My Hotel In Barcelona

For my recent trip, my itinerary was: 3 days and 2 nights in Istanbul, and then flying off to Barcelona and staying there for 6 days and 5 nights, and then flying back to Istanbul for another 3 days and 3 nights.

So, after my brief stay in Taksim, the second accommodation that I am going to show you will be the hotel where I spent 5 nights in Barcelona, the hotel which I booked through (which also gave me access to a rather interesting online travel guide).

I guess hardcore Christians will balk at the sight of this hotel and stay away. After all, its namesake is a rather popular song which is widely claimed to be a song with Satanic messages. But as we all know, I am neither hardcore nor Christian, so Hotel California does not deter me.

The reason I chose this hotel was because, like my apartment in Taksim, this was the second cheapest option that I could find from the website’s list. If you must know, it was 210€ for 5 nights.

I have to admit I did try to look for an apartment through AirBnb first, but everything I could find in my preferred area (Barri Gotic) was upwards of 250€, plus adminstration fees, plus cleaning fees… making the total close to 300€. 

Let’s show you the room…

DSC_0054 (740x1024)
Door, desk and chair
DSC_0055 (801x1024)
Single bed and window
DSC_0053 (774x1024)

As you can see, this is a very small room, with space for a bed and a table/chair set and not much else. It was adequate for a solo traveler like me who spent most of the day being outside, only making it back for shower and sleep. And blogging.

Oh, the blogging. Speaking of blogging… do you know how my workstation looked like when I was blogging in Barcelona? Here, let’s take a look…

DSC01896 (1024x653)

I can’t use the table and chair because the space between the table and bed was too tight and I was am too fat. I can’t lean back on the pillow on the far end of the bed because my power adapter was not long enough. I tried a few ways, and the only way that worked was setting up the laptop on the bed like above, with me hunching over as I type.

I’m amazed that I could keep up a daily blogging update like this…

Let’s show you the view out of my window…

DSC_0056 (740x1024)

Err… never mind, let’s forget about it. Let’s see the view in front of the hotel instead.

DSC00644 (1024x580)

Yeah, this is better. Much better! This is one of the side strip off La Rambla. The far end of the picture above is the La Rambla, the hotel being barely 100 meters away.

Although, this side strip is filled with bars and pubs, so it gets pretty lively and noisy at night. My room with that view facing the back means I got to stay away from the noise and spend the nights in relative peace and quiet (should I wished it), so that’s actually a plus point.

Another plus point for me personally is that we have to pass our room keys to the reception every time we go out. Now this might be annoying to some, but I actually like it this way and thinks this makes perfect sense. I’m in a place which is notorious for the abundance of pickpockets, so the last thing I would want is to carry all my important belongings with me when I am out and about, open invitation to the pickpockets, “Come, pick me! I’m a loaded and prime target!”

Also, this hotel provides complimentary buffet breakfast. Not a very fancy version like those from five star hotels, but still a buffet nonetheless. This saved me probably 10€ a day for desayunos.

DSC00878 (1024x632)
Toast counter
DSC00879 (1024x632)
Cheese and cold cuts and breads counter
DSC00880 (1024x648)
Drinks and cereals counter

I loved this limited breakfast spread. Mainly because they have chorizo cold cut, which was delicious! This was how my daily breakfast looked like while I was staying here.

DSC_0003 (1024x671)

Minus the muffin, of course. I only had the muffin like, once a day. It was not bad very good, I love don’t like muffins with chocolate filling…

DSC_0005 (1024x726)

True story… 😉

Now, the main question: Do I like this hotel?

Yes, but… I feel La Rambla is too touristy a place to stay in. In fact, I don’t even like the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter) area as a whole. Too many people, too many pubs, and too many fake paella restaurants. So, while I’m not averse to visiting Barcelona again, I probably would not want to stay in this area again. If I find myself in Barcelona again, I would probably look for a place on the other side of Plaça de Catalunya. Preferably somewhere along the Passeig de Gràcia.


DSC01262 (1024x580)
Somewhere on Passeig de Gràcia


  1. the breakfast looks good with a selection of cereals. I have been eating chorizo sandwich these days as my sis bought home a few packets.

    • I bought chorizos too, but they were confiscated and destroyed when I touched down back in Istanbul. I guess they are sensitive to anything that looks like potential terrorist attack materials nowadays 🙁 …

  2. Really terror la you! I dare not stay in hotel alone one.. must have someone to accompany me otherwise I think I whole night cannot sleep.. Come to think of it, if small room for one is better than having a big room by yourself.. right? hahahaha.. I guess men are not as “scared” as we ladies.. I mean me…

    • Not all men la… Just reckless men like myself with nothing to lose and prefers solitude that only comes with solo traveling. Most people even guys would not want to stay or travel alone. 😐

  3. Lol, too fat to sit at the desk. But in all seriousness, that room is small. Be kind to yourself 🙄 Complimentary breakfast looks generous. In fact, it looks like it could make a good lunch. Well, at least for me.

    • The breakfast spread could make a good whatever-meal. It’s a buffet after all. I could eat chorizo cuts for any meals! 😀 😀

  4. That room is really small 😀 The buffet breakfast is not too bad. I would be very happy with the bread and cold cuts. And also with the muffins that you “don’t like” 😀

  5. What a lucky guy to take 2 weeks off vacation. I never had such a long vacation throughout my working career. The longest was always 1 week and that was enough not to loose tough with office.

    The limited breakfast is a good choice. I tend to overeat like pigs when the buffet spread is too long.

    The street of La Rambla is so neat like European lanes. I love the sights.

    • I would be lucky if my vacation was sponsored. Else, taking some of my entitled annual leaves and then spending my own money for the vacation… that’s just a personal choice and nothing to be lucky about 🙄 … But I do agree with you about the office situation. I’m feel very miserable to be looking at work again after such a long time staying away from them! 🙁

      LOL! That picture, that’s not La Rambla. That’s a side strip off La Rambla. Wait till you see the actual La Rambla 😀 …

  6. Hmmm good suggestion. Our Barcelona apt fell through so I need to look for another one. We were originally gonna be by the rambla too, but now after reading your accounts, I think I will stay away from it as well. I don’t want the only walkable distance food options to be fake paella restaurants.

    • Well, you’ll also have fast food and baguettes apart from fake paellas if you fancy them LOL! The Barri Gotic is probably fine as long as you’re off a ways from La Rambla. There’s actually lots of local looking cafes and restaurants around Barri Gotic and El Born. It’s just me personally not liking the area…

  7. Seem time flies very fast, so fast your vacation over liao, and you back in Malaysia liao…

  8. the hotel looks good, tidy and comfy and comes with a decent breakfast too!! so it’s about €50 per night, no wonder.. I remember mine was just €25 and it was crappy, haha, no complain looking at the price~~

    • Everyone’s talking about €25. First Mun, then now you. When did you go? Grrr makes me feel like I overpaid already! 🙁

  9. So your trip about 2 weeks lor.. Nice wor, take 2 weeks off from work.. But come back to work, sure lots of emails to catch up and lots of work piling up.. I don’t mind what kinda hotel la, as long as cheap+clean, afterall just need a place to sleep and shower only..A bit small, but eh who cares, more than enough for 1 person, and the breakfast buffet looks good, I see cheeae and toast and ham, more than enough for me..

    • I feel very stressed up since I came back to be honest. I got used to relaxing during the trip, now I feel very pissed off to look at work again >.< ! I tell you, forget about the ham, the chorizo is the good stuff hehehe! 😛

  10. To be honest, the name of the hotel isn’t that bad – and I’m a Catholic. I’ve always enjoyed the song and never felt it to have any Satanic meaning to it – or maybe that’s just me.

    That’s really good of the hotel to introduce these security measures! I mean, they are really taking the precautionary methods to safeguard their guests and the hotel. Imagine if the hotel card lands in the wrong hands…

    • Well, maybe you’re not a hardcore, that’s why… 🙄 😛

      I like this security measure, although I know there would be some who would not like it. Some would find it annoying to have to hand over the keys every time they go out.

  11. I’m amazed that you could keep up a daily blogging update like that and didn’t turn into the hunchback of Notre Dame. Thank you for your sacrifice that we get to read your post live about your vacation.

    Would you be able to find better prices apartments in AirBnB around the Passeig de Gràcia area? I read someone found a very nice AirBnB apartment in Barcelona (dunno which part) but very near to metro and etc for only Euro25 a night mainly because they are the first customer to book it so they took a risk since no ratings. I guess the price depends on luck and timing.

    I didn’t know that there are hotel rooms with one single bed. I thought always two beds in one room.

    The breakfast spread looks good with cheese, bread, cereal, milk, cold cuts and various spreads. The muffins with chocolate fillings look tasty, mmmmhhhhh. Do you need to fight with others for the breakfast or there are not many guests eating breakfast in the hotel? Did you try the cereal? What sort of cereal do they have? Don’t tell me it is koko krunch, honey star and those USA sort.

    • True, luck and timing is important. I’m glad it worked out for your friend. 25 euros a night is a very good price to stay in Barcelona. I suppose I could find cheaper than what I got if I searched longer and harder, but I’m not that type of person. It was one day of screening and decision made immediately. The only places close to 25 euros I could find would be undesirable places notorious as ghetto areas. 😐

      There is a hotel with one bed rooms very close to home. Think a certain casino resort up a hill 😉 …

      No, I was early for the breakfast everyday, so it was just me and sometimes one or two other guests. I suppose if I’m late I could see more people and have to fight for food 🙄 …

      And, okay, I won’t tell you about the cereals since you ask me not to tell you it is those stuff that you just mentioned. 😐

        • I remember you showed me this before. Now that I read carefully, I’m just wondering if her 25 Euros is per person or for the whole apartment unit. Because she mentioned there were 4 of them sharing. From the balcony picture, I’m guessing this is somewhere just off Passeig de Gracia, I just cannot imagine anyone renting whole apartment unit there for 25 Euros a night, new listing or not. 100 Euros would make more sense, and is still considered bloody cheap by Barcelona standards. 😐

          • Oh, sorry, I miss the part about having 2 other flatmates. I think they do not know the flatmates so basically they are renting a room from AirBnB. As for the price, you do have a valid point there.

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