Chicken Popcorn Dinners (Three Ways)

First things first, is it chicken popcorn or popcorn chicken? The packaging says chicken popcorn, but somehow I feel popcorn chicken sounds more… correct (no thanks to a persistent Nyonya!)…

Anyway, for the sake of continuity, since the packaging says chicken popcorn, I shall refer to this thing as chicken popcorn in this post…

So… I bought a bag of Tom Yam flavoredΒ chicken popcornΒ while doing my grocery run last weekend, among many other things like fruits and vegetables and rice. This means this was this week’s theme for dinner. The content of the bag was enough to make 3 portions, so here’s me showing you 3 of my meals this week…

Meal 1

DSC_0002 (1024x563)
Oven baked chicken popcorn + steamed veggie + steamed organic brown rice blend

I cooked 3 portions of rice with my rice cooker, and made use of the steaming compartment to steam myself some romaine lettuce. I tossed the lettuce together with a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a tablespoon of light soy sauce. At the same time, the chicken popcorn pieces were baking away in the oven.

Because I was lazy to wash too many bowls, I served the veggie and rice in the same bowl. The chicken pieces were on a tin foil, so that was easy to deal with…

Meal 2

DSC_0003 (1024x668)
Oven baked chicken popcorn + Fried broccoli rice

I did the same with the chicken popcorn by whacking them into the oven. But as I already have some rice in the fridge, I cut up one head of broccoli, then tossed it into the pre-heated and oiled pan together with the rice and a shake of garlic granules to make myself a simple fried rice. I even added an egg for good measure.

I served myself by pouring the fried rice onto a plate and made a half-hearted attempt to arranged the baked chicken popcorn pieces on top of the rice.

Meal 3

DSC_0004 (1024x647)
Fried chicken popcorn and broccoli rice

I got even lazier this time by not using even the oven. I made myself a simple fried rice again, but this time I tossed the chicken popcorn into the pan together with the broccoli, rice and egg. Didn’t even need to do much to serve, just poured everything onto a plate.

I know what you want to say. All 3 of them looked more or less the same, with similar colors. I agree with you. But the taste is completely different between these 3 thanks to different ways or preparing.

  • Meal 1 has the most varied flavors. Flamboyant chicken popcorn, bland steamed veggie and grainy rice. As I cooked and served them (sort of) separately, the flavors did not get mixed up.
  • Meal 2 has the most intense flavors. As the rice and broccoli were stir fried, they were less bland, and combined with the equally flamboyant tom yam chicken, yumsss…
  • Meal 3 has the most balanced flavors. Everything is tossed in the pan together, so the rice and broccoli became more flavorful, and the chicken became less flamboyant. Nice…

There were all good enough to end up inside my tummy. But I probably won’t buy this chicken popcorn anymore. At least not the tom yam flavored ones. Me and tom yam flavored chicken popcorn, we just don’t connect… πŸ™„


  1. 3 types of preparation yet none of them are real popcorn! πŸ˜›

    Next meal, try getting some real popcorns and coat them with tom yam flavoured flour and fry. Sure sedap I tell you. Will be the next food craze! πŸ˜€

    • Still keeping up with this popcorn talk >.< ... Hahaha why don't you try to do that? You can get your 3 boys to be food tester. πŸ˜›

  2. yea, all pics looks pretty much the same..until u mention the taste differences…besides tom yam, what other flavour do they have? cheesy popcorn?

  3. You cooked so cincai but I still liked them all compared to KFC pop corn chicken which is mostly flour. I don’t know why they like to mislead the names with pop corn when it doesn’t pop out at all from a deep frying wok.

  4. I call it popcorn chicken because of the popcorn chicken at KFC. Really like that stuff from KFC. The KFC popcorn chicken here in Australia is much more meatier than in Malaysia. The Malaysian one seems to have more crispiness and crunchy thing to it πŸ™„

    All three meals look similar, but glad they all made good meals. Altogether, it looks like there was quite a fair bit of popcorn chicken in the packet you bought.

    • I don’t really like (Malaysian) KFC’s popcorn chicken. But I’ve had it at a different fast food place in the US (cannot recall the name arghhh) and my mind was blown away! The ones I got now are not comparable, that’s for sure, as it is just pre-packaged frozen crap mostly πŸ™„ ..

    • Actually my bro said lemon and herbs flavor nice, but I could not find it. I guess yeah, I’ll go back to normal chicken breasts… πŸ˜›

  5. lol! Your purple color rice make me drooling. I like grain rice, less calories mean less fattening. I have no comment on the 3 methods of you cooking chicken popcorns.

    • It was too heavy with MSG I guess. But then, that’s always the case with pre-packaged frozen food, so I guess I should not be surprised with it. πŸ™„

  6. So, when you say “flamboyant”, it means “not nice”. So, the yumsss for meal 2 is for the rice and broccoli, I presume…and not the flamboyant tom yam popcorn chicken! πŸ˜€

    • Flamboyant means (to me) in-your-face, overpowering. Not to say not nice, but maybe I am getting old, so I don’t really fancy such intensity. πŸ™„

  7. My MIL loves to buy those ready packed tomyam chicken popcorns, I was ok about it, not dare to eat so much cause it’s frozen food anyway :p

  8. I want to ask you, what exactly is chicken popcorn? chicken nuggets? chicken skin prefried already? Which part of the chicken meat? I assume should be no bones. Is the chicken popcorn prefried?

    Because I see your meal3, the chicken is like prefried and just need to be reheat in your pan.

    For your meal 3, just eat direct from the pan lah. Why bother to pour everything into a plate and add another item to be washed?

    • It is pre-fried breaded bite-size chicken meat. I think it is chicken breast meat, but who knows if they added any crap into the mix. You can actually get popcorn chicken at KFC I think… not nuggets, they’re supposed to be smaller than nuggets… πŸ™„

      Cannot lah, the pan too big, cannot fit on my table in front of the laptop. Too heavy to carry on my hand. 😐

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