1P100W #75 – Ice Cream

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It’s Friday again, so time to take another break from [Europe 2016]…

The past couple of weeks I have been seeing people post pictures of Magnum ice creams on Facebook, Instagram and blogs. Those damn pictures even tempted me to buy two of them, Gold and Black, to test and see if they were any good. Gold was too sweet for my liking, Black was… alright.

But my favorite ice cream in Malaysia so far, is the one in picture above: Cornetto Royale Black Forest. This is the only ice cream that could kick away my stress, albeit only momentarily.

In fact, I love anything Black Forest…

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  1. I like DURIAN ice-cream!

    These days I am downgraded to homemade popsicles only. I don’t buy these expensive ones anymore. They are such luxury to me 🙁

    • Downgraded? Homemade ones are more expensive leh, all using real fruits… those are luxury to me. 🙁

  2. The crazy weather has been so hot for last 3 days till 36 degrees C yesterday and today. Now you gave me brilliant idea to stock up my 2 freezers with Cornetto and Magnum.

  3. Oh my. Oh wow. I love blackforest cake. Blackforest ice-cream, never knew it existed. I really should balik kampung for this 🙄

    What are the two words below the Blackforest word?

    Currently in Australia, Cornetto are promoting $2 cones. There is one bubble gum flavoured one – that is SO GOOD 😀

    • If you have Cornetto in Australia, maybe you could try to find it! The ones here are made in Thailand, so the words are Thai words.

      Bubble gum flavored Cornetto??? That sounds very interesting!

      • I am pretty sure there is no Black Forest Cornetto here. I think the Cornetto here is made in Australia. Pretty sure the Asian grocery doesn’t import ice-creams to this far of the globe.

        Now I want a Cornetto…

        • Hmm… I wouldn’t think Black Forest is a specific Asian flavor. Thought there might even be Made in Australia Black Forest Cornetto. 🙄

          Haha now my turn to tell you, come come, come back to get some. 😀

  4. I like to eat Black Forest Cornetto too and also Strawberry Cornetto. You like Black Forest because of the combination of chocolate and cherries?

    • Yeah, I suppose so. Although my thinking is not even “because these two combined works well”. My thinking is a simpleton thinking of “because Black Forest taste nice” without too much details. I just like it. 😛 🙄

  5. Ooh I’ll have to find this and try this. I loooove Magnum bars! But I’m all about the classic one. If you say this one is the best, then I trust you.

  6. eh…become like Mun liao? haha…everyone is taking (& blogging about) ice-cream to soothe down the heat…at least for a brief moment. I usually hav Le Cremeria (in box and sticks) @ home…these days it finishes quite fast, only left with the cheaper Nestle Neopolitan ice-cream…which I did not touch, but I guess it is finishing fast too.

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