Anti Addiction Actions

Today marks the first day of my arduous battle against the horrible addiction of an online game.

First things first, I made sure not to stay home all day by going out for grocery shopping in the morning. I also watched a movie in the cinema. This one.

cap2 cap3

Yeah, Captain America: Civil War. Although I think this movie is wrongly titled. The Avengers: Civil War is probably more appropriate, seeing Captain America didn’t even get… oops! No spoilers! The movie is still so new!

Then, to prevent myself from going home so early, I went and have a somewhat nice lunch too…

DSC_0003 (800x531)
Pretty decent Aglio Olio (from James Foo) I would say, with a touch of heat thanks to the generous amount of pepper

And then when I finally got home, I quickly launched Youku (China’s Youtube) because I discovered this movie that I wanted to watch finally made it there.


煎饼侠 Jian Bing Man (Jian Bing = Pancake by the way). This guy is the guy behind 屌丝男士 Diors Man that I shared earlier this week. This is one of the better movies coming out from China lately. It is a superhero movie, but not your typical superhero movie. Also there’s a crazy ensemble cast from China/Hong Kong. I had great expectations and it did not disappoint me.

Of course, this helped too. 柳岩姐姐!!!

Full movie link here.

And I’m going to go off to watch some live football tonight. That should keep me busy…

Except, there’s a very big flaw with my plan to combat my online game addiction. You see, I am distracting myself with something equally unproductive. The stuff that I did today meant that I could not spend any time blogging/reading blogs, freelancing or writing my book.

This is crap, and getting nowhere… Zzzzz…


  1. Yea lo, I also don’t understand why they put Captain America as the title, it’s more like Avengers…guess maybe that’s why the ending was like that.

    • I think they try to follow the comic Civil War spirit. The comic Civil War is Cap vs Iron Man. But what I don’t like is it seems like every Marvel movie has Tony Stark in it, later Spider Man will have him playing a major role too. I read from ther reports, I think Robert Downey Jr is too kuai lan already, everything that involve him, he want lead role instead of cameo.

  2. Yesssss Jian Bing Man hahaha!

    If you want some more 柳岩, she co-hosts a tv show called 世界青年说 or something like that, in which a bunch of foreign guys with amazing Mandarin debate about different topics. It is fun, most of the times.

    • Okay! I will search this show up tonight! Something else to distract me from gaming! 😀

  3. I went to watch Civil War too and the movie was so damn long with dizzy fightings !
    I agree that the title was not right and I would prefer just Captain America for whole show. I never knew Marvel Comics had so many characters overnight.
    Get a girlfriend and your addiction will be diverted!

    • There are more than 100 Marvel characters probably, and they’re only slowly bringing them out 1 by 1. I like how the story of this one goes, but I can’t help getting annoyed seeing so many Tony Stark moments. I mean, this isn’t Iron Man: Civil War, for Pete’s sake! It’s okay if he wants to be the lead in Avengers, but this is someone else’s movie. 🙄

  4. So, this is the Civil War that everyone is talking about… gee, I thought it was a movie about the American Civil War, lol. That’s mainly the reason why I’m sliding in and out of the blogosphere lately. Uni life has left an indelible mark on my weekdays and weekends. =/

    • Hahaha goodness! Well, I suppose it is understandable if you are not into Marvel comics (that’s a brand name by the way)…

    • Hahaha, I could if I wanted to. Aglio Olio is not that difficult to make. But the prawns probably not… I was never able to keep my prawns big and juicy after cooked. 🙁

  5. Looks like you did a lot today. Online work (blog, freelance) can wait while you live a real non-virtual life. The prawns in the pasta look good – do they taste fresh and tasty too? How much is the pasta?

    • Yeah, that’s what I keep telling myself, can wait can wait. I do have commitments to myself (and my clients) and I’m a failure if I don’t meet them. I’m on my way to being a failure if I keep this up.

      The prawns… I think they’re what you call those sugar water soaked ones. Crunchy and nice to my tongue. It was RM 15 I think…

  6. Now that looks like a proper pasta.

    It already sounds like you did a lot in your day, getting groceries, movie, lunch… Point is, it’s the weekend and you are allowed to slack 😀

    If it makes you feel better I started writing my blog post at 8pm and three hours later, I am not even halfway 🙄

    • No, not for me. I normally do not allow myself to slack even on weekends. But the past few weekends… sigh… 🙁

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