Europe 2016: Bonus Stage 2

You know, I am trying to write my Europe travelogue in a chronological way, bring you through my day by day experience. As I am nearing the end of this travelogue series, I can’t help but feel sad because I have a certain quantity of pictures that, for one reason or another, did not (and will not) fit into any of the posts I have.

Since I am at a lost as to what to write today, I guess I’ll show you a few of them…

DSC02139 (1024x580)
1. Seaside cafe at Istanbul

Seaside cafe at Istanbul – Do you know why I do not know where to fit this lovely picture of a cafe by the sea? Well… the thing is, I don’t even remember how this picture ended up in my disposal! I have the date when this picture was taken, but it was the day when I went to three different seasides! I don’t know where this is!

DSC02384 (1024x683)
2. Colorful fountain at Sultanahmet Park, Istanbul

Colorful fountain at Sultanahmet Park – I don’t remember why I took this picture. No, wait, I think I do. I thought this fountain is nicer than the fountain in Passeig de Gracia (Barcelona) and it is more people friendly because it isn’t located in the middle of a busy road intersection with cars zooming by from all directions. You can get up close with this one. And you get the bonus of having the Blue Mosque behind the fountain.

No, wait… that’s not what I thought when I took this picture. I was harassed 3 times by different “new best friends” while trying to take this ONE picture. This was in the middle of the danger zone that I mentioned. What I really thought after I took this picture was: “This is so NOT worth so much trouble!” 🙄

DSC01953 (1024x580)
3. Wok to Walk

Wok to Walk – I finally saw this place open at night. Yes, like some commentators speculated, this is a Chinese Takeaway place. Look at all those wok action! I think these guys know what they’re doing. And the smell was fantastic! I’m willing to bet that this is THE place to get proper Chinese food instead of those f**king Chinese restaurants. Too bad I noticed this AFTER I had my dinner and was walking back to the hotel at that time, or else…

No or else. I swore I would not have anymore Chinese meals in Barcelona after all…

DSC_0002 (1024x768)
4. Hotel Satellite TV at Barcelona

Hotel Satellite TV at Barcelona – I was watching TV the night before I was supposed to leave Barcelona. All the channels were Catalan speaking channels, except for one which was showing ancient American movies. I was totally having a blast watching Charlie Chaplin and The Six Million Dollar Man (the movie talks about a Russian Venus probe accidentally landed back on Earth in America and attacking Americans) when suddenly, as the clock struck midnight, the screen became this.

I was disappointed because the clips all did not 露点 reveal dots and because the words were all in Catalan, I had no idea what they said. It was nowhere near as exciting as what I saw in American hotels’ satellite TV. Noooo! Why did I take this picture? Why am I even sharing this picture in my blog???


  1. Sometimes the random photos that we take are the most fun to look at. Figuring out where or what was going on is the most fun 😀 And sometimes, we snap a photo just because, hey, why not.

    Australian TV is also like that after midnight. Yawn.

  2. Only 4 photos that you cannot fit in? I thought you would have more photos that cannot fit in that you need to show us.

    1. Only date stamp available. No timestamp? If there is a timestamp, you would know roughly at what time you were at which seaside so at least could identify the place.

    2. Seems like colourful fountains are popular as tourists attractions.

    3. Yes, no more chinese food for you in Barcelona. Good that you stood by it.

    4. A single man gotta do what a single man gotta do (we no eyes see).

    • Hahaha 4 first lah… if I feel like it, maybe another 4 and another 4, slowly slowly in the future. 😛

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