Europe 2016 Day 4.2: Barceloneta

I had originally planned to just walk to the end of La Rambla and back. I thought it would be enough walking for a day when I was somewhat tired thanks to sleeping in the airport. The couch was comfortable, but lets face it, it was not the equivalent of a bed

I guess I was distracted by the sight of the Columbus Monument and also the Maremagnum. Because I went all the way there, suddenly according to Google Maps, the Barceloneta Beach was just another short walk away. And I could feel myself holding up pretty well, so… let’s go!

I had to walk along one of the main roads where the cars were going faster compared to those city center roads…

DSC00766 (1024x580)
Passeig de Joan de Borbó

Have I mentioned before that I really love European roads? They just feel so… comfortable to look at!

As I was walking… and walking… and walking… I spotted big tents erected by the side of the road…

DSC00771 (1024x580)

Let’s go closer to have a better look…

DSC00773 (1024x580)
Hhhhuuhhhhh… Ohhhh….

I would have totally paid up to watch this show because of the sexy legs I have never seen a Cabaret before, like, ever. But no such luck, apparently their show starts a week after I have left and goes on for a month (meaning there are shows going on as of now, at time of writing this).

Blerghhh… Keep walking… and walking… and walking…

DSC00775 (1024x580)
Almost there…

After almost 30 minutes of strolling, finally… the world famous Barceloneta Beach!

DSC00777 (1024x580)
Barceloneta Beach
DSC00778 (1024x580)
Barceloneta Beach
DSC00781 (1024x580)
Barceloneta Beach

The beach that everyone says you MUST go to when you’re at Barcelona. The beach that everyone whose came to must yap non stop about, and now I’m here!

Although I must say… it wasn’t what I expected. I mean heck, I don’t even know what I expected of this beach. One quick glance around and, well… yeah, a beach. A very long beach. But still, a beach.

I guess maybe because I’m not a beach person, so I felt kind of underwhelmed. Heck, I didn’t even bring any beach clothing with me (because I don’t have any)!

Anyway, since I have already made my way here, I thought it was a good idea to walk along the beach and take in the views. And I guess I’m glad I did. Managed to spot some interesting things going on, like:

DSC00795 (1024x580)
Africans trying to sell trinkets to tourists

No, that’s not very interesting…

DSC00787 (1024x580)
Shower places to wash off the sand

No, not very interesting either…

Okay, here’s something interesting. Seriously…

DSC00783 (1024x580)
Pro level sand construction
DSC00799 (1024x580)
Pro level sand construction with fire chimney

I don’t know if this thing is common in other beaches around the world, but it was the first time for me to see people build such elaborate things out of sand. It makes making sandcastle feel like child’s play. Oops, actually that’s exactly what making sandcastle is, isn’t it?

There were quite a few of these scattered along the beach. Basically these dudes build the stuff and let other admire their works. And then of course, there’s a donation box where you can place some Euros in as a token of appreciation.

“Donation” is a sensitive word in Malaysia nowadays by the way. It is both a taboo word and a joke word.

I think Barceloneta Beach is not a beach that is supposed to be exciting. After I walked along it for quite some time, I realized this is actually more of a family beach, where everyone can come and just… hang out.

And you don’t even need to be a beach person to come here for some relaxation…

DSC00815 (1024x580)
There’s a concrete walkway for pedestrians to stroll along
DSC00803 (1024x580)
Or you can even cycle here

Earlier I said I did not know what to expect when I came to this beach. I lied. I came here looking for the nude beach section. But after walking for what seemed like forever, the end of the beach seemed no where near my sight. And no nude beach so far.

Man, that’s boring… guess I’ll just have to make do by showing you more pictures of the beach…

DSC00821 (1024x580)
More beach

Owwwww!!!! What the…??!!

I swear I did not intentionally snap this photo! I was looking at that net looking thing. I only realized what I captured when I was filtering the photos back in the hotel. Do you know what I’m talking about? And hey, you can’t see any face or parts anyway, so this picture is safe to show, right??

Mun‘s comment was playing in my mind when I realized this. “Be warned that what you have seen cannot be unseen” …

DSC00816 (1024x580)
More beach
DSC00824 (1024x580)
More beach

I was getting pretty tired, but I thought I could still walk a bit further. Until I saw an information board and went over for a quick peek…

DSC00806 (1024x580)

I started at the left most part of the beach, and after walking for an hour, I was at that green spot. WTF?! How long is this Barceloneta Beach exactly??

The moment I saw this, whatever notion of me still feeling alright to keep walking evaporated instantly. There was no way I could walk all the way to the end and back! Time to throw in the towel and head back…

I did not follow the beach path on my way back. A quick look at Google Maps showed me that I could cut across a cluster of buildings to get back to the Columbus Monument and save myself a few hundred meters in distance.

DSC00834 (1024x580)
Not many tourists going through here
DSC00836 (1024x580)
What road sign is this?

Is it “Watch out for cars” or “Watch out for kids” or “Don’t break window with ball”?

As I entered that cluster of buildings, I got confused. On one hand,

DSC00838 (1024x580)
The alleys seem pretty nice and clean

On the other hand,

DSC00837 (1024x580)
The area seems quite ghetto

I was also treading with trepidation. I walked past a couple of middle aged men and they all gave me stares which looked more like annoyed than friendly. It was like they were using their eyes to ask me “What the hell are you doing here, tourist??

I guess I cannot be mistaken to say that this is a residential area for the locals. I never would’ve imagined that there would be locals living so close to the touristy Barceloneta Beach.

DSC00839 (1024x580)
Meat shop
DSC00844 (1024x580)
Fruit shop
DSC00845 (1024x580)
DSC00847 (1024x580)
A big open space (I guess as a communal area)
DSC00846 (1024x580)
There’s restaurants here

I thought I could maybe get some cheap dinner here. But as I walked across this building looking at the restaurants and their menu, I got curious stares alternating with annoyed stares. I was probably just thinking too much by myself and imagining things and misinterpreted their intentions, but it scared me enough at that time that I quickly moved on…

Thankfully I managed to emerge on the other side, back at the main road, unscathed…

And then I decided that it was really enough walking for the day, and I slowly trudged back to the Columbus Monument and subsequently back to La Rambla, where I had another paella set meal with was much better compared to lunch.

And that’s the end of Day 4…


  1. Hahahaha that photo is hilarious. I’m kinda of amazed actually at how open Europeans are about just bearing it all. You will never find that on an American beach. But tsk tsk for being one of those tourists who just want to see a nude beach 😛 .

    • What? What’s wrong with wanting to see something that I could never see back home 😛 ? You know a couple years ago, a bunch of people was jailed for posting photos of them going nude on a beach with nobody else at that time. 🙄

    • Well, I don’t know, there’s only one. And it was probably the wrong season to find the correct part of the beach. 🙄

  2. I can’t believe you really saw a naked person haha. I was going to say, it’s winter!! No one wants to be naked on the beach!! 😀

    • What? It’s March! It’s spring! But okay, well, yeah… And technically, I didn’t see a naked person on the beach. I saw a naked person in a photo I accidentally captured while on the beach. 🙄

  3. That would be as close to the nude beaches as you can get. Maybe the locals aren’t that shy about undressing. No biggie…well, that is what you captured 🙄

    Maybe the locals were staring at you because they don’t see Asians wandering around that area too often. The shortcut there looks desolate :/ Here in Australia, houses by the beach are popular and they cost millions of dollars.

    • That’s what I expected, sea side properties should be expensive. But that area seemed pretty ghetto to me, so I was kind of taken by surprise.

  4. Aiyah, this beach is not for you….no sexy girls in bikini…and that nudist, you’d probably wished you hadn’t seen that! Wakakaka!

    As for the road sign…it means….don’t let your kids out of the house and play ball on the road with dangerous oncoming traffic and lurking strangers! 😀

    • Well, I did not see it on the spot. I guess it is more like I wished I hadn’t captured that in picture! 🙄

      Hahaha so complicated, but I guess your interpretation is correct with the road sign…

  5. The streets are clean and nice. I didn’t know they have a nudist section at Barceloneta Beach. It has such a lovely and wide sandy areas unlike our narrow ones.

    My hamsap father went to Cannes and Monte Carlo’s beaches where he snapped a roll of nudist beach where photography is actually prohibited. He used a remote control click button and simply aimed. I saw so many shots of the birds, trees and skies instead. Muahahaha Recently my Swedish bro-in-law voted in his FB that Barcelona is the best place to visit after Stockholm. I must start $aving for a trip to Barcelona.

    • Hmm, I think in terms of width and sandiness, some of our beaches are comparable. But length and feel, yeah, hard to find here…

      Wah you saw trees?? How gigantic!? Wahahaha!!

  6. ooh I did not go to the beach like everyone says you MUST go to when you’re at Barcelona!!! hmmm maybe you were not at THAT beach and most probably you were there at a wrong timing, go there again during SUMMER dude!! :p

    • Seeing the beach is so long, you’re probably right, maybe the correct section is a lot further away… hahaha..

  7. I would think the road sign is watch out for kids

    Angry stares? Better to be safe than to be sorry especially when you are traveling alone

    • That’s what I thought too. Sometimes when you are actually there, you’d make decisions based on how you feel. Then come back and think back, hmm, probably over-reacted on nothing.. 🙄

  8. Aiya, why are you so bad!? No warning given. You made me look closely at the photo when I should be looking at the net! Now I cannot unsee it already, hahahaha!

    Wah, that beach is really long. Now if I ever go there, I would want to walk the whole stretch. Let me go find out how long that is.

    • Because caring is sharing, wahahahaha!!! 😀

      You slowly find out lah. For sure I won’t be joining you! 😐

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