Europe 2016 Day 8.2: Mercat Princesa

Okay… today, it is finally time to show you some more food from Barcelona. Let’s talk about my dinner on Day 8…

The place for dinner today is actually quite close to the Arc de Triomf. Yeah, I had to walk the distance again

It is also one of those City Secrets that was recommended by the free travel guide that I got from

DSC01899 (1024x580)
Walking to dinner place
DSC01912 (1024x580)
Yeah, arrived!
DSC01942 (1024x580)
Mercat Princesa
DSC01914 (1024x580)
Some hidden signboard, no idea what it says

Mercat Princesa (Princess’ Market) is what they call a cooking market. This place is restored from a 14th century palace and, quote their website: “like something out of Game of Thrones, has witnessed stories of love, heartbreak, passion, power, intrigue“…

What’s a cooking market? It’s a… a space where you can find many different stalls offering different types of cuisine, and all of them are cooked fresh on the spot when you place your orders. Actually this sounds exactly like what we call, the food court (or hawker center for Singaporeans). And that’s exactly what a cooking market is.

I was already impressed upon entering this mercat because these were what greeted me…

DSC01938 (1024x580)
All sorts of oink oink cuts and cheese cuts
DSC01939 (1024x580)
Wow! Look at these legs! And the gadget!
DSC01923 (1024x580)

You know what? I’ll just take you on a tour of food by showing you the type of food you can get here…

There’s also a patates (potatoes) stall and a sushi stall, but they did not seem open on that day…

I said I came here for dinner. But my dinner time is 6 PM while the typical dinner time for the Spanish people is 8 PM. So the mercat was kind of… deserted when I came. I guess that’s a good thing though, because I don’t do crowds. If I came and saw a full house scenario, I would probably turn around and go look for some shitty places to have dinner… 🙄

Anyway, (contrary to speculation by certain quarters) I was alone, so I can’t order too many things. I had to pick one stall. I ended up going for the grilled meats and burgers stall…

DSC01929 (1024x580)
After I placed my orders, I got a beer (2.50€) and settled down to watch the cook grill my meats

Here’s what I had…

DSC01931 (1024x580)
Iberic Burger (6.50€)

DSC01932 (1024x580)
Botifarres variades amb chimichurri argenti [Variety of Botifarra sausages with Argentinian chimichurri sauce] (3.50€)
They were all very good. I’m really loving all these Iberian pork items…

Those stupid travel shows on TV, they always focus on seafood when they cover Barcelona. But the truth is, all my time here, I could only find seafood in either paella, or in those expensive and upscale restaurants. I think Iberian pork (ham, sausages etc) is more of a staple here. And I’m loving it!


  1. It looks very good! And yes, we are big fans of pork xD Seafood is more typical in other regions of Spain I would say, but in all coastal places fish is also very good. But it is more expensive than meat.

    BTW, 8 pm is still early for dinner. It’s more from 9 pm onwards 😛

    • LOL! I see most of the restaurants open for dinner from 8 PM, so I assume you start eating from 8 PM. It was very difficult for me the few days I was there, I could not find good places to have dinner most of the time. 🙄

    • Hahaha, when you are at a touristy city like Barcelona, ppl or no ppl also you can snap pic sesuka hati one… 😛

  2. I think I am going to lose some weight again if I go to countries like these… hahahaa… I am always teased when it comes to Food. Nibbling instead of eating. Yes you are right, those shown on TV are quite misleading… they get sponsored restaurants, either too expensive or you couldn’t get what you wanted…

    • I rarely trust TV shows that recommend makan places nowadays, no matter how they claim they are impartial, most of them are blatant liars. The only reason shows can happen is when there are sponsors to foot the production costs usually… 🙄

      • Nowadays, i also don’t really trust TV, ever since that time, i watch a TV show features foods, where they said till so so so nice, went all the way there to try the foods, was disappointed…

  3. I was wondering how you managed to snap all the pics of the food…I see you were alone! That gadget you saw is to hold the iberico ham in place for slicing. Since you seem to love this iberico pork so much, you should try some very decent ones in KL (Ohla, Iberico Kitchen, Pressroom are some that come to mind).

    • Not same one, eating here… in Spain, those are day to day food. Here it becomes expensive fine dining stuff. (I consider anything that is above RM 30 to be fine dining by the way 🙄 ) …

  4. I like this place too… The food is all tempting to attract all of us here!
    I always loved very paper thin crust pizzas too but seldom could find good ones here except some fancy restaurants with high prices.

    • Strange isn’t it? The thin crust with less flour used, can be sold for more… but they’re good so… 🙄

  5. I like this place! The moment I see meat and cheese cuts, wah, I jadi jakun and sakai already.. Like can’t wait to start choosing and eating.. But yeah, since you are alone, can’t choose much, I would pick the same thing you had too – burgers.. Can’t go wrong with burgers (and chips) hor.. But I think I would kak-ngang go for some tapas and eggs too after the burger meal..Then maybe a pizza, since you said it’s personal pizza, means 4 slices only, can bring back to hotel ma if cannot finish..And oooo, I would pick 2 pintxos too! Eh, you can eat geh rite?

    • The pizza, is those small size one lah, no need to slice, like those you get in bakeries here, except they are thin crust and crispy. Actually I had to control lah, if I go crazy and order everything, I would run out of money.. 😐

  6. this place is like Marche (@ the Curve)…at least the concept is similar. I kinda enjoy eating alone in an empty restaurant coz it feels like a ‘king’ who booked the entire place…but provided the staff are not staring at me while I’m eating. So u ended up with hamburger & beer…so American!

    • It is basically an “atas” food court. Nobody will stare at you one lah…

      Dei! Iberic burger okay, Iberic! That’s super un-American! 🙄

  7. Oh wow. The pizzas have very thin crust in your pizza photo. I would certainly go for that if I were there. Then again, the crust looks really thin and floppy but crispy…makes me think of soft shell tacos… 😐

    This kind of burger is it eat with hand or for and knife? It is a food court, so I take it anything goes 🙄

    • But it’s a personal sized pizza. Maybe it is supposed to look like tacos. 🙄

      The burger was served without cutlery, but they do have plastic cutlery at the stall front. I ignored those and just got the napkin hehehe. 😛

  8. So many food stalls there and so many things to eat there and you only ate so little food. The burger looks so small too. Were you even full?

    Did you stay till 8 pm to see whether or not locals come to this place for food?

    • I originally thought maybe I would get something else if I did not feel full. But I did. The burger patty was quite compact, and also the sausages.. enough! 😉

      I stayed until 7.30PM actually, actually I ran away the moment I saw people start to come in… >.<

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