Weekend Escapade

I’ve had it! I’ve fucking had it!

After weeks of blazing sun and scorching heat, with no rain in sight, I finally decided that enough is enough. So I am escaping from the island for the weekend, in search ofΒ somewhere where rain is found more in abundance.

It was a good call. Shortly after I crossed the bridge, I was greeted by droplets of water hitting my windscreen.


Yes! Rain at last! I was so happy to see rain, the sky was gloomy but it actually made me very happy instead! πŸ˜€

But my destination was far, and I left quite late into the afternoon. As a result, I got really hungry halfway through my journey and was forced to make a quick stop at a petrol station. I was reduced to having these for a quick dinner.


Ramly burger with frozen patty, and a cup of buttery sweet corn. It’s not as bad as it seem. Dinner costs RM 6 combined. At least I’m eating better than certain families who had to make do with RM 41.60 for all their meals for an entire month because Jibby says they can.

Shortly after my quick dinner stop, as the sky began to turn dark for night, the heavens opened the flood gates, and it began pouring.

You know, I’ve done long distance driving in complete darkness before, with just my car’s headlights. I’ve also done long distance driving in heavy downpour before. Both are quite exciting in their own rights and comes with their own sets of perils, but after a few rounds you get used to it.

Today was the first time I make the drive in darkness AND with heavy downpour.Β Things got really exciting. You know when you drive in heavy downpour in the day, visibility will be extremely poor, and you can mostly see just blurry blips of tail lights of the cars in front of you? Well, just now, there were actually instances where I could see absolutely nothing in front of me, Not even the blurry blips of tail lights!

I had to go Initial D at moments like this. I had to drive based on my memory of the road orientation and where the cars in front of me were before the lost of visibility, and pray really hard that none of them make sudden brakes or change of lanes because any of those maneuvers would render my memory invalid. It was pretty nerve wracking stuff…

Fortunately, it only lasted for about 30 minutes, this downpour. And I miraculously made it through safely.

I was absolutely knackered, both physically and mentally, when I finally arrived at my destination. But the sight of this perked me up quite a bit.


θΏ˜ζ˜―θ€ε¦ˆε­ηš„ζ±€ζ°΄ζœ€ε₯½δΊ†οΌMom’s soup is still the best!

Yeah, I’m back home for the weekend to escape the heat before going back to work on Monday. Yeah, I know, it seems pretty stupid to come back this weekend and then go back to work when next weekend will be CNY. Yeah, the heat was that bad in Penang, and I was that desperate…

Phew, thankfully I made it before midnight to keep my daily blogging intact…


  1. Your mom must be super happy to see you though it is just for two days. Very dangerous to drive in the dark and heavy rain. Lucky that you are ok. Smooth journey back tomorrow!

    • It was really dangerous. But now that I lived to tell the tale, then it is a good experience. At least now I know what to expect… I shall try very hard to avoid long distance driving at night now…

  2. Ah…nothing beats mum’s soup eh? I can imagine that the heat really got to you that you were willing to drive all the way back here and then back to Penang again on Sunday.

  3. aiyo..my side here i kena bully by the rain la…every evening when school is over…sure rain….make me damn nervous leh.

    Yes…mom’s soup is the best.

    Jibby… dun wanna talk about him…make me upset only

  4. You are so cute actually! It warms my heart to think of my old days driving and flying home at opposite directions. The warmth and comfort of our parental homes are always different. Your mama must have welcomed you with open arms and wok ready!!! Wakakaka

  5. Sounds like a quite a drive, and I suppose it was great that you were driving by yourself and didn’t have to put up with other passengers. Already challenging enough πŸ™„

    • Passengers are alright. Although if the passenger freaks out during the drive, that would be a different proposition. πŸ™„

      • Passenger freaks out? How bad can that be πŸ™„ In drives like the one you did, I (the passenger) often wonder if it is appropriate to talk to the driver 😐

        • I don’t mind people talking to me when I drive, but if something happens that demands my full concentration then I might have moments of lapses where I would not hear what you say.

          I meant, if I had a passenger with me in situations like the other night, with heavy rain in total darkness, and he/she starts to panic, it would distract me and make me panic too. That would be bad… πŸ™„

    • Hmm, I’m not sure, my mom keeps all my letters in a “safe zone”. I have not asked her about my letters. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll blog about it if when I see it. πŸ˜€

  6. I heard it was horridly hot here last weekend. I was in Spore and it rained a little there but when I returned to KL, my plants all died. I asked my neighbour and they said it was scorching hot. I forgotten to tell them to feed my plants so now they are all gone. Only spinach survive πŸ™

    • I also heard it was scorching here, but then I also heard there were thunderstorms. In Penang, it was all hot and no rain for weeks! πŸ™

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