CNY 2016: The Day Before The Eve 年廿九

You know I don’t do crowds. But for my mom, I will brave this without so much as batting an eyelid.


Actually it’s not as big a feat as I made it sound like. My dad has been doing this for weeks. I am only doing it when I am back in KL. It is not something to praise, to be honest. It is a son doing what a son is supposed to do. 🙄

But still, the crowd in the morning market today was crazy! I mean, it has always been crazy especially on weekends, but today it was crazy beyond crazy! That’s how it is on the week leading to Chinese New Year. Everyone comes out for last minute grocery shopping because the market will not be running over the CNY week. There was absolutely no empty space once you get into this madness. You’ll have to push and shove your way through, there’s just no other more civilized way to do it. It is frustrating because the prices for fish, meat, veggies.. pretty much everything, would be jacked up 30% – 50%, and you’ll still have to pay up because if you don’t, you’ll go hungry over the CNY week. 🙁

Today was also all about mom putting me through her intense diet program. This was brunch.


A stick of sweet corn cut into three chunks, and a bowl of muesli in natural plain yogurt. The corn was alright, but that bowl of plain yogurt muesli… can’t say that I like it. I mean, I like that my mom is preparing food for me, but I really can’t say that I like how plain yogurt muesli tastes. Even if I say it, you would know I’m lying.

Actually, I think, out of so many of you in my blog roll, I guess only Mun and The Yum List, [and maybe SK and Hayley] would be able to tell you plain yogurt muesli is delicious with a straight face. As for the rest of us, let’s just say, sometimes we have to eat something even if it tastes nasty because that’s what’s good for our body, our health. It is the same concept as eating vegetables. I eat them out of necessity, not because they are delicious. If I have a choice, I would prefer to be a carnivore instead of omnivore.

I can understand and agree when people say “You should turn into a vegan like me because it is important to eat more vegetables because it is better for health” because that is an indisputable fact.

But when people say “You should turn into a vegan like me because vegetable dishes can be more delicious than meat dishes”, that makes me really annoyed and I will sometimes feel like slapping those people. I’m dead serious about this.

Anyway, let’s not dwell on such a controversial topic so close to CNY. We’ll explore this topic another day…

Might as well show you dinner too, I suppose… 🙄


Three plates of dishes, all with greens as the dominant components. Clockwise from bottom: Stir fried bok choy with ginger, Stir fried bitter gourd with egg and shallots 苦瓜炒蛋, Otak-otak with petai. Otak-otak is a Malaysian type of dish, I think it is fish paste mixed with chili and spices. I don’t know what petai is called in English, bitter beans?

Seriously, I’m feeling healthier already now… 🙄

This is kind of nice. Easy to write. Maybe I’ll stick to such daily activities update throughout my CNY break…


  1. Packed wet market in Malaysia. Watch your handbag or wallet 😐 Growing up, my parents frequented the Yulek market at Cheras, which I remember was always packed.

    This sounded like a normal day off 🙄

    • Yeah, kind of like a normal day off. But I did have to run a few errands, which I normally don’t as much. My CNY is pretty boring to be honest… 🙄

        • Well, I hope you’ve at least had your reunion dinner with your family? I’m the opposite of you, I find it harder to sleep in as I get older. 😐

          • Yup, there was the reunion dinner at my parents place last night. Today at my work food court, there was lion dancing and Chinese dancing. My office is one level above it, so my department had a good view of the festivities.

            One of the (white) managers commented at the dancers with the fold-up Chinese fans: “They even have flappy things!” 🙄

            • Well, so you get to celebrate for a bit too, which is good I guess. I have not even seen a lion dance yet (because I have not been to the malls yet) 🙄 …

              LOL! Well, I think at least flappy things is a legit way to describe Chinese fans. At least he (she?) didn’t say “weird paper things”…

  2. I’m with you on the crowds – I’m feeling like I’m starting to hyperventilate just thinking about braving them – good on you for facing them with your mum.
    Hee, hee on the muesli and plain yoghurt – adding some fresh fruit and a ‘little’ drop of honey makes them more interesting.

  3. My mother always say Chinese New Year is like war, everybody rushing to store food stuff, being afraid of going hungry when most of the shops are not opened during CNY

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!

  4. You are absolutely right! I say plain yogurt muesli is delicious! Smuggle that bowl over to me if you don’t want to eat it.

    You are right again – petai is also known as bitter bean. Most people call it stink bean or stinky bean.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!

    • Hahaha, no can do, because while I disagree that it is delicious, I know it is necessary for my body, so they have ended up in my tummy safely. Or.. wherever it went to now to detox here and there.. 🙄

      Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and you family too! 😀

  5. i go to market like every week to buy stuffs to be cooked in my pantry, hahaha!!

    okay, you mentioned that.. so let me say, PLAIN YOGHURT MUESLI IS DAMN GOOD!!! i like that idea to serve it with sweet corn actually.. i think your mom would like me for liking the breakfast she prepared for you, hahaha.. and not just that, i think dinner was good too!! i love the 乾蔥苦瓜炒蛋 woh, nice leh~~

    • Yeah I loved dinner too hehehe… You said DAMN GOOD but I’m wondering if it means DAMN GOOD BECAUSE IT IS HEALTHY, or if it means DAMN GOOD BECAUSE IT IS DELICIOUS. If it is the former, I agree 100%, if it is the latter then we shall agree to disagree. 🙄

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