Safely Home! (Goodbye Europe)

Yo! I’m home! I touched down in Singapore very early this morning and then touched down again in KLIA early this morning! I’m typing this from the comforts of my home in KL!

No, I mean, I’m typing this from the discomforts of my home in KL. What the fuck man, the weather is so fucking hot! My lips cracked the moment the plane’s hatch opened to allow the Malaysian heat to get into the cabin. I’m freaking miserable right now! πŸ™

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m safely back, in one piece. Also, I’m slowly catching up on reading all the missed blog posts since two weeks ago. I can’t comment on each and everyone of them (there’s too many!), but I will read through them all…

Also, I probably won’t be resuming my normal blogging schedule for a few days. When I get back to Penang, I need to get back to work. My work email’s Inbox has probably exploded in my absence, and I probably need to re-acclimatize to my cheap rental flat. I most definitely need tons of time to re-acclimatize with this fucking heat!

Hmm, maybe I should show you some more food today, as I am busy clearing the backlogs of blog posts while simultaneously shaking off jet lag. These were me trying to spend off all the loose change that I had in my pocket and wallet, because the money changers here will not deal with coins.

DSC_0006 (1024x668)
Istanbul Ataturk Airport International Terminal

3 Piece Tenderstrips meal set from Popeyes for 26 TL. I know they already have some outlets in Malaysia, but I have to confess that this was my first time eating in a Popeyes (fast food chain). Their chicken strips were alright, but the biscuit was meh. I could make a better biscuit, amateur baker as I am πŸ™„ … I think the well liked biscuit is the one from Texas Chicken instead?

DSC_0009 (1024x768)
Changi Airport Terminal 2

Singapore Bak Chor Mee θ‚‰θ„žι’ (Minced PorkΒ Noodles) for S$ 5. I opted for kuay teow (rice noodles). As you can see from the picture, the minced pork in this bowl is almost negligible compared to other ingredients. I don’t know why the Singaporeans name this noodles dish as such. Maybe it is just this airport stall. But then, they also call their pepper soup as bak kut teh, so… πŸ™„

Also, as you can see from the picture, this seems like a spicy bowl of noodles. That’s right, it was because I opted for the spicy option. This bowl of noodles would have been perfect… if they used just a little bit of more salt for seasoning. I could taste the fiery chili paste, the vinegar, and of course, the pork lard. But it seems that Singaporeans are anti-any amount of salt in their food. I’m not asking you to overload your food with salt and MSG, but a tiny bit of salt is necessary as seasoning to bring all the flavors together, and because this bowl of noodles did not get that, as a result, itΒ turned out… well… bland.

If this is also how the hawker centers prepare their food, I can totally understand why most of my Malaysian friends who live and work across the Causeway are in perpetual tears due to lack of “edible” food πŸ™„ …

Okay, guess I’ll stop here, less I offend some of my Singaporean readers out there…


    • It’s only not too bad for the past 2 days. Maybe you’re the good luck charm for us! I hope this isn’t just a fortunate blip, because the meteorologists predict the heat wave will last until June. Hopefully you won’t get to experience that Dubai-esque temperature when you’re here. πŸ™

  1. haha…I understand ur ‘miserable situation’ now. My sis came back from Spain on last Sat late noon and was complaining about the hot weather..She look like a dead fish due to the heat, and yea she suffered cracks on her fingers, so deep that it needs plaster…so kesian.

    • Fingers? That’s even more serious than me! Tell her to use Vaseline lah next time… 😐

  2. Glad you’re safely home. Aiyah, don’t exaggerate lah….lips cracked the moment the hatch open! Maybe you didn’t drink enough water while travelling and your lips were already on the verge of cracking but you blame it on the hot weather pulak….though the weather here was pretty darn hot these couple of days πŸ™

    • I did not drink a lot of water, but I certainly drank a lot of wine and sherbet! It is the weather!! πŸ˜›

    • Hahaha, actually for me, I have not tried TC yet, so I cannot state my preference yet. πŸ™„

  3. welcome home, and home sweet home!! hmmm, there used to be Popeye’s here but i guess it was some years ago that they have all closed down?? or maybe they still exist in other states?? what comes close is Texas Chicken and i guess it is doing way better than Popeye’s.. and yes, i love TC’s biscuits more than P’s biscuits, haha!!

    • Yeah, I heard that from my sis too. She Pffttt when she saw P’s and is the same as you in preferring TC. πŸ˜›

  4. Welcome home. Glad to hear you’re back safe and sound. And… yes it is so hot! I bet it’s worse for you though coming off your trip with cooler weather.

  5. Are you still having holiday mood? Don’t worry, you will get back your momentum soon.

    So fast your Europe trip ended liao

    Looking forward to most posts from you soon after you clear your backlog

  6. Glad that you are back safely. I read your previous post about the “danger zone” and it is quite scary. Yup, the weather is terribly, terribly hot and I really don’t know how you are going to survive in Penang without air-conditioning. Maybe I am too pampered after moving into my own home. I remember those days at the rented room where lived in the stifling heat. You getting back to work on Monday? Hope that your Monday blues won’t be amplified by post vacation syndrome πŸ˜€

    • I took Monday off too. But I really dread going back to work now zzz… and the heat really puts me in less than good mood really. πŸ™

  7. Good to hear that you are safely back in KL! Drive safely back to Penang! Hope the jet lag won’t affect you much here. Yes, the weather is very, very hot now, even I who can stand heat is like going to sauna everyday.

    So did you manage to use up all your loose change by buying the popeye chicken set? is that the best you can get from the airport with the loose change that you have left? The previous popeye outlet in Midvalley Mall has disappear so I don’t know whether there are still any popeye outlets left in KL. The Texas chicken biscuit is ok only, because it is sweet and I prefer the savoury biscuit sold by Red Lobster.

    When I glimpsed the bak chor mee I thought it was Thai spicy pork noodle. I love Singapore’s hawkers’ food because the level of saltiness is just right for me. I think the tongues of people here really are used to very salty food – maybe accounting for the high amount of people getting high blood pressure. Singapore people wants to lead a healthy lifestyle so less salt is good. You just need to train your tongue to eat less salty food or just don’t care, yolo all the way and pop high pressure medications like there is no tomorrow when the time comes, right? ;p

    Anyway glad to see you back in one piece. Are you having post-vacation blues now? Hope not!

    • Yeah I did in Turkey. I had 11 TL in coins and some 5 TL notes, so I had to look for 11, 16, 21 or 26 TL items exactly. That’s how I decided to get Popeyes. I know, I’m weird, my desire to be coins free making me spend for an expensive meal. πŸ™„

      The thing is, I thought the food in Istanbul was okay, lightly seasoned compared to heavily seasoned in Malaysia. But the food in Singapore really gives me the impression that they have ZERO seasoning. I’m not talking about adding salt to give the dish a more salty taste. I’m talking about a pinch of salt to bring OTHER flavors together (which is what seasoning is all about), and they don’t have that, which I think is kind of a waste, considering they do use good quality ingredients and sauces. πŸ™

      Bland actually does not mean tasteless, bland means the flavors did not click and make the dish feel dull.

      • haha…ur popeye’s meal reminds me of the terrible Panini that I got in Istanbul airport…for the sake of finishing off the Lira’s. And wtf, it wasn’t cheap jst that I hav no choice to spend off all coins.

        • The panini also from Popeye’s? Haha I saw the menu picture looks good, but I didn’t want the bread, so I didn’t pick that…

  8. No, I think it really is true the food in Singapore is much more bland than in KL. From the fried rice to fishball noodle soup, everything is much more stronger to the palate in the latter, at least in my experience. But the food in Malaysia always makes me much more thirsty πŸ™

    I have never had Popeyes before o_O

    Good luck catching up with things, especially with work…

    • I think if we have something in between Malaysia and Singapore level of tastes with the hawker food then it would be perfect…

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