Oiso @ Cheras Leisure Mall

I’m really such a hopeless bugger. I have already declared that I will not be blogging for the week. But here I am today, finishing my work with half an hour to spare before I have to call it a day and turn in for the night. I have been staring at two ladies beating the shit out of each other on TV (Fox Sport) for a couple of minutes, and already I cannot “tahan” (bear it) anymore.

So yeah… new blog post…

So before I drove off to my workplace for this week, I brought the mom and the sis out for a somewhat nice lunch. This place was recommended by the sis because it is Korean and it is somewhat near our home. This place is OISO, in Cheras Leisure Mall. I think I’ve read about this place before, but I can’t remember from whose blog…


Since this place was recommended by the sis, I took the opportunity to be completely useless and let her do all the ordering. As a result, I don’t even know what are these dishes called. My job was only to eat, and to pay (of course).

Set meal – I think this is Dak Galbi

I thought this was alright, but according to the sis, this dish tasted a lot better in another Oiso outlet that she used to frequent (Yeah, they actually have a few outlets around KL). But I was disappointed with the portions of their banchan (side dishes). It was freakin’ pathetic! And the staff did not bother to come and refill them. Might as well not give us any to begin with πŸ™„ …

Stir fried Glass Noodles (not sure what this is called in Korean)

The glass noodles dish was nice, very tasty. And Korean glass noodles are different from the usual cheap Chinese versions that we are used to. The Korean ones are thicker and provide more chew to it. I thought it was very nice.

Egg Pancake (not sure what this is called in Korean)

The sis was cursing all the way when she ate this pancake. Her words roughly: It is almost impossible to mess this dish up, and they did it!

I thought it was alright, it was a little bit fluffy (from the egg) and rather doughy (from the flour), and I thought it felt somewhat like those θ‘±ζ²Ήη…Žι₯Ό spring onion pancake that I quite like. But apparently, that’s how a Korean egg pancake should NOT feel like. Oh well πŸ™„ …

Sam Gye Tang – Ginseng Chicken Soup

We loved this soup. The broth was very flavorful. And they are serving us a somewhat authentic version, where there are glutinous rice stuffed into the chicken when boiling the soup. Only a minor complaint, I think they boiled this soup for too long, too long that even the chicken bones became brittle and disintegrated into the soup, in bits. It was annoying to have to spit out those bone bits…

But all in all, well… this was a somewhat okay lunch experience. The food was not horrible, and the price was not too bad. It did not come up to RM 100, and that’s pretty good when we talk about a Korean meal for 3 in Malaysia I suppose.

Would I recommend you to come here? Well… if you are ever in Cheras Leisure Mall and have no idea what to eat, why not? Otherwise, well… πŸ™„ …

Or I guess maybe I should recommend you to their other outlets. The sis did say the food was better in their outlet in Menara Hap Seng. I guess this also means OISO’s management should work harder in maintaining similar food quality in all their outlets πŸ™„ .

And now I’ve overshot my sleeping time. Good night…


  1. Blogging is like homework.. if it is not done, I feel like something is not complete for the day.. BTW, on top of the glass noodles, the whitish is called enoki, right? Are they cooked or raw? Did you eat them just like that?

    • Yeah, they’re enoki. They’re raw, but after mixing them up with the glass noodles, they felt edible. So some of them ended up in my tummy. πŸ˜›

  2. I don’t know if I’ll ever try this place when I go back. Not that I don’t like Korean food, but it is quite pricey from the sounds of it. And I’m sure there are other good places to eat at Leisure Mall. I have memories playing at the arcade there πŸ™„

    • Unless you are coming back for a long period of time, you would be a complete idiot to have Korean food in Malaysia in my opinion πŸ™„ …

  3. hopeless?? hahaha.. hopeless in a good way lah at least, hopeless in that you get your blog updated, but we are hopeless in not getting our blogs updated for weeks..

    Oiso, this one looks familiar to me.. some bloggers have blogged about it, and i guess i have passed by some of its outlets in malls but have not given it a try yet..

    • Hopeless being a blogging addict… that’s really a bad addiction to be honest…

      I think you are more a Jepun cuisine person than a Korean cuisine person…

  4. What hopeless bugger? Your readers are happy to see updates lah πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’ve eaten something like this at The Curve. Not sure if it was Oiso. It was just OK to me. Better to go to those proper Korean restaurants run by Koreans. There are plenty in Ampang but it’s a bit too far for me.

    • Again, someone in KL area using the word “too far” with me. Nothing is too far compared to coming back from Penang. πŸ˜€

  5. I love Korean food like crazy esp the very spicy Teobokki.
    That fried glass noodles is called Japchae.
    Bloggers often have similar non-stop itch and mindset to look for topics and photos to be updated and posted in their blogs. So you should come back and update, even when you have sworn something else. We will need to come here to get our fix.

  6. I knew it…it’s quite difficult for someone who blogs daily to stay off blogging for a week. So, my revised schedule for you worked….kekeke! ;D ;D

    I guess you didn’t read about this place from my blog coz, if you did, you probably wouldn’t have agreed to your sister’s suggestion…haha! πŸ˜€ I only had the first dish you had…and we came to the same conclusion about their side dishes. I’ve also not seen a Korean pancake (Pajeon) that looked like that…the egg and flour seems to be two separate entities! >.< I love Korean ginseng soup but this version has red and green chillies in them? Kinda strange. Can you find any ginseng in the soup?

    I'm not a huge fan of Korean food and have not tried many but (since your sis likes Korean food) maybe you can try the one here which I think is quite decent:

    • It only works when I really have minutes to spare. Refer to my reply to Mun. This is not me paying heed to your schedule. πŸ™„

      I think I DID read it from your blog, just that I don’t remember it LOL! I thought the chilies in the soup was okay, the authentic ones that I had (with glutinous rice stuffing) always have these chilies too.

      My sis has probably eaten all of em’ Korean restaurants in Ampang. When it comes to Korean food, she gives the suggestions, not the other way round. πŸ™„

    • I’m so tired with work that blogging (when I have some minutes to spare) seems like taking time off for me πŸ™„ ..

  7. Contact.ewew has blogged about this exact OISO outlet in cheras leisure mall and I have blogged about the outlet in Bangsar south. There were only 3 side dishes for my lunch so yours is better. You have to ask them to refill the side dishes for you, they won’t do it automatically.

    TQ, TQ for writing a post for us despite your busy schedule. So you are following contact.ewew’s advice and writing a post before you sleep?

    Watching 2 ladies fighting? I guess those ladies are not beauties or else why would you get bored of it?

    • I’m not following her advice. I’m only writing when I really have time to spare. The nature and the amount of work that I have to do in the confines of the hotel room every night, I suppose you guys just won’t understand even if I try to explain. So please just accept that when I say I have no time for anything else, I really mean it… (of course, yesterday and today are exceptions, I guess I am being uncharacteristically efficient πŸ™„ )

      Well, the show was UFC something something. Ladies MMA I think. Even if they’re hot, they’re not when they are beating each other up..

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