1P100W #74 – Notion

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Every time when I make the drive back home to KL, throughout the journey I will be overwhelmed with this “homesick” feeling and an incredible yearning to “migrate” back to be closer to the family. I will be making lots of mental plans on how to make this homecoming plan come true.

And then I exitΒ the Jalan Duta toll, drive the full length of DUKE Highway and enter MRR2 to be greeted by such a sight as above. Whatever notion of “homesickness” will evaporate without a trace remaining, instantly.

It is a vicious cycle that repeats itself every time I depart from Penang…

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  1. See the above makes me thinks of those who travel to and fro from Malaysia to Singapore everyday to work, salute them, and they have to endure it if there is heavy traffic…

    • I don’t know whether to feel impressed or pity with them who have to endure this daily, like Princess Ribbon 😐 …

        • She Superwoman. Or rather, Super Princess. I guess there’s no choice. The home is fixed, work location also fixed. Unless pek pao mm lou, but then go where to find job πŸ™

  2. Looking at a sight like that, I am very glad I decided to not move back to KL, the middle of the city area. It is a time waster, sitting in the car like that each day. Safe travels, CL. Looking forward to photos πŸ˜€

  3. anyway, working in KL isn’t that bad, jst dun go to the city centre. All the while I have been working in outskirt KL (is still KL address code). No jam, very relaxing and surrounded by greeneries (and monkeys, squirrels, wild cats, even fish ponds!)

    • Unfortunately my home is almost at the center of KL, so there is no way to get around that. If I don’t live at home then it seems pretty pointless to move back πŸ™„ …

  4. I know how you feel about traffic.

    Every time my husband offered to drive when we lived in Taipei, I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Driving in Taipei meant traffic jams, endless search for parking, and then repeat. The subway was far more convenient and quicker.

    • It is pretty much the same in KL, except we don’t have a nearly as good subway system. Most of the time if you take the subway, it will get you to somewhere near your destination, but not near enough, so you will still have to get into some form of car to get to where you’re going, rendering the whole exercise moot. πŸ™

  5. I dislike traffic jam as much as you do. It is my dream to live in the same building that I work in. Welcome back to KL and safe journey to your vacation!

    • Hurhurhur, that’s my dream too… but not gonna happen as long as I work in a factory. I mean, I don’t want it to happen because if I have to sleep in the factory means something is wrong… 😐

      • sleeping in factory is not that bad what. I’m sure they have leisure area for the staff (like couch, pool table). Most bigger factories have that so that staff can chill out after a long hard day at work. But make sure nobody sees u sleeping there la…

        • The sleeping that I mean is the normal sleeping at night, not the occasional relaxing nap lah… the only reason you sleep in factory at night is because something tanked at work and you have to stay back >.< ...

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