1P100W #73 – Gong Xi Fa Chai

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I’ve done three consecutive food posts again, haven’t I? And since it is also Friday, let’s take a break. After all, there’s some side work that I urgently need to complete before my upcoming big vacation trip.

So here’s me showing you how the lovely NewTown White Coffee decides to wish its loyal customers Gong Xi Fa Chai. I want you to read those words in smaller font and see if you can make any correlation between those words and “Gong Xi Fa Chai”.

In case you are too lazy to read, it says: Let us wish you prosperity by taking more money from you.


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  1. I don’t eat there so tak per… This year I also did not eat McD’s prosperity burger. The only one getting prosperous is them la coz it is so expensive 😛

  2. There are many Old Towns today in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. This Rosmama is damn ambitious!

    I frequent this place about three times weekly as it is next door to the gym I patronize. Easy and convenient is the only reasons.

    • Exactly, I frequent them for exactly the same reasons. If it is not because most eateries in Bayan Lepas/Bayan Baru area insist not to open full day even on weekends, I would never pay this franchise outlet a visit at all. 🙄

  3. Isn’t it Oldtown White Coffee? Oh, you are being sarcastic. Well, more prosperity for the food chain as you said 😀

    I have only eaten at the food chain once in KL when I last visited with my family. We went to the outlet at Brickfields and I had the Hainanese chicken chop. It was so greasy with small portions and my dad said we were never going back.

    • When they newly introduced the Hainanese Chicken Chop, I actually thought it was pretty good. But that “goodness” only lasted a couple months. Nowadays it’s a greasy and ever shrinking affair. 🙄

      • I can still remember eating the Hanaanese Chicken Chop up until this day. It was a memorable meal for all the wrong reasons.

        When the dish was served, I saw all the fluffy crispy thing around the chicken – oh wow, eggy yummy goodness. Then I bit into it and I felt oil pool my mouth. Upon digging around the crispy stuff, I could barely find any chicken. After the meal, I felt very thirsty so the meal must have been full of MSG. Should have gotten KFC instead.

        • The only way to sum it up is that this is originally a rather good food chain, but the food has only been deteriorating since Day One. I’m not sure but I think I’ve heard somewhere the founder is from the family of that famous traditional coffee shop in Ipoh. Really, it is terrible to have such a legacy ruined by this franchise…

          • I heard that rumour too, and I’m very inclined to think it’s true. I’ve got a few Malaysian friends in Australia who think the franchise is good. There is a branch here in Melbourne as well, I have yet to try it. Don’t have high hopes.

            • I won’t be surprised if the Australian outlets are good. It is the same with Proton and every other Malaysian brands. The export versions (be it car or food) is always made to meet western standards so the quality is always better. It is towards fellow Malaysians that their inferior quality products are reserved for. 🙁

  4. I think I have not eaten at this place for almost more than 6 months now and now after reading this, I will ban the whole chain from my list of eateries. Bye bye!

    • I can’t be so decisive, because where I am living at the moment, this is about one of the only handful eateries who will remain open during odd hours 😐

  5. same thing as that LFC la, the Lunch and Dinner Treats where the same combos are cheaper are not available, or rather not offered to be available, for two weeks during the CNY.. ridiculous!!!

    • Lei lou mei ah!! So all of these food chains are doing the same??!! Just when I thought fast food chains have become people friendly in terms of the pricing…

  6. wuahahaha! they too ‘shy’ in asking it directly – is like wishing our parent/elders ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ and then taking angpow from them lor…

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