Travel Guide to Barcelona

You know, I was initially very sad when I wanted to look for a nice apartment in Barcelona through SkyBNB, only to discover that unlike in most places, here staying in a SkyBNB apartment is more expensive than staying in a hotel…

So I had no choice but to book a hotel room instead. I briefly did what most miserly tourists do by searching for the best deals in various hotel booking websites and finally made the plunge for a 2-star hotel through

All the while I was in a prissy mood, until the moment when I completed the payment process and found myself staring at this on my booking confirmation page…


Huh? Travel guide huh… Interesting… I saved the link into my browser’s bookmark and was finally able to open it and properly go through it today.

It is a very interesting page. I got carried away reading all the information provided. So much that I totally forgot that I still need to write a blog post today. Which is why you are seeing this now. I’m making snippets of what I find interesting in that link to share with you guys.

I think this is awesome! I haven’t even set foot in Barcelona yet, and I am able to make a travel guide blog post to this much anticipated city! Even better, I don’t need to do a lot of writing. You can read the snippets instead (If the words are too small for you, click to enlarge the images).

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and if you are going to Barcelona some time in the future, then hopefully this is useful to you!

Barcelona by Neighborhoods

barca4 barca5

I guess you now know which area I will be staying in. But don’t rejoice just yet. I looked at the maps, apparently there are over 100 hotels in Ciutat Vella. If you are a stalker and reading this, good luck trying to hunt me down! 😉

Popular Tourist Attractionsbarca7 barca8 barca9 barca10 barca11

I will most definitely come across 7 out of these 10 places. I’ve bought tickets to enter the Sagrada Familia and the Camp Nou anyway. Also hitting the Barceloneta Beach is a must, and I must remember to borrow that lens with big zoom from my friend. Read the last sentence of that paragraph.

City Secrets

barca12 barca13

I spent the most time reading this City Secrets section. Apparently these are written by folks who are Barcelona locals or who have been living in Barcelona for the past many years. I think I will at least try to hit Mercat de la Princesa and Granja Viader. Hopefully these are legit recommendations and not something similar to that breakfasts around the world sh*t… 🙄

Practical tips

barca14 barca2 barca3

Oh sh*t! Type F plug?! Dang! I’ll have to go to the shop to get a different adapter then! Mine’s only good for US/Japan type of plugs…

Seriously though, these practical tips are the most… well, practical. These are the stuff that will help make my stay in the city smooth. I’ll take note of these pointers:

  • tipping is not a must, so no need to tip.
  • order a beer with tapas if you want to look like a fool.

After reading this travel guide, I am feeling much better. I think I’m more confident with my upcoming trip now. In fact, I have almost forgotten my misery with not being able to rent an apartment instead. I think I made the right choice by going for a hotel through I think it is good value for money to be paying slightly less for a hotel than I would for an apartment, get daily cleaning services, free breakfasts, AND a comprehensive travel guide that looks like the real deal.

In fact, if I am going to go for more vacations to unfamiliar places, I think I will be inclined to make use of this booking website again. I suppose we’ll see first if this particular travel guide works for me. 🙄

No lah, this isn’t a paid review post. This is me being lazy to write lots of words + me being generous to share free information about Barcelona + me trying to make use of my affiliate link in case you guys wanna book hotels and at the same time make RM 2.6 billion donation to me without spending your own dime…


  1. Wow, good info. I’m too lazy to read all that now, but I’m gonna bookmark this for my trip hahah. Our airbnb apt for Barcelona fell through 🙁 but I’m sure we can still find another decently priced one, so the plan is to still go in Sept. I actually don’t know much about what to do/see in Barcelona but it looks like there’s a TON of stuff!

    • Well, at least you will have D who knows Barcelona, so I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine. I hope I will discover something new that would be of help to you when I actually get there. 😛

  2. Well I think you won’t have time to be bored! Regarding the beer and tapas comment, I think what they mean is that you won’t get any free tapas with your beer as you might be expecting. It is customary in some places in Spain (not many) to give you free food with your drink, but not in Barcelona. But if you want to eat tapas with your beer you can totally order some!

    • Oh! Now what you say makes sense then. I think I totally misinterpreted that beer and tapas statement. I thought it was “order a beer and you get a some olives instead” and thought it meant beer and tapas is not accepted together. 🙄

  3. Thought you were promoting a paid post of Actually I used this website too.. and agoda of course. When it comes to renting apartments, my son used the Airnb website to get apartments to our budget in Europe that time.. I still have a credit of $26 till this September. 🙂

  4. okay okay…if got people wanna donate money for me to go vacation, i will book through this site and donate some money to you okay… LOL

    I didnt know now so advance liao. got provide so many information leh. No need to slowly google and find.

    • Yeah, I don’t know if other booking sites provide this type of travel guides or not, but since this one does, if I think the guide is good once I get there, I will stick to this site.

  5. Wah, I scroll through the links, and all the booking-dot-com thingy, I phobia leh.. I’m very old fashion and kiasi type.. I rather other people book and settle everything, I just pay back that person and follow.. If ask me book sendiri like you, I sure kelam-kabut..

  6. i would only have thought of, hahaha.. during my visit in 2009, my friend did booking for accommodation and gosh, the place was so run down!! didn’t know it’s actually more expensive than staying in a hotel.. anyway, we just bought an 1-day ticket for the tourist bus and it brought us to most of the important tourists attractions, valid for 24 hours, that was quite a convenient choice to move about in the city..

    • You mean your friend booked an apartment through SkyBNB and it was so run down? I think that’s kind of expected since it was quite new in 2009. When they started, it was really mostly people letting out spare rooms in their house, or letting out vacant houses that they cannot manage to pay. Nowadays you probably have better chance to secure nice apartments, there are many full time SkyBNB apartment owners who make their properties really look like nice hotel suites.

  7. I thought u r goin to Turkey…so it is Barcelona? seems like Spain is a popular country for vacation. My sis is goin there next month, and my colleague was there last Oct (vacationing for a whole month!)and another colleague is goin there in Mar too.

  8. Thanks for the link. I hope to be able to go to Barcelona one fine day. I think those who wants to stalk you in Barcelona can wait for flights coming in from Paris lah and wait for you at the arrival hall in the airport. They will know you from your photos here.

    Don’t even attempt to photograph the people mentioned in the last sentence of the beach paragraph or you will get beaten up for disrespecting their chosen lifestyle.

    • There are probably 10 flights from various airlines flying in from Paris daily, AND you still do not know which day I will be flying in. If the stalker be willing to wait for 24 hours for an entire week, then his dedication should be applauded and I deserve to be mugged 🙄 … (Touch wood! Choi choi choi!)

      You see, that’s why I mention, I need the big zoom lens so that I can snap from a boat from a far. (I kidding only lah, the biggest zoom lens for my camera is still crap anyway)… 😀 😀 😀

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