Random Nothings From Barcelona

I’m so tired this past couple of days. I got a lot of walking done. Sightseeing, not so much. I was not able to cover as many sites as I thought I could because I was easily distracted while walking. Let me show you some of the distractions that slowed down my progress.

Interesting signage

Saw this shop inside Maremagnum, one of the newer shopping malls of Barcelona. I have to say, Women Secret seems more intriguing that Victoria Secret…

DSC00744 (1024x722)

Came across this shop when I was walking to the Jaume I metro station in the morning. Don’t understand this name. Something like Wok Express would make sense to me, but… Wok To Walk? What does it mean anyway?

DSC00886 (1024x644)

Seriously, I’ve not been in the clubbing scene since forever. I find this name amusing, but is DJ Yoda actually a really famous DJ?

DSC01166 (1024x650)

The Streets

I have a thing for streets. Especially European streets. To me, they always seem more lovely and civilized compared to our pothole ridden fest in Malaysia. I wouldn’t mind missing out on key attractions if it was caused by me wasting too much time admiring the streets.

DSC01188 (1024x580)
Passeig de Gracia

What I particularly like is that the roads/streets here all have ample side lanes for pedestrian and bicycles. Barcelona is a relatively safe city to walk or cycle around.

DSC01165 (1024x580)
Passenger lane to the left, vehicles lanes to the right

Also, graffiti street art seems to be around in every corner, giving the places additional touches of character.

DSC01163 (1024x580)

Suicidal Store

Opening a Real Madrid store in Las Ramblas, in the heart of Barcelona, is akin to Najib opening a stall selling satay inside Mahathir’s home. I don’t need to say what will happen…

DSC01233 (1024x580)

Placa Catanlunya

Tsk! I was actually trying to shoot the picture of the fountain, didn’t realize there was a tricycle rickshaw. And I most definitely did not realize the photobombing expert seated inside the rickshaw, until today when I was briefly trying to sort out my photos.

DSC01236 (1024x756)

One thing Placa Catalunya manages to show me is how “open” this country really is. Here, can you identify what they are doing?

DSC01246 (1024x519)

DSC01256 (1024x609)

Makes me wanna go grab a girl from random and start kissing them as well… 🙄


    • What happens in Barcelona stays in Barcelona 😎 !

      No lah, kidding. Of course not. I am NATO: No Action Talk Only…

  1. the photobomber in the rickshaw was so natural. At first I really thought u were taking his photo coz of his smilling face and waving ‘hi’ LOL!

  2. Yep, public displays of affection are common and no one bats an eye haha. Well maybe old people are shocked, but they are old so they are shocked at everything.

  3. Wakakaka I like that shot of photobomber smiling and waving naturally. He definitely added excitement to your album.
    You walked so much and must be pencil thin now. Just a week in Japan and my pants were loose but the weight remains.
    The streets there are so neat, clean and safe. I always wished to migrate and stay away from here for a change in cooler climate and probably less corrupts.

    • Don’t you think that guy looks a bit like SK Thambee when seen from the picture like this? Hahahaha!

      Usually with cooler climate also comes super cold climate and a lot of snow shoveling. But the clean and safe streets is really a big lure…

  4. Europrean streets there look like streets in Melbourne. Plenty of room to walk around and to cycle. As you said, Malaysian streets are pothole and hole infested with all that uenvenness all round. Also, the humidity makes it hard to walk around sometimes.

    Maybe Wok To Walk is like a takeaway joint, serving food straight the walk into a takeaway container and you eat it on the go.

    Lovely shot of the couple. Well spotted. You’re giving me a run for my money for the romantic Melbourne shots that I take 🙄

    • Yup, I have been walking tons here! I covered probably 30 or 40 kilometer combined over the past few days here. I would tell you to f*** off if you ask me to cover even 10% of it under Malaysian weather!

      Yes, I finally saw a Wok To Walk open, and yes, they are indeed a takeaway joint (they call it Take Go here).

      I wasn’t even actively spotting those couples. I was just walking around and they presented themselves in front of me. Actually I have been discreet. I did not take photos of couples fondling and kissing right inside the metro (saw that a lot. Like, really a lot!)…

      • Keep walking, CL. The weather seems to be in your favour with no rain, so it seems so far.

        It seems people aren’t shy to express their love over there. Nothing wrong with that, and if they feel comfortable with it, go ahead. I am sure the couples won’t mind if you take a photo of them fondling in the metro but then again, you never know in a foreign country 🙄

        • That’s the keywords: you never know in a foreign country. So I figured it is best to play it safe. 🙄

  5. A mish mash of sights, interesting. Yes, I like it that they have lanes for pedestrians. Here in Malaysia, pedestrians ain’t got no respect. Eh, that tricycle reminds me of the trishaw I used to ride as a kid Terengganu 😀 Gosh I miss riding in the beca! That guy actually waved at you hah…hah…

    • I didn’t even notice got rickshaw passing by, if not I would’ve waited for the to pass.

  6. Wok to walk means after they wok you walk after collecting and paying for your order. Creative name to say no dine in, takeaway only. Do you pass there often? Maybe you could try their takeaway food.

    Snogging on the streets is very common la. If you do what you say in the last sentence, the next post you will be writing will be about your experience in the lockup.

    • I actually spotted a few, so I guess this is something “the locals really eat”. But… I can walk nowhere to sit down to have this meal, not so convenient in the hotel room. Also… no more Chinese food in Barcelona! >.< Hahaha you never know. If the girl is okay with it, then no lockup lo. Maybe I'd bring a new girlfriend/wife home. (Dream talking mode)

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