Sigh… what should I write today? I have no idea what to write today. Shall I take a few days off blogging to re-calibrate my mind?

Or maybe I should share a Youtube video… This one is pretty funny… Thanks to Marta for introducing me to Diors Man!

But, no… this is Chinese with Chinese subtitles so some of you may not know what’s going on. Also it is weekdays so it is probably the wrong day to share videos…


You know, when all else fails… better get some food to come to the rescue…

DSC_0002 (800x520)
My lunch last Sunday: 法兰西炒饭 French Fried Rice (which is a Hong Kong dish ironically)
DSC_0003 (800x568)
My lunch on Monday: Spaghetti Carbonara
DSC_0004 (800x566)
My dinner yesterday: Chicken chop

Oh my goodness! Carbs… cream… deep fried… It felt okay when I was eating them, because I ate them on different days. But I feel fat just by seeing these pictures placed together. ZZzzzzz….


  1. That pasta carbonara looks exceptionally watery. The pasta really looks like its drowning in all that sauce. Maybe that is how Malaysians like their pasta – all saucy.

    I miss eating chicken chop. Again, perhaps that is a dish unique to Malaysia 🙄

    • No, that’s not how Malaysians like it. This is a rather screwed up version. 🙄

      Hahaha now that you mentioned, I think you’re right. Chicken chop is a uniquely Malaysian dish, although we call it western food. 😀

  2. Mine jialat, out of control, when go supermarket buy grocery, come out, sure will have tibits or chocolate, lol…

  3. Once awhile must pamper ownself… since I can drive, I gained back my lost 2kgs when I couldn’t drive.. now still gaining.. hahahaa… always eating at home or outside..

    • Usually people who cannot drive gain weight because sitting at home cannot go out to “exercise” 😛 .

  4. When I first saw the post title, I thought you’d be writing about how you’ve gone fat from eating on your trip…and then you showed us pics of the food you ate here! I’ve always wondered myself what is french fried rice in a Hong Kong-type eatery (seen it on Kim Gary’s menu too) and never dared order >.<

    • Hehehe, it is basically just fried rice with tomato sauce in it, and ideally with bacon and shrimps and (unfortunately for me) onion as side ingredients.

  5. Aiya, fat what la.. You know how to say like this, means you can control also one la.. “lai siong pou ha”.. Like today you know you’ve eaten carbonarra & chicken chop, then tomorrow mai eat back “ching-ching-dei” punyer baked/steamed broccoli+dory lor.. Must enjoy and eat fried oily food jugak geh once in a while..

    • Fried rice and chicken chop (OldTown) also atas? Where got atas compared to you? Hotel hotel hotel one wor… 😛

  6. You always eat yummy food and that makes you round since you never told us that you do any exercise. I am not thin cos I eat and pig too much but I hit the gym often to use the machines besides boxing. Join me buddy!

    • Actually cooking is a form of exercise too, it makes you all hot and sweaty. I also go for walks in the weekends. 🙄

  7. Hahahaha at NuxV’s comment – fat die u. Eating a heavier lunch is ok so your fried rice and pasta lunches are ok but the fries for dinner from oldtown is a no, no, no, no.

    • I love it! And I found a stream for Jian Bing Man which seems to work, I’ll watch it over the weekend! 😀

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