Not A Good Day

I’m in sulking mode. I’m sulking and I’m sulking big time. I’m in no mood and condition to write about Barcelona today. Instead, today you get to read a bit of my rants…

I was suffering from running nose rhinorrhea for the past couple of days. I thought it was probably my body adjusting to the presence of a brand new portable air-cond unit in the room. But after a couple of days with no signs of the fluids dissipating, I went to the clinic this morning.

The doctor said I probably have a mild case of flu, gave me some meds and a piece of MC, warning me not to go to work less I spread the virus to others.

So yeah, sick man again today…

DSC_0004 (755x1024)
By the way, this is me’ new portable AC unit

It is not a fucking useless air cooler, it is a proper 1 horsepower air conditioning unit. I purposely took the picture from the top to show you the hose going out through the window. Bought this last Monday for RM 1499, expensive but necessary, can’t stand the bloody heat no more! It is fucking noisy because the compressor is built into it rather than sitting on a separate box outside the window. But I’m fine with noise, and it really does cool the room down like a proper air cond, so it is all good.

Don’t look at the [32] on display, this was 2 seconds after turning it on for the night. It goes down to [24] within 15 minutes.

But the flu is the least of my concern. You know what IS my concern? What made me sulk all day?

I was trying to do some housekeeping on my personal laptop and I accidentally deleted the draft file of my book! Thankfully, I knew shit like this might happen due to my carelessness, so I had a duplicate copy in another location within my [C:\ drive].Β Except when I quickly went to that backup location to make another copy, I don’t know what possessed me, but instead of copying the file, I subconsciously deleted that one as well!

No, I can’t recover those files from Recycle Bin. I guess this is all thanks to a habit cultivated from work, I never right click on the mouse and select Delete. I always delete files by the [Shift + Delete] combo on the keyboard. If you do not understand what that means, it means [Delete Permanently]!

So now I’ve lost all the draft copies of my book! All thanks to my hand being controlled by my subconscious mind! Arghhhh!!!!!! I’m so mad at myself!!!!

I guess in retrospect, it is not all bad. You know I have decided that my book is rubbish since more than a few months ago. Mostly it was because I thought I was trying to write in a way that mirrors how other bestselling authors write their books. But I ain’t no bestselling author, so when I read my draft, it felt mightily uncomfortable.

I recently realized how I should write my book in a way that is more… me. I probably would’ve done away with the draft and start from scratch, but I thought if I had the draft, I could salvage some parts and modify them, make my life easier. But nope, I guess God decided to control my subconscious mind to direct my hand into deleting my drafts as his way of saying “Thou shalt start from scratch again!“.

That doesn’t mean I should not be mad at myself…. >.<

So… yeah… fuck…

Okay, let’s end my rant and show you food. More specifically, my cooking. It’s been awhile since I last remembered to take pictures while cooking.

IMG_20160329_184306 (904x1024)
I posted this on Instagram/Facebook yesterday evening

FYI, those are NOT leeches! They are sliced chicken breast, marinated with light soy sauce overnight. I sauteed them with some garlic granules, then added some veggies, one piece of pre-soaked yee mee (egg noodle) and an egg for a simple stir fry. Instead of seasoning the noodles with soy sauce or oyster sauce like a typical Chinese noodles dish, I used one blob of miso paste instead.

DSC_0004 (1024x768)
End result

It was very nice… Om nom nom nom πŸ˜‰

I’m doing the same dish for today’s dinner as well… If I get over my sulk by tomorrow, I will continue writing about Barcelona. If not… then I guess, keep waiting. This is my blog, there’s nothing else you can do anyway. πŸ™„


  1. Leeches?! Who on earth with the right mind will say those are leeches? The end result looks so good! πŸ˜›

    Waseh! Ada aircond liao. Shiok ah.. The aircond in my living room kaput dy. Boo hoo πŸ™

  2. Oh dear. Sick. Must have caught in from your travels overseas and the virus has been incubating in your body for a while. Get well soon.

    My parents bought me one of those portable air-con things. Yes, it is noisy and I really do not like using it. Rather hot than that thing going…

    Have you tried restoring your computer to a previous state to salvage the draft? Like a system restore? I did that once to salvage some files on my computer, I think.

    • I’m different, I rather have noise and cool than quiet but hot. πŸ™„

      Nah, not gonna spend too much effort. I was going to re-write anyway. It is actually not the end of the world, so I guess I shall just move on… πŸ™„

  3. That air conditioning unit is a necessity and I am glad you bought it. I cannot imagine living without air-cond right now. I still have my cough though less and the nose thingy stopped already. These days, it takes forever to fully recover. About your draft book, I guess if you were not happy with it in the first place, it’s best to start over.

  4. Muahahahaa! What a big baby sulking away! Get well soon boy. Wear clothes when you sleep ok.

    I have been eyeing these portable air cons for many years since they appeared in the market. Now you have shared some info and ideas for me as they could be useful to move around the house. How could you sleep at 24 degrees?? ~faints~
    I have to set mine at lowest 16 degrees every night. I hope they have air cons that go down to 10 degrees.

    • You can’t really move around the house. The hose needs to connect to a window that goes outside the house, because the output air is SUPER HOT. The only reason to buy this is for people who rents and the owner does not allow drilling holes for normal wall mount airconds πŸ™ ..

      You set to 16 does not mean can reach 16, the environment temperature would probably be 20. My 24 was me setting the aircond to 19… πŸ™„

  5. When I saw the 32…I was like what? You don’t need to get an air cooler (until I read your next sentence).

    Yeah, deleting files (by accident) or losing files is the worst thing ever. I once lost a blog post I was writing (when my notebook crashed) and, let me tell you, it was no fun rewriting it again πŸ™ Oops, I just added to your not good day. Get well soon.

  6. Get well soon, RG.

    Accidentally deleted and couldn’t find in trash happened to everyone. Just accept it and move on. Writing from scratch and it will be a better book of you. Jia You!

  7. Haiz…. Me same same with you, flu for the past 2 days, but at least today better…

    Maybe try see if you can recovered the file…

  8. When I see your title in my blogroll, I quickly read your one first.. I wana 8 ma, haha.. Ehhh, got MC not good ahh? I “mm chi kei siong” got MC, stay home order KFC delivery, watch Astro whole morning, then go dye my hair in the afternoon, bliss! Ehhh, that “portable” aircond thingy looks like air purifier.. My Philips air purifier looks exactly like that.. I also right click and delete my emails, then after 1 hour, I usually empty the folder (delete permanently).. But I guess if you know the IT guy, can ask for his help to recover from the server or something like that.. I always feel that the IT guys could (if he wants to) see our emails, what we sent out, what we have deleted, etc..

    • If you MC because really sick, then where got bliss lah… πŸ™

      My personal laptop, no IT guy. Aiya never mind la, forget it better…

  9. the yee mee looks good despite the messy presentation. I guess it is ‘fated’ to delete the files and start all over again. Or perhaps just move on with other chapter – new beginning. I felt sulk too, not becoz i’m sick, but being lazy mode and felt like not accomplished much task nowadays.

  10. Oh no, regret to hear that from you, I am not good at computer but Mun seems to have some idea, maybe you can try her suggestion, do get well soon and rest well. Weather is getting hotter, good that you bought a portable aircon, I also on my aircon more frequently recently.

    • I’ll take care of myself in terms of computer, no worries. πŸ˜‰

      I think Singapore is worse in terms of heat. If I cannot stand it, I’m sure you all are suffering even more. πŸ™

  11. ooh, get well soon and hope your mood comes back soon to blog about your trip..

    accidentally deleted your files?? not the end of the day yet, there are some software that can help you recover deleted files from your PC.. unless you formatted your PC, there are really still traces of all files even deleted in your harddisk.. you may try you luck with those softwares..

    • Probably won’t try too hard. I take the accident as a sign. Like I said, maybe that is God’s way of saying “Thou shalt start from scratch again!” (I mean God not in Christian or Islam context, but general theological context)

  12. Hope you get well soon. I learn a new word from you today – rhinorrhea.

    I guess your subconscious mind must hate the draft a lot to make you delete it accidentally twice. No worries, since the story is all ready in your head, you just need to write it again. We are still waiting to buy your first work.

    Your yee mee with vege and chicken meat looks tasty.

    Good that you get yourself a portable air con since the weather is so very hot nowadays. Did you underestimate your new air con so you slept in the buff with it on thus catching a cold?

    • Haha, I learn that word from another blogger. When I said running nose, I got a good spanking… πŸ™„

      Once I get everything back in order, I will re-write that book. But sigh… the draft… I don’t hate the draft, in fact I kind of needed it, but it is now a mute point…

      What buff? Actually I did not even point the air-cond at myself, the air was blowing in a different direction. But it was much colder than I am used to… πŸ™„

      • What buff? “Sleep in the buff” lah. No need to point the air cond at yourself but when you “sleep in the buff” then sure will be cold lah.

        Mute point? Moot point? Same thing?

        • Tsk! Thanks for forcing me to learn a new idiom today… No, I did not sleep in the buff (naked) >.< ... Ah yes, moot... what's wrong with me today... zzz...

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