Terminator X Jesus

In the beginning, there was Arnold…

Jesus: You cannot go around killing people!
Arnold: Why?
Jesus: Because… it’s one of God’s commandments. Thou shall not kill.
Arnold: Why?
Jesus: Because it’s a sin.
Arnold: Why?
Jesus: Because it’s not nice.
Arnold: Why?

It is very old, I know. It was one of the funniest videos I have ever watched, and I assumed everyone else did too. Surprisingly, a lot of my peers have never seen this before.

Have you guys seen this video before? If you haven’t, do it!

Because Arnold is back, in The Greatest Action Story Ever Told!

PS: If you are a Christian, please don’t feel offended. This is just a parody video meant to entertain…


    • Poor Judas had to die 3 times and resurrected. If you look at it in a different perspective, he’s had it worse than Jesus! 😀 😀

  1. Generally speaking, Christians are quite tolerant and they know a parody is a parody and nothing more. They are not likely to take to the streets to burn buildings or kill people for “insulting” Jesus.

    • I know most of you are, just like most Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus are a tolerant bunch too. But every religion would definitely have a small bunch who thinks differently from most. Just trying to cover all bases. 😐

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