Europe 2016: The Costs

This is the most common question I get asked. Wahhhh!!! Go Europe, song(爽) lo!!! Eh how much you spend ah???

Let me attempt to break it down for you…


[Singapore Airlines] Kuala Lumpur – Istanbul (return): 60358 Krisflyer miles + RM 810.90
[Air France] Istanbul – Paris – Barcelona (return): RM 420 + RM 250 baggage (Ouch!) = RM 670


2 nights in Taksim (AirBnb): USD 73 (RM 302.80)
5 nights in Barcelona (Hotel): 210€ (RM 1018.15)
1 night in Paris (Hotel): 15€ (RM 71)
3 nights in Sultanahmet (Hotel): USD 110 (RM 456.43)

Pre-booked Tourist Attractions

Sagrada Familia: 29€ (RM 139.78)
Camp Nou: 21.65€ (RM 104.66)

Cash I Brought Over

I couldn’t find any money changer that does Turkish Lira in Malaysia, so I brought 500€ (RM 2325) cash with me. I spent every single dime of it.

Travel Insurance

13 days coverage: RM 123

International Data Roaming

RM38/day x 7 days = RM 266


Sister sent me from home to KLIA = free of charge
Uber ride from KLIA back home = RM 89.90


I think… that’s all. Did I miss out anything?

I’m not counting the Mavi jeans that I purchased by swiping my card. Shopping expense can happen anywhere, so there is no way I am including that in my trip expense.

Let’s add them all up. RM 810.90 + RM 670 + 302.80 + RM 1018.15 + RM 71 + RM 456.43 + RM 139.78 + RM 104.66 + RM 2325 + RM 123 + RM 266 + RM 89.90 = RM 6377.62

Tonight is actually the first time I actually sit down and calculate the figure properly. Before this when people asked me, I mumbled “Around RM 6.5k, definitely less than RM 7k”. Seems like I was right…


  1. Ain’t that bad considering how much usually the flight tickets costs. It is especially bad if you wanna fly from China to Europe…nearly double the costs compared the other way around!

    • Because nowadays, the Chinese are the frequent travelers and with higher purchasing power I guess. So it is easier to overcharge them compared to the rest of the world. 🙄

      • The situation has been like that already for a long time. I spoke with some guys who were working in Beijing back in the 90’s and it was the same situation =/

        • Pretty bullshit situation to have, all things considered. The countries with weaker currencies have to pay more. 🙄

    • Nah, Turkey route + A380 = Fat hopes, only happen in your dreams… And it is only attractive because I used Krisflyer miles. If I were to pay full in cash it would probably be RM 2.5k or something…

  2. As EwEw said, you didn’t budget in food…you didn’t budget in food…you didn’t budget in – okay I will stop saying it 🙄

    The amount in RM sounds reasonable for a two week trip. But, thinking about the cost of living in Malaysia, then I’d look at the figure in another way 🙁 But the whole point is, you enjoyed yourself and saw the world and came back healthy in one piece 🙄

    • My food is budgeted under Cash that I brought… Can’t itemize them, too many different food items @.@

      Yeah, the problem with being Malaysian is always that, our currency is just not good for traveling. 🙁

  3. Wahhh.. at least you have a breakdown.. when people asked me how much I spent in Europe, my 21 days cost around RM6K plus excluding shopping.. I didn’t buy much cos in wheelchair ma… not convenient to shop till drop…

  4. RM6K++ I would say is OK lah. I mean, have to spend mah if want to travel. I guess you did your budgeting quite well or else it may have cost more. So start saving and planning for your next trip. I wonder where you will go 🙂

    • I had a figure in mind. I thought as long as I don’t go beyond RM 8k, I’ll be able to live with that. 😛

    • I didn’t even plan that much to be honest. If I did, I’d probably spend less than RM 6k for this…

    • Well, if not for a big chunk of my tickets being redeemed with frequent flyer miles, I would be seeing about what you got. 🙄

  5. I had to work a little to make sense of the numbers, but I think the amount you spent was quite reasonable for a 13 day holiday. US$1 is equal to about MYR$3.9, so you spent about US$125 a day [give or take.] And let’s not forget that your average includes the airfare as well.

    • It was US$1 to RM4.2 when I went, so the actual US$ number was a bit lower than that. Not that it makes any difference to me though. 🙄

  6. Erm, you didn’t table your food costs? So, I’d assume that’s included in the cash you brought over.

    Wah, your tabling of costs reminds me like when one comes back from a business trip…you have to submit and table all your claims for accommodation, food, mileage costs, etc. 😀

    • Yeah, the food costs are all paid by cash. Don’t tell me to itemize them please. I’d go crazy! @.@

  7. That amount for 13 days is like RM490ish per day. As long as the amount is within your budget and you did all you want to do, I would say it is money well spent.

  8. Almost the same as what I spent when I travel to Turkey in 1997 but yours got Europe leh, so I think yours is value for money.

    Baggage fee is always very expensive.

    • Wah, I spend in 2016 the same figure as you spent in 1997? Then that’s cheap if we factor in inflation! 😀

  9. RM6377+ is so budget….but again, I would still prefer to travel in group with tourist guide to take care of my needs…and i prefer to stay in a better hotel…my holiday is so precious and I want it as leisure as can be!

    • The thing is, for me, following tour guide is the opposite of leisure. For me, leisure means I walk at my own pace, I stop and move as my mood dictates and depending on what I see and find interesting. Tour guide will herd us like a flock of sheep and that, to me, is stressful. 🙄

      • I agree with RG. I went on a guided tour of Europe 16 days with a Msian tour group once and felt like a sheep everyday so I said to myself never again.

        • I guess it depends. Different people different mindset. I would say I (and you) felt like a sheep, but there would also be people who would relax in such a manner. For some people, deciding by DIY where to go and what to do is the stressful thing. 🙄

          • I agree with RG…different people, different mindset. I was one of those who didn’t feel like a sheep in a tour group. Less stressful for me when I don’t have to know where to eat or how to get to a certain place.

            • Yup. I am the type that wants to be in control of where to eat. Imagine tour guides always bringing you to eat Chinese food, or burgers. That would be nasty… 🙄

              • yea, I know some tour group rushing people everywhere and bringing u to unnecessary shops for shopping, I had been in one before. Anyhow, this can be pre-arranged with the tour guide, like u want to hav one day/half day Free & Easy, or opt out of certain programme if already knowing it will be too packed for the day. But anyhow i can still be a ‘sheep’ and enjoy leisurely coz halfway thru I normally sneak out if that thing doesn’t interest me (and come back to waiting point on time, hehe!).

                • The main thing is most msian tour group includes one Chinese meal per day. If you don’t wanna eat Chinese, you still need to pay and get your own food. This will increase the price of total spending.

                • Hmm.. maybe I have not joined too many tours myself. The few the I joined usually will not even entertain our requests to opt out. Something to do with how they are responsible for our safety so we must stick to them at all times…

                  Oh well… I’m still someone who is more comfortable going on my own anyway so… to each of our own I guess. 🙄

        • There are pros and cons, with guided tour, you won’t get lost and everything is arranged for you (especially transport) so you can relax, whereas free and easy, you can go anywhere as and when you like and can stay longer if the place you like

  10. It is not within my budget but you did save a lot with the KrisFlyer miles. You were also thrifty and didn’t sleep in fancy Conrad or Meridien Hotels. I might have to take a train from London to Barcelona in future as I don’t have 60K flyer miles!!! Can you donate some miles points to me?? Hihihihi

    • You bull la… I’m sure your trips to Japan cost as much if not more. It depends on whether you want to pay or not, not whether you can afford or not. 🙄

  11. Then again, how long were you in Turkey? If it’s like a fortnight, then it’s actually quite affordable. I spent 3 weeks in Perth, and the hotel bill itself came up to AUD 2k (about RM 6k of 2013 currency rate). =/

    But that baggage fee is mighty exorbitant!

    • I was in Turkey for 6 days 5 nights and Barcelona for another 6 days 5 nights. Well I went for the cheap hotels and apartments, so I doubt we can compare with your hotel bill. 🙄

      Yeah, I was appalled with the baggage fee. But I checked a few airlines in Europe, they were all similarly slit throat >.<

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