right this time and knew that the magical fountain will open perform on Friday and Saturday so you arrange to go there on the correct day. *thumbs up*
        Sorry I did not count your days so I don’t know day 7 of your travels falls on a Friday or Saturday.

        Hahaha, you could write like Sheta. Whenever she write a backpost, she would write the date that the post is about big, big before the start of her post. After 10 years when you reread this post, will you remember what date and day is Day 7 of your travels without referring to the previous post that contains your itinerary?

        • Well, this fountain is the place I set out to go to, so of course I did my homework hahaha. Yesterday’s post, that walk was unplanned, so I had no idea where’s where. πŸ™„

          Hahaha no need to count days lah, you don’t have to be so specific. (It was a Saturday)

          I don’t really need to remember the exact date, as long as I remember I have had this experience before then I’m happy. The date, agak-agak lah πŸ™„ ..

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