Buffet Breakfasts @ Doubletree by Hilton, JB

I’ve actually been struggling with myself whether or not to post this series of photos. I took these photos diligently every morning, but these are probably the most boring set of photos from my stay in JB.

But I’m running late today due to work and other commitments, and showing you guys these photos are easier done than said. So… yeah. Today I be showing you my buffet breakfasts at Makan Kitchen throughout my stay in Doubletree by Hilton, JB.

When I say boring, I really mean boring. I’m not going to show you my breakfasts in a daily chronological format. That would be too incriminating boring.

Seriously… I have been trying to eat healthy, so even though it is a buffet breakfast, instead of feasting on exciting stuff, I mostly have these for breakfast. In random order.

Toasted bread with (tiny bit of) cheese
Porridge with preserved vegetable
Cereals and milk
One roll of chee cheong fun
Fruits and yogurt

And then of course, there’s one thing that I’m trying to wean off lately. It is still work in progress, so I guess I am allowed to indulge in a morning cuppa’ once in a while.

Cappuccino from the machine

See? They’re not that bad right? With breakfasts like this, even my mom will not be able to complain about me overeating.

No, wait. That’s not right. My mom would always have things to complain with regards to my diet. ALWAYS.

糯米鸡 Lor Mai Kai

What? No… no no… what’s this picture? It’s not mine!

Nasi Lemak with omelette, twin sausages and twin grilled ham pieces

No! No no no!!! Something is wrong with my laptop! It is self uploading the pictures and filling it the descriptions!! I swear I did not eat these!!

Sweet dessert pastries

Nooooo!!!! Stop!!!! Reboot!!!!!


  1. So many kinds of breakfasts you had. I haven’t had luncheon meat in so many years. Could eat a whole tin now 🙄

    Out of curiousity, as you a sweet of savoury person? Or does it depend on how you are feeling and the occasion?

    • LOL why are you mentioning luncheon meat?? Nope, those grilled ham pieces are not luncheon meat… 🙄

      I’m an equal opportunity person when it comes to food and flavors. The only thing I don’t do is bitter. That, and some specific food items like kelp, onions, black ear fungus etc 🙄 ..

      • They looked like luncheon meat and isn’t ham the same as luncheon meat? They are both forms of pork, or kind of…pork… 🙄

        Onions and burgers aren’t too bad in my opinion. I don’t do sour and too spicy, though 🙄

        • Oops! I’ve been very Malaysian in my choice of word again! For me, ham does not necessarily mean pork, it just means any meat slices. This one’s chicken ham LOL! 😀

  2. Wakakaka …a good one with the rebooting.

    Got loh mai kai there ah……me also want leh…i wonder got those big pau…dim sum…roast lamb….seafood galore….opppps….thise would be dinner right…kihkihkih

    • Big pau don’t have, small pau and dim sum got. The roast lamb and seafood… you said it yourself, dinner can find those. 😛

  3. Why would you think photos of food are boring…they’re never boring! 😀 Or is it you don’t want to show us in chronological order so that you can mask the no. of plates you ate from your mom….haha! I guess I’ll soon be boring you with chronological pics of my buffet breakfast in Ipoh…hehe! I thought chee cheong fun is quite a common item at buffet breakfasts…I had this in Ipoh too but I didn’t choose to eat it.

    • You see lah, that’s the difference between a seasoned food hunter as opposed to an amateur one. I have never seen chee cheong fun in buffet breakfasts before this… 😐

  4. No need to hesitate, if got pictures in your hp gallery, just post all lor.. Treat is as a record, for your own read nex time.. Your blog, you post what, we read what..I NEVER go for SOME things when I eat at hotel buffet – toasts (with butter & jam), cornflakes & cereals and fruits!

  5. Everytime I stay in hotels, my first day breakfast will be big. The following days will be just muesli or simple tuna sandwich. But it was different when I was in Spore. Their buffet spread there is so good that I ate like a p*g for the entire 3 days >_<

  6. eating more healthily for breakfast?? hmmm, i definitely CANNOT do that if i am in a breakfast buffet, how to just eat veggie and fruits and ignore all other cold cuts, bread, toast, pastries, noodles etc?? at least not me..

    Toasted bread with (tiny bit of) cheese – you forgot to mention the butter and ham

    Porridge with preserved vegetable – you forgot to mention the fritters and crispy beehoon

    One roll of chee cheong fun – you forgot to mention the sauce and sesame

    Nasi Lemak with omelette, twin sausages and twin grilled ham pieces – you forgot that piece of object in the center of the plate

  7. It is ok to eat all sorts of everything in the morning as breakfast because you can burn and work off the energy until lunch time. Breakfast is one time where you do not need to watch carefully what you put inside your mouth.

    • Well done! You just destroyed whatever good impression that you have built up with my mom, if she had been reading your comments! 😀 😀 😀

  8. a variety of breakfast and they even hav chee cheong fun?! hmmnn….normally I only seen fried rice/noodles/meehoon sup, but not chee cheong fun, this kinda unique.

  9. hahahhahaa… you are so funny! Well, we must have a balanced diet ma… so we must add healthy and unhealthy food so as to build up immunity in our bodies! opppsss.. hope your mom won’t scold me for saying this! 😛

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