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I slept from midnight till 11 in the morning, so I thought I would be fine from jet lag today. But no, I’m struggling to keep my brain coherent as I’m typing this, so I guess I should just give up typing and just show you a couple of food pictures, since today was a rare occasion where my mom did not cook and both our lunch and dinner were had outside.


Lunch was in a certain cafeteria inside a certain you-know-where.

You don’t know where’s you-know-where? Look at the flag on one of the meatballs for hint. It is a place that sells furniture and stuff for the home.

These were food for 4 persons…

I have to confess this was my first time eating in this cafeteria. I have never tried dining inside their flagship store in Damansara because every time I walk pass, I saw the crazy crowds and walked away immediately.

Yeah, I like the food here. I thought all the dishes I had here were pretty good…


This was from a homey dai chao place near my home in Taman Melur. I think the name of the shop is 叶霖记 Yap Lum Kee (Brain almost shutting down so not paying attention).

DSC_0022 (1024x703)
Clockwise from top left: Chicken in salted egg yolk batter, veggie, more veggie, tofu in salted veggie gravy.

These four dishes with two rices and tea came up to RM 61. Pretty good price, and the food was alright…

ZZzzzz guess I should just stop typing, go lie down and watch TV until I doze off. There’s live badminton and Arsenal football match is going to start soon…


  1. Oh yeah Ikea food. Here in Germany they offer the meatballs only with french fries, so terrible!! In Finland it was always with mashed potatoes, so much better due to the sauce 🙂

  2. First time eating in Ikea? But did you go on purpose, or were you buying things for the house? 😛
    Last time I went the cafeteria was also super crowded so we went to the mall next door to eat…

    • LOL! We went there for the specific purpose of eating in the food court. Well, because they only recently opened the second store in KL and it was quite close to my home. Before this the first store was too far so we never went to join the crowds.

  3. Those chicken wings are massive. Wow. The food in the Ikea in Richmond not too far where I live, how shall I say it? It tastes like food that has been microwaved. Almost like the kind of food you find in economy class on planes. Nothing to crow about 😐 Was your Ikea meal good?

    • Not that massive. Probably due to the picture’s angle hahaha!

      When you mention microwaved, I’m not sure if the food I had wasn’t microwaved too. The food was in trays and there were people serving the food onto plates for us. I thought they were alright… but then I also thought Singapore Airlines food is alright. 😐

  4. I went to IKEA Cheras 2 weeks ago, but I dun find the food of any level near delicious at all…Their meatball doesn’t comes with fries anymore but with mashed potatoes but the meatball was jst so-so & tad dry. As for the hotdog, there dun hav pickles & onions to go with it nowadays, a sign of cut-cost. However, I still like their ice-cream coz the price has gone down to 80 cent per cone 😉

    • Hmm… I thought the food was ok. But I have never eaten before, so I cannot compare with previous quality. Tsk! Maybe I missed out on better food… 🙁

  5. I used to love eating at that café, you know where… during the early days it opened. But now…. Cannot stand the crowd! And the mess the crowd made.

    • Yeah, I noticed the mess too. I guess Malaysians will always be Malaysians. Give us the tray racks also not many bother… 🙁

  6. I have never been to that cafeteria and I have heard raving review about the meatballs. But I very much prefer you dinner. Chicken in Salted Egg Yolk Batter – I want!

    • Er… I only ate the chicken meatballs, not the beef one, so I thought, I like it but not really “WAHHHH!!!” 🙄 …

      Hahaha you prefer Chinese dishes 😛 …

  7. Everyone love those beef balls.. Never tried chicken balls before.. I sure sapu the biggest plate of beef meatballs, then nuggets for the kids and Daim cake for dessert.. Or, I buy their frozen balls, campak dalam ABC soup with yee mein if I want a quick lunch..

  8. I didn’t go to the you know where in Singapore for quite sometimes, as the place is usually very crowded, haiz…

  9. I see you visited the new Ikea @ Cheras…and you had chicken meat balls, I presume. I used to have the beef balls at Mutiara Damansara but now I just go to this one (in fact, I just had one recently). Looking back, this dish was probably the first one that taught me that something sweet (like a lingonberry jam) can work in a savoury dish! 😉

  10. Yes, I can see that you are still having jet lag as you left the word “we” in your following sentence: “…where my mom did not cook and we both our lunch and dinner were had outside.”

    I used to eat at you-know-where. Oh, so now they serve chicken meatballs too, used to have only beef meatballs. I guess you went to the new branch where Cochrane school used to be. Did you buy their curry puffs?

    For your dinner, the other mix vegetables dish, were there slices of white meat in that dish or are those tau kan?

    Hope your jet lag goes off before Tuesday. Safe drive back to Penang tomorrow!

    • Haha thanks for the grammar catch!

      Yeah I think they just introduced the chicken meatballs recently. No, my mom was around, so after that feast if we went for curry puffs after that, it will be disaster for me. 😐

      Nope, those are chicken meat. Not vegetarian shop, mixed veggie can have slices of chicken meat lah 😛 ..

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