Mama Kim Sauna Mee @ Pandan Indah

Ahhh… I have another food post in the drafts, and I almost forgot it… let me tie up this loose end quickly…

It was CNY Day One, dinner time, when mom declared: “Let’s eat out! I know a place! My treat!

So we happily got into the car and 3 minutes drive later, we arrived at this place in Pandan Indah, this corner lot of the same row of shops as Pandan Indah’s RHB Bank. It has a Herbaline building, and inside this building is a restaurant called Mama Kim Sauna Mee.


I think this place is new. Well, new to me at least. I don’t remember seeing this restaurant in the same location when I last passed by the area half a year ago.

This isn’t a 100% vegetarian restaurant. They do carry a mixture of both meaty items and vegetarian items in their menu. Since it was CNY Day One, we of course only focused on the vegetarian items.

Well, the most popular item in this restaurant is (obviously) their Sauna Mee. By the way, for the non-Malaysians, Mee means Noodles.


It is basically noodles and a bunch of healthy ingredients being served in a hot stone bowl, preheated to a super high heat before adding the ingredients in. I’m too lazy to write out all the supposedly incredible benefits of eating this sauna mee, you can just click on the image above to enlarge and read if you want to.

Well, since it was my first time here, obviously I had to go for their signature item, their Sauna Mee Set with Rice Noodles


First, these are the condiments you get for the noodles…

Kick ass chili paste and fried chopped garlic

Seriously… the chili paste was seriously hot!

I forgot to take a picture of the Lemongrass drink that came with the set, but I did take a picture of this… I-forgot-what flower tea which the sis ordered to share…

I-forgot-what flower tea

I do remember it was a nice and somewhat refreshing tea though…

Anyway, here’s the main event…

Sauna Mee

Woohoo!~ It looked pretty impressive when the waitress served this in front of me. I could immediately smell the wonderful soup aroma that came from the soup’s boiling hot evaporation.

It was so hot that I actually had to wait quite a few minutes for the boiling to subside before I could even start to dig around the stone bowl to reveal the thick rice noodles.


Yeah, it was a very good bowl of noodles. The soup really does pack a good flavor. I really like it! Since my mom also loves this place, I think this won’t be my [first time and last time] visit to this restaurant.

Also, thanks for the meal, mom! 😀


  1. I can see why this place is mum-approved 🙂 Interesting, first time I come across this sauna mee. You get a healthy meal and a sauna at the same time. Very practical 😀

    • Hahaha seems like everyone reading this perceives the word “sauna” differently from what I’m sure the owner wants us to perceive…

  2. As NuxV said, I prefer thinner noodles. That looks good, and that looks like some yam I see there. Also it makes sense to order the set. It’s a good deal and isn’t it always true Malaysians like to go for set meals 🙄

    What is min kan? It sounds familiar but I can’t point my finger on it…

  3. looks good….but I prefer thinner noodles…the one in ur picture looks like udon-type noodle (though is slightly thinner than udon)..hmm…perhaps next time I shall cook noodles like such, putting all the colourful ‘vegetarian’ ingredients, more appetizing!

    • This one is very thick bihun (rice noodles). They say this is the best noodles to absorb the soup’s flavors. But I have not tried other options to confirm this claim lah…

  4. Yeah, I think this place is somewhat new…probably sometime last year. I’ve passed by here many times but didn’t go in…healthy, soupy food isn’t something my family likes. Since it has your approval, I can drop by (on my own) to try when I’m in the mood for something healthy…and bland? Hehe! 😀 No other food pics to show…all of you had the sauna mee? Does eating this sauna mee equate to losing some body weight by taking a sauna…kekeke! XD

    • No, the soup was very flavorful, not bland at all. Hahaha I only snap my own food, feel paiseh to snap my family’s orders 🙄 ..

  5. Chor 1 dinner? Let me think back sinn.. I had “zhai” only for the whole day of Chor 1.. But I did sneak out for McD chicken nuggets and chocolate sundae at McD’s drive-thru, teehee.. Every year Cho 1, mil cooks “zhai” only, always 3 types – one “fun si + foo pei” dish, one all-mushroom dish and one cabbage + “min kan” (hankerchief) dish.. Sedap jugak actually..

        • I don’t much care about westerners or gluten, but I think these min kan are flour based, and most of them are processed food. So I think they are worse than actual meat in terms of health properties. 🙄

          • Min kan are dough being washed away until all there is left is the gluten. So min kan is basically gluten. If you dare to eat food made from flour (dough) then min kan is just something made with flour with nothing else added apart from during the cooking time, people will add dunno what seasoning to flavour the min kan, You can easily make min kan yourself by kneading flour and water into a dough, keep kneading the dough until it is firm and then wash the dough under running water until all there is left of your dough is the gluten (min kan). It is just as healthy or unhealthy as basic wheat flour.

            • Thanks for the detailed explanation. Still, having “many pieces of flour” is still worse than “many pieces of meat” if you ask me. Always meat over flour for me. 🙄

              • Guess I have to agree with you about more meat better than more flour but I don’t think anyone can eat 250g of min kan in one sitting as one would very easily eat 250g of steak at a go.

                • I think that’s because you’ve never seen people serve vegetarian steak. I’ve seen it a few times before, but don’t remember where lah… 🙄

  6. i was wondering what is “sauna mee”, it is definitely something new to me.. so it’s basically some noodles and veggie cooked in a hot stone bowl, sizzling all the way on your table.. so why called sauna mee?? i think the mee itself isn’t sauna at all, most probably it would be the person eating such a hot bowl of noodles, with the steam flowing to your face plus that very hot chili paste, will be sweating like he’s in a sauna.. BTW, is this place air-conditioned??

  7. Aha, finally a place where you can eat out with the approval of your mother. They are open on CNY day 1 which is very business minded to earn extra. On the menu, your dish has greens in it, where are the greens in your actual pot? Underneath the noodles?

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