Home Sweet Home!

Today, the festive traffic leaving Johor Bahru was the dust storm of Arabia Terra, and I was Mark Watney, trying to outrun it. If you read The Martian novel, you will understand this allegory.

I was somewhat lucky, I left work and began the drive back to KL in somewhat dense traffic, but according to Waze, I was just in front of the main 车龙 car dragon (long stretch of stationary cars). I was still able to drive 90-100 kph for most parts, and that was all I did. I dared not stop at any R&R until I arrived in Seremban area. That’s about 250 kilometers of driving and I was quite close to KL already. I was terrified with the prospect that if I did stop anywhere earlier, the terrible traffic would catch up to me and I would then be stranded on the highway.

As it is, I made it home in 4 and a half hours. On a normal day it would be 3 and a half. Regardless, it meant I was able to make it home in time for a late mom cooked dinner of soup and broccoli.


After 5 days of eating binge, mom’s cooking felt like a timely reprise. I’ll have to spend the coming 2 days eating nothing but my mom’s food. Last ditch attempt to make my body healthier in anticipation of Chinese New Year.

Tomorrow, I will start writing all about my latest JB adventures. But I will probably publish them only after I get back to Penang. I want everyone to be back before I publish them, just to maximize the number of people who might get jealous of me 😀 . This coming week, I guess I will just be spontaneous and make short posts about how I spend CNY this year. I guess it won’t be much interesting, mostly it will be me lazing around watching TV at home… 🙄

Otherwise… I’m back!! 😀


  1. just another hour more was actually not that bad, guess the traffic flux came mostly from SG huh?? and only 2 days eating your mom’s cooking?? how about the rest of the days of your CNY break?? not in KL??

  2. Sounds like a rather cruisy drive home. Have you ever not stopped at one of the R&Rs? It is work here as usual in Australia as the Chinese New Year rolls around. I will entertain myself after work with your blog 😀

    • Oh, no.. I have always stopped at least once on such drives. My car is not as stable as Japanese/European cars. It is not designed for continuous comfort. I need to stop…

      I think I will be writing daily, probably mostly about how I squander my CNY break at home. Maybe you can live CNY through my blog, that would be awesome. 😀

      • Sitting for so long will make us uncomfortable. It does make sense to stop on such trips. I remember a few times when my family drove Singapore-Malaysia, we’d always stop, even if there was torrential rain.

        Yes, would be good to live CNY through your blog. CL lazing around 😀

  3. It’s always great to be home. Your mum’s broccoli dish and soup looks good. I would be happy eating that. I’m so glad I don’t need to join the rush to balik kampung since my parents decided to come over.

    • Good for you, although it seems KL is retaining more and more families during CNY. It is getting somewhat crowded here too 🙄 ..

  4. Thanks for this post. Now we know you have in store for us after cny – good food from JB – which you gave us a sneak peak in the previous post. Smart of you to start the journey back to kl just before the dragon jam. Your family must be so happy to see you.

    • That wasn’t me being smart. That was me being lucky. Actually yesterday was already an off day if you work in the government sector in Johor, but I guess not many Chinese are in the govt sector, so the traffic was still okay, until I left… 😐

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