CNY 2016: Day Four 年初四

I thought I was going to have something to write for yesterday’s dinner. I really did. Because my dinner gathering with my school friends was at a restaurant I do not remember having set foot into before, Restoran Sek Yuen 适苑酒家, Pudu. This is a very popular old school Chinese restaurant in KL.

Turned out my “brave” organizing friend decided that we need not make reservation in advance to dine here. Anyone who knows this restaurant knows that this feat is next to impossible, especially during the CNY peak season.

He ended up going earlier to “borrow” a reserved table, and I was the latest to arrive. Not my fault though, he told me 7PM and changed it to 6PM at the last minute! When I arrived, they were already halfway through eating.

So instead of lovely pictures of the all the dishes, I only managed to snap this photo of a very traditional looking 捞生 Lou Sang platter, complete with raw fish slices. I was only able to get this picture because we did the meal in backwards order. Usually people start dinner with the Lou Sang before everything else.


As I was eating in a hurry, I was somehow able to make an interesting observation. Right in my line of sight, seated in a table bigger than ours, I observed a hot, semi-bareback auntie trying to snap pictures of the restaurant’s interior and the dishes on her table somewhat discretely. I suspect she is a blogger of a similar nature as yours truly. I wonder if she is in fact one of the bloggers in my blogroll… 🙄

Okay, let’s talk about today…

Today, I woke up early in the morning to fulfill another assignment as a temporary husband. Let’s not get into the details because those are P&C stuff, but suffice to say, I found myself in KLIA2, 7.30 AM in the morning. After getting everything sorted, we found some time to sit down in a cafe for a cuppa.

I did not realize this cafe is affiliated to a certain old and notorious politician until I saw the items on the menu. So here’s what I ordered:


These, ladies and gentlemen, are a Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Tun M’s Favorite section of the menu, and a cup of Cappuccino. I forgot the exact prices, but the sandwich and two cups of the cappuccino came up to almost RM 60. F**king hell! I wonder how much of the profits will go into bailing out the ailing national car manufacturer.

I want to talk a bit about this KLIA2. Today was my first time setting foot into this LCCT replacement. I am glad to find a proper airport that looks somewhat like Changi airport instead of a chaotic mess that resembles the old Puduraya bus station. But I think the design of KLIA2 is incredibly short-sighted and foolish. They designed the airport in such a way that no matter how you arrive at the airport, you will have to navigate through a labyrinth-like building full of shops and out of that building to get into the actual departure hall building. Yes, this will artificially create incredible people flow through that intermediary shopping building, but they forgot that people who go to the airport to catch flights will always want to check-in and drop their luggage first, and then if they have time, they will most likely prefer to shop or dine within the departure hall building for ease of egress. Those shops in the intermediary building will see huge people traffic, but those traffic will not translate to much spending.

Anyway, I made it home in time for a quick lunch, and then I was out again, this time with my family, because the dad suggested that we should visit the new IOI City Mall in Putrajaya.


I’m kind of impressed with this mall. It seems properly huge to me. The walkways are very wide, making it very comfortable to walk around in here.

I was even more impressed with their Chinese New Year decorations in the Centre Court, because there’s a large (fake) cherry blossom tree placed on a rotating platform, dominating the area.


I was however not too impressed and was instead extremely amused to discover a couple of Uniqlo’s siblings in this mall. When I say siblings, it is basically a polite way of calling them 山寨版/ciplak/pirated versions. LOL, quite literally! 🙄 …


I was most definitely not impressed with the dinner that we had in this fish head noodles place at the top floor. Not because the noodle bowls were deceptively large with lots of soup and no noodles in immediate sight,


but because this place is supposed to be famous for their grouper fillet noodles and tofu rice, and yet they did not have both item ranges in the kitchen today. Since it is CNY, I suppose I should give this place some leeway and reserve my judgment (and proper blog post) for some other time. If I ever get to come back, either to this outlet or their other outlets. And that’s a big IF

After dinner, we came straight back home and decided to call it a day, and I am finally able to sit down and write this blog post and hit “Publish”.


  1. I used to curse this KLIA2 for having so many shops. It was like a win-win situation for them to collect rentals after slaughtering the passengers. Now after coming back from Yogyakarta during CNY, I realized this new airport has too many departure gates and they have long rows of jutting terminals on both ends. They seem to have no choice but to line them up with colourful shops and retails instead of bare walls. The small new airport in Yogyakarta has few departure gates and only 3-4 shops and cafes only!! They would wish for more shops but the layout design is not meant to be.

    • I have yet to try catching a flight out of KLIA2. Maybe when I do, I will have more to curse on, like you do here…

  2. You can find The Loaf at Pavilion and a few other places in KL. I’ve blogged about this place before but I certainly don’t remember the prices to be so steep (maybe it’s becos it’s in KLIA?).

    I read that Sek Yuen is quite popular (my mom and mother-in-law) would probably like it but too ‘old school’ for me! 😉 Hmmm….I wonder who is that hot, semi-bareback auntie you saw! 😀

    • That’s another frustrating thing with KLIA2. It is supposed to be a low cost carrier terminal, but everything in there, from the shops, restaurants, to parking, is on par or even more expensive than KLIA!

      Hmm… who knows. If that auntie is one of the bloggers here, I guess we’ll find out soon enough 🙄 . Or maybe it was me thinking too much 🙄 ..

  3. Eating the food course backwards? This is the first I’ve heard of it. Maybe that is double the luck 🙄

    The role of the temporary husband sounds fun. I’m sure most girls will like 😀

    RM60 for a breakfast. Just…no 🙁

    • It’s all because I was late, they had to wait for me to do the lou sang thingy…

      Hahaha, don’t focus on that term, I was just being sarcastic. I’m not actively working as an actual temporary husband for hire. 🙄

  4. Managed to go to the mall on 3rd and 4th day of CNY. Glad we able to find car park and walk in breeze. Noticed malls are not very crowded after CNY.

    Wishing you and family a Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

    • This year CNY falls on good date (Monday and Tuesday), so many people are away from KL for the whole week. Not like last year, I think last year CNY, KL quite crowded also…

      Gong Xi Huat Cai to you and family too!

    • Hahaha, took the whole week off. Is like that one lah, my kampung and workplace is not in the same city ma… 😛

  5. So how do you like the food at Sek Yuen? I have been there a few times.

    Does temporary husband get any benefits of husband at all?

    Aha, you went to a new mall, can tick that off your list.

    • I thought the food was… okay. But not to the level where you need to make reservations in advance. Maybe it is because of CNY. 🙄

      Hahaha I don’t know what you mean by [benefits of husband]. Tsk don’t dwell on my sarcasm lah, her real husband might read this and think nonsense. 😛

      • Sek Yuen is a very popular place. The older generation likes it a lot for the crispy peipa duck so I have eaten there a few times in the old air-cond restaurant and also at the non-aircond building next door. Which one was your table located – aircond or no aircond place?

        • I thought the no aircond place is the old one. I was at the no aircond place. I’m sure the hot auntie I saw wasn’t you though, because it was on Wednesday and you only went back to KL on Friday. 🙄

          • I am definitely not hot, hahaha! Both aircond and no aircond places are old, both were around when my inlaws were still teenagers so they love eating at this place.

            • Yeah, this is an old school eatery. Strangely, my dad does not like this place at all. When I mentioned to him, he said “Oh, go to that lansi place to eat”. I don’t know what happened between him and that restaurant in the past. 🙄

    • No lah, I said they did not have tofu rice on that day ma… that’s a bowl of dory fish fillet noodles. 😐

    • Not IOI Mall. IOI City Mall. They are two different malls. IOI Mall is in Puchong and IOI City Mall is in Putrajaya. Make sure you don’t go to the wrong one if you decide to Waze your way there next time. 😛

  6. You are more hardworking than me, i only manage to upload the picture in the draft and have not write yet, this few days have been out, tired after coming back, lazy to write…

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