1P100W #76 – Eggs for Breakfast

I dreamed about my time in Loveland last night, so I woke really feeling like having a three eggs omelette. I still have six okras in the fridge. I finely chopped them up and stir fried them with a tablespoon of the lovely 豆豉 dao si. Then I cracked three eggs into the pan.

Halfway through cooking the eggs, I suddenly felt that omelette was too much pain to make as flipping the egg seemed fraught with peril. So I quickly scrambled the eggs up and made me’self scrambled eggs instead.

This was the result. It was just as delicious as an omelette. 😉

DSC_0001 (800x536)

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  1. You are wise to throw in okras! Fried eggs go well with anything. I would add in some ham and cheese too!

    Why those commenters disliked okras? Okras don’t like them too.

    • Hahaha I could only add whatever I have in my fridge. No ham and cheese in the fridge, hence no ham and cheese with the eggs.

  2. Me is no thank you to okras, i like eggs, but heard can’t take too much eggs, so if i eat egg, i limit myself to max 2 eggs…

    • You heard correctly, I was just being crazy and wanted to remember my life in the US. The Americans eat 3 eggs for their omelettes.

    • I’m the opposite, I like my yolk cooked through. Well, I do eat half boiled egg, just that my preferred egg is the fully fried version.

  3. Yes, I agree that scrambled eggs are the same as omelette since Chinese style scrambled eggs do not use milk like Western style does.

    Would taste great when eaten with bread or toasts. You just ate them on their own? How did you get rid of the gooey stuffs from your okras?

    • Get rid of the gooey stuff? Why would I do that? That’s the good stuff! Plant based collagen! The only reason I eat okra is because of that gooey stuff. If you are going to ask the follow up question of why I can handle this gooey stuff, well, it has no specific taste which will leave a nasty aftershock to my tongue so I am fine with it. 🙄

      • I am fine with the gooey stuffs too. I just thought maybe you don’t like it and have gotten rid of it. So you just ate the scrambled eggs on its own? No toasts?

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