Europe 2016 Day 4.1: La Rambla

Day 4 started with me…

Still in Paris CDG Airport

I woke up semi-refreshed at about 4.50 AM. Then I sort of just sat there and waited for the passport controls to open at 5.30 AM. Once I cleared that, I made my way to another terminal where my connecting flight will be from.

Problem was, my connecting flight was 8.20 AM, it was 5.50 AM when I made it to my terminal, and I was somewhat starving. So, even knowing that food prices in European airports are notoriously “affordable”, I had no choice but to look for breakfast.

DSC_0030 (1024x714)

Jambon Superieur (5.20€) + Cookie (2.50€) + Jus de Pomme (3.60€) = Total 11.30€. Ouch! Although I guess dollar to dollar, maybe 10 bucks for breakfast is not really that bad… Do not convert to ringgit, do not convert to ringgit, do not convert to ringgit…

Now do you understand why when I saw that (fake) paella set meal for 7.95€, I rushed in without thinking?

La Rambla

Anyway, so I flew into Barcelona, took the Aerobus into the city, checked into my hotel, had fake paella for lunch… you’ve already read all these

And then the first thing I did after lunch was to go for a walk. A long, long walk. First place that I explored was of course the super touristy La Rambla, because I stayed just off this street.

DSC_0046 (1024x638)
La Rambla

La Rambla is also sometimes spelt (and pronounced) Las Ramblas. I think the correct spelling is without those “s”-es. The correct pronunciation is most definitely without those “s”-es.

Actually I don’t really know how to write La Rambla. I guess I will just bomb you with photos…

DSC00683 (1024x580)
La Rambla
DSC00694 (1024x580)
Alien infesting La Rambla
DSC00679 (1024x580)
Spray artist @ La Rambla
DSC00680 (1024x580)
Portrait artist @ La Rambla
DSC00681 (1024x580)
Caricature artist @ La Rambla
DSC00660 (1024x580)
Souvenirs @ La Rambla
DSC00664 (1024x580)
Buildings style along La Rambla

And of course, how can we forget the most commonly found thing on La Rambla…

DSC00688 (1024x580)
Restaurant tents/shacks/whatever-you-wanna-call-these @ La Rambla

La Rambla is a very long pedestrian/car street. Naturally, there are many side strips that you can branch into and explore. I had no idea where’s where, I basically just walked into a side strip whenever I thought “Hmm, this one looks promising… 🙄 ”

DSC00666 (580x1024)
Hotel Gaudi (A lot of Japanese tourists take selfies with this)
DSC00667 (1024x580)
Palau Guell (A LOT MORE Japanese tourists take selfies with this)

Both these buildings were designed by the genius architect Antoni Gaudi. I think Hotel Gaudi is a proper hotel. Palau Guell on the other hand, is somewhere you pay to enter, a tourist attraction.

DSC00645 (1024x580)
For the vegans/vegetarians (Unghhhh) @ Carrer de Ferran
DSC00648 (1024x580)
Passatge Madoz
DSC00649 (1024x580)
Plaça Reial (Royal Plaza)

My hotel was actually just behind this plaza. I didn’t know it, but apparently this is one of the bigger and more famous plazas in Barcelona…

Port Vell

As I continued walking southwards, I finally reached the end of it and arrived at the seafront. There’s a tall monument there called Mirador de Colom, erected to commemorate none other than Christopher Columbus.

DSC00698 (580x1024)
Mirador de Colom
DSC00705 (1024x580)
Don’t know what’s the correlation between Columbus and lion

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of monuments to celebrate Columbus, but I guess this one here in Barcelona is more significant. After all, Barcelona was where Columbus came to report to the Spanish king and queen after his first voyage to the Americas and back. So this one is probably the very first Columbus monument

DSC00702 (1024x580)
I was trying to angle the photo to show Columbus throwing a shooting star or something, but the sun was bright and I couldn’t see clearly

I like the seafront view from here. I guess mostly it was because of the clear blue sky, clear blue waters, and sporadic but not crazy amount of people hanging out here. There’s a Port Vell metro station nearby, so I think this area is called Port Vell

DSC00707 (1024x580)
Port Vell
DSC00712 (1024x580)
Port Vell

I spotted a lot of people on that bridge, going towards what looked like a fancy building of some sort. So I did the only logical thing to do: join them in crossing that bridge…

DSC00732 (1024x580)
Wow! Not cold meh?
DSC00728 (1024x580)
It’s awesome to see so many of my boats anchored here 😉

I guess I lucked out because when I was halfway along the bridge, a siren was sounded and suddenly everyone was quickly ushered across the bridge on both sides.

DSC00733 (1024x580)
Then the bridge was sealed off
DSC00737 (1024x580)
Ahha! Should’ve noticed that this bridge can be swinged out to allow boats’ passage

It was actually my boat. When the captain saw me arrive, he prepped the boat and drove it out to welcome me. So I jumped aboard. We sailed along the Spanish coast all the way to Marbella and spent 3 nights partying with the ultra rich there before coming back to Barcelona where I continued my journey. It was legen— wait for it— dary!


Anyway, at the end of the bridge was this building called Maremagnum.

DSC00741 (1024x580)

Don’t know the reasoning behind such a unique name (I’m rather hoping it has got nothing to do with the ice cream brand), but I think this place is kind of new. It is not a very big mall, but it is quite nice and neat. Most of the famous brands are here…

DSC00743 (1024x580)

But what I most like about this mall is their terrace. A real terrace. Not the farcical smoking area in a certain airport

DSC00747 (1024x580)
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call a Terrace!

This isn’t the end of Day 4, but the picture count tells me I should stop here, so I reckon I shall continue with 4.2 tomorrow…

Oh, right. I just want to remind you guys before you leave your comments, if you want to ask me questions regarding a certain paragraph that seems too “legendary” to be true, remember this awesome quote from Barney Stinson.


Please don’t ruin a great story. It makes you a terrible person. It pulls you down from awesomeness to mediocrity. Don’t be mediocre. Be awesome!

Also, if you don’t know who Barney Stinson is, please go Google him out. He’s awesome!



  1. That’s a nice walk, I’ve done it several times 😀

    Port Vell means Old Port, maybe it makes more sense now? 😛

    That Maremagnum mall is definitely not new, I remember going there as a teenager. But it seems it is very well taken care of if you thought it was new! And nothing to do with the ice cream hahaha, they’re Latin words. Mare means sea and magnum means great 😉

    • Hahaha thanks for both the Port Vell and Maremagnum explanation! It’s great to have someone who knows point me out.

      That Maremagnum really looked very new! The black exterior and white words was so clean and shiny!

    • Yeah, I was glad I made it to Port Vell. Although if you want to walk to the place in the next post, it is kind of mandatory to pass here.

      You can always watch re-runs. I sometimes do that nowadays hehehe!

  2. Looks like another relaxing walking day. The plane lands and you hit the ground running. I don’t suppose you suffer from motion or air sickness…

    Those blue skies look like Australian skies 😀

    Yes! Barney Stinson all the way. In fact, I was just about to get into watching some of that over this upcoming weekend 🙄

    • No, not really. But I do suffer from fear of the plane crashing lately. Not severe enough to deter me from taking flights, but still.. like, every time there’s turbulence, I would worry about whether the pilot is skillful enough or not. 🙄

  3. Okie going to google him. lol

    Honestly lovely photos there. Scroll till my claws also ketot liao.

    That fella must hv biasa with the weather liao la. If me, i would be wrapped up like bak chang jor.

    • Probably no need like bak chang lah. The weather was (mostly) like Genting Highlands lah. A jacket, lip balm and Vaseline is enough. 😉

        • Then ok lah, Barcelona day time is the same as Genting day time, same for night time. At least during Spring/Summer lah. Winter then different story 😉 ..

    • Bluff lah… actually I think you are a quite/very loaded (with $$) person. I think for you, going to Europe/Japan is like going to Klang for bak kut teh only… 😉

    • hahahaha..VERY right, CL… Singapore currency anytime will not feel the pinch as much as our ringgit! Yes, indeed an expensive breakie but never mind, one has to eat and one has to prepare mentally that food is not cheap if we keep converting.. hahaha..

      • In theory is easy to understand, but always when we go out, the first few days will still subconsciously convert. 🙄

  4. Sandwich and juice for breakfast, yes.. But the cookie, no for me, “harn dak jau harn”.. Nanti, bila masuk flight, can keep on asking for tidbits & drinks *cheapo mode*

    • Hahaha, actually I was starving at that time, so I just take without thinking too much. Only feel ouch when paying. 😀

  5. When I saw the Souvenirs @ La Rambla, I recalled when I went Turkey I bought so many books and postcards about Turkey, end up collecting dust at home.

    But of course I did read some of the books, so still ok, at least not totally wasted.

    • I think my ex-company got a branch in Colorado, cos Colorado rings a bell in my mind.

      Sorry, wrong number, we are talking about Barcelona here, not Colorado, tsk tsk, why on earth am I thinking of Colorado.

  6. La Rambla is like an art street. From my eyes, it looks really nice. I can imagine myself walking this street. If I am a local here, I wonder whether or not I will be fascinated by it.

    I like your true story – very entertaining. 😉

    You need to eat so it is ok to spend that kind of money for breakfast. No point starving yourself. Are there any food served on the flight from Paris to Barcelona?

    • Well, I was fascinated for a couple of days. It was on the third day when I stopped pointing the camera around when walking along this stretch that I began to feel “Jeez, this place is really touristy!”

      Of course, it was a great story! 😀

      Paris to Barcelona was only 1.5 hours. They serve a croissant and a drink…

  7. The ‘not cold meh’ pic. Cheh! I thought that was you… You should post you running like that. Then maybe your post will break the internet 😛

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