I Won a CD 2

Remember when I said I won a CD? The package arrived at my home in KL couple days before CNY. This SK Thambee is so diligent, I didn’t expect him to complete everything in time for CNY, but he did. Maybe I should not call him Thambee. Maybe I should just call him Super Thambee!


I thought I was going to receive just a CD. But apparently, I was wrong, because there were some other stuff in the PosLayu parcel.

There’s a box,


which contains some leather goods…


There’s also a CNY greeting card which gave my mom misguided joy for a few seconds…


Still, I guess the most important item is this one. The much anticipated audio CD!


This CD is supposed to contain 10 songs, all chosen by me. So you can be sure that I love this CD much much. It is now safely lodged into my car’s audio player and played repeatedly.

I used the word supposed, because when I played the CD, I realized it wasn’t just the 10 songs that I expected. It was 14 songs and 1 medley! 15 tracks altogether!

That’s not all. I also received an email notification when the parcel actually arrived. In that email was a link which says to go there “to view exclusive contents of your personalized music CD“.


This Super Thambee gave me 4 bonus tracks, all of which are songs that I also like a lot but did not make it to the list of request. This Super Thambee must be a f**king psychic for knowing what songs make me tick!


And that’s not all. Each song has it’s own dedicated page with the lyrics and link to watch the music video!



This is crazy! My mind is completely blown away! I don’t know what to say, except Thank you so very very much much much to Super Thambee for making such a painstaking effort to make these personalized CDs and all the exclusive contents that come with it.

Come, I show you the videos of all the songs that I chose….

My 10 selections:

Bonus tracks selected by Super Thambee

Oh my young and sweet goddess Kimberley!~

He really go and “last minute” include this song, I’m so touched…

How did he know I like this song?? Have I blogged about this song before??

He even knows that I prefer the full Charlie Puth version over the rapper Wiz Khalifa version of this song!

I tell you, this SK Super Thambee is really a psychic!!!


    • CD is something that I suspect will be extinct soon. Nowadays even laptops have done away with CD driver. πŸ™„

  1. Super Thambee must be really a psychic getting the other songs there which fits your style! From all those songs…well nothing for me there though I don’t listen much to music anyways these days anymore. From my wife I get from time to time some KPop and Chinese Pop overdose when we have some longer car trips so thats enough for me πŸ™‚

  2. Really priceless gifts!! So nice of Super Thambee.. yes!! I agreed with you.. he really takes all the trouble to do the presentation so nicely!! I am blessed too.. with one CD.. by the ABBA.. that was quite some time ago.. hope to win another one in the coming months..or years! hahahaha

  3. aiyoh, i am actually very touched!!! someone is writing a full account on this personalized CD that i gave him, it kind of feels shyiok in heart leh, though i don’t actually expect and will “force” everyone to blog about it lah.. unlike some other people who insist the recipient to blog about what they have received, hahaha!! THANK YOU RealGunners for appreciating this so much..

    yes, every year the CD is different and this year there is this “exclusive contents”, instead of printing all out, let’s be more environmentally friendly to have it the electronic way.. as for the songs, muahahaha, of course have to find ways to know your taste lah, else that can’t be considered “personalized” anymore..

    and finally, i am not super and i am no psychic la, i am just an ordinary normal person peanut blogger πŸ˜€

    • There is (are) people who will insist recipient to write blog post as a return for giving gifts? Goodness me… I hope at least it is not one of those bloggers who claim that they don’t care about blog traffic/not making money through the blog. Because that would be very pathetic. πŸ™„

      I am all for being environmental friendly. I prefer a link like this. If you print a book of lyrics for me, I shall misplace it in no time. 😐

  4. Nerd Fantasy, it sure sounds more happening than Aunties Rock LOL! Previously we did not have to choose a title, so when I had to fill in the blanks, just hentam lah. Anyway, you sound very excited and happy with the CD and I agree that SK can predict songs with almost 100% accuracy. I was quite impressed with what he selected for me.

    • Aunties Rock the Nerd Fantasy!!! muahahaha, that’s a great cross-over..

      maybe next time i don’t even have to ask you to give me the list, i can already predict your tastes, if it still stays the same~~ :p

      • Hahaha, I wouldn’t mind you doing that, since I am Lazy Man, and I am too lazy to even fill a form with 10 song names.. wahahaha! πŸ˜€

  5. Congratulations to you! You sounded like a supper happy and excited child getting Santa’s gift. I felt so bad that I never thanked him in a big and detailed way like you have posted. I think I have collected all the CDs every year. Now you can really feel and see how much effort Super Thambee had done for all our spamming effort. I appreciate all the Cds and gifts that came along for all the winners.

    The earlier years were more tension and crazy when the 3 Taiping Ladies were more active to join the others. Now one has retired completely. It was full of fun and madness trying to get the First chops and First sips! They were all leaving silly and hamsap comments all over my blogs which attracted so many silent readers to send me emails to tell me how hard they laughed!!. **shy**

    Now it has been years and I still enjoy listening to every single CD of SK’s. Recently, I learnt from Small Kucing that she duplicates the CD for safety reasons in case there are scratches. She is smart and I have not done it yet.

    • maybe that’s the difference between a first-timer and an all-timer?? the former writes a full account blog, the latter has done that before and finds no point repeating the same, muahahahaha!! πŸ˜€

    • Hahaha, so you are thanking him now by commenting long long in my blog post. Good good, wahahaha!!

      I dunno lah, I always thought my generation baru got hamsap one, we never imagined the uncles and aunties will be so openly hamsap also. I am so shocked to see how “open” you guys are with your comments wakakaka! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. I see your selection are mostly Chinese songs….so the only one I like and video I watched is the last song from Furious 7! It was indeed very nice of him to make this personalised CD for one of his regular commentators.

    • And he does it every year! Sure, I think he has some formidable tools and apps to help him, but this also shows how great he is to have those tools.. πŸ˜€

    • Wah!!! Today is a good day! My lovely princess is back! I miss you so much leh!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Gong Hei Fatt Choi to you and your family too!

  7. Don’t know most of the songs here, except the ones by Faye and Savage Garden.

    This SK is so brilliant, I have no luck to receive a CD from him, I like the design of the CD.

      • Hahaha, that’s why I will purposely not comment so much (like purposely not comment on one post) because I don’t want to win his CD mainly because I don’t want to get this shock! ;p – Hope the superman does not read this, hehehe.

        • Er… I think he will read this leh… Maybe next year he will have “Special Achievement Award” for you. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        • i read this, i read this!! no problem, now i know your intention!! so you can still spam in all posts, but i will exclude you in the winners list!! does this do the trick?? hehehe~~ :p

          • You should exclude me too. I feel bad to receive gifts from other bloggers when I never reciprocate… πŸ™„

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