CNY 2016: Day Two 年初二

年初二 Day Two is what we call 开年 Opening of the year. I think this is a Cantonese only thing, treating Day Two instead of Day One as the beginning of the year. I didn’t know the actual reason why last year, I still do not know why today. I guess the official Lazy Man explanation is because we have to go vegetarian on Day One, and it is more auspicious to declare the start of the new year with meat and seafood and whatnot, so it is better to declare the start of the year on Day Two instead. 🙄

Normally, mom would cook up a feast for lunch on this day, a feast that would rival or even overshadow the reunion dinner. But today is somewhat special, because tonight we will be going to a relative’s house for an open house dinner. So… no big feast for lunch today.

Still, a luxurious soup is a must…

Fish maw, sea cucumber and KELP (Zzzzzz…) Soup

I don’t think I will be taking photos at my relative’s house. It is probably rude to do so. I don’t know what else to show you guys today.

Maybe I’ll show you some simple CNY decorations that we have at home this year.

A “flappy thing” made of empty angpow packets
A hamper and Sherman’s CNY card
Red cloth draping at the door
Potted plants decorated with empty angpow packets
Lovely orchid and some other plants
“Souvenirs” from when we do the 接财神 (Receiving God of Prosperity) routine. Shhhh!

Oh yeah, maybe I get to show you these too. I think some of my Malaysian readers are married and with kids, so this is something that would make you guys wish that you are still single.

A “flappy thing” made of angpows with real content. My angpows…

Unless of course if you are one of those mothers who would “safekeep the angpow monies on the kids’ behalf“.



  1. Kelp Zzzzzz….. Muahahaha

    Did your relatives hound you with reminders that no more red packets for you next year?? I suffered so much before with their sarcastic words! Phiak!!

  2. Oh? Second day is the actually the first day? I didn’t know that but since you say this is a Cantonese thing, I’m not considered ignorant then 🙂 I like soup with fish maw and sea cucumbers. Had that at a restaurant some years ago and it was awesome. I bet your mum’s soup is awesome too.

    I counted 7 angpows in your hand. I’m sure by today, there’s more 😀

    • My mom’s fish maw soup is most definitely more awesome than those from the restaurants (no disrespect). Because she can boil the soup longer than those restaurants and she can use good quality fish maws.

      Hahaha you are right, I got more! 😀

    • It is different for different aged kids, different families, etc. Going on a spending spree is most definitely how some use the money. Maybe I’ll write a blog post about it. 😉

  3. Wah,the CNY decorations in your house is nice! Who did them?

    Hahaha, I noticed the ZZZ next to kelp. I guess you can selectively choose to ignore the kelp and eat the fish maw and other ingredients only.

    I also don’t know why CNY day 2 is known as hoi nin. Never bother to find out.

    • Hahaha, of course my mom lah… I have 10 thumbs when it comes to making decorations. 😛

      Selectively ignore the kelp? Not gonna happen, not on my mom’s watch. 🙄

  4. That is very creative Chinese New Year decorations at home. Just like the flappy Chinese fans my white female boss was pointing to yesterday in the office 😀

    So you had firecrackers at home? Lol, I’m not telling 🙄

    • What firecrackers? No idea what you talking about! Huh… the weather is nice today huh? Lalalala~ 🙄

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