Pre-CNY Blues


I wanted to go to Gurney to capture some Chinese New Year decor photos to show you guys. Since it is just two weeks from CNY, I expected the roads to be fucked up. So I left home earlier than usual, at 9 AM.

On normal weekend mornings, it would take me 35 minutes to get to Gurney. I expected to take 1 hour today.

I made it to Greenlane by 9.20 AM, which was quite normal, so I thought I made the right choice by leaving early and the traffic might not be as bad as feared.

Unfortunately, by 11.30 AM, I was still in Greenlane area. In more than 2 hours, my car has moved less than 1.5 kilometers. I fired up Waze for a quick peek, only to be greeted by the message [Standstill traffic all the way to Georgetown].

Fuck! I know the traffic will be fucked up in the month leading to CNY. I know that. I have experienced it in all my years in Penang. But today was on a-whole-nother level. Today was super ultra hyper mega fucked up traffic.

After seeing that terrible message from Waze, I decided that I’ve had enough. Time to make a U-turn and head back the other way.

So… instead of showing you pretty photos of Chinese New Year decor from Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon like I did last year, the only thing I can show you is my lunch from 又一城 Boston HK Restaurant, e-Gate.

DSC_0016 (1024x637)
港式鸳鸯 HK Yin Yong & 鸡丁炒意粉 Fried Spaghetti with Chicken Fillets

It’s been a while since I last came here for a meal. I’m annoyed that they have revised their prices, and the increase is quite steep. I remember this combination used to cost me around RM 16, but today I had to pay RM 20.90!

Bloody fuck! Paying so much more than I was used to put me in even worse mood. And that’s how I am feeling as I am back home now…

Blerghhh…. I’m fed up and tired. Think I’m gonna take a nap. I mean, I’m gonna try to take a nap. Not sure if I will be able to do so successfully, what with the scorching weather yet again. And then maybe I’ll go watch some live football tonight….

Hopefully I’ll have better luck with Queensbay Mall tomorrow…


  1. That is the saddest thing about traffics in Penang when all the major roads line the coastal side of Penang and hardly have space to expand in the little island. I always used the coastal bridge road to town as Green Lane is too narrow and horrendous. KL has worst jams but smart drivers have more alternative routes besides planning the time to avoid jam hours but Penang is another story.

    • Actually nowadays, Green Lane is the best route to Gurney Drive/Tg Bungah area, since they tweaked the traffic lights into all green and all red at once, meaning you only have to wait 1 time on most days. The coastal highway is hideous, the jam will start somewhere near Maccallum and last all the way to Gurney Drive!

  2. Pre-CNY is really not a good time to go out…with such terrible hot weather, traffics and crowds everywhere…it only dampens the mood…By the time u get a parking (after many rounds of searching)…u will get exhausted too and it leaves u no energy and time to explore further…Yea, better stay at home! I’d hibernate at home and be a home-worm/ tv addict when CNY approaches..

    • Yeah, I will not be going to the malls anymore until CNY Eve for the last minute clothes shopping, as usual, I think… 🙄

  3. Today I walked into Aeon at 10:00am when the shutters opened only to be greeted by a huge crowd coming in from the other entrance. It was crazy crowded! I’m glad I don’t have to travel far to do my grocery shopping.

  4. Oh goodness, the traffic just seems to be getting worse on the island. It’s even more frustrating when there’s no alternative to driving such as a train or monorail. How about boats? Are there water taxis?

    • It was due to the CNY shopping rush + Thaipusam. But yeah, on a whole, traffic in Penang is getting worse too. 🙁

      Water taxis? There’s one operating between E&O hotel > Straits Quay > Batu Ferringhi. But not gonna happen where local civilians are concerned. Not in a hundred years… 🙁

  5. I feel the pain of being stuck in traffic for more than 2 hours and not moving more than 1.5km. Walking is even faster. Luckily you can still do a uturn and abandon your mission. If on highway with no exit, then matilah, got to continue with the jam until dunno when. Thanks anyway for wanting to show us Gurney CNY decorations.

    • There’s quite a few junctions along that stretch, just need to make it to the junctions. I did the U-turn at the Air Itam junction, that’s as far as I was able to crawl to :(…

  6. As the other comment said, it is Thaipusam 😀 I hope the meal tasted nice. Can barely see the chicken in the middle. Maybe it was all underneath the noodle 🙄

    • I don’t know why you guys say it is Thaipusam. The procession starts tonight at midnight, tomorrow is the actual day. So it should not start to jam this morning 😐 …
      There’s… 4 slices of chicken beneath the spring onions, nothing more…

      • I find it very hard to find nutritious and balanced meals when you eat outside in Malaysia. It usually is your usual hawker fair kind of food like laksa, kway teow, stir-fry noodles… 😐 And with CNY round the corner, I suspect many Malaysians will indulge in good food.

        • You’re absolutely right, it is almost impossible to eat healthily when you eat out here. Actually I think the same applies to Thailand and to a certain extent, Singapore too. That’s why I’m quite perplexed whenever I see some European/American traveler say “It is so easy to eat healthier in SEA, all the street food are nutritiously prepared!”. I always thought it is easier to get healthy food options in Europe and the US… 🙄

          • “…all the street food are nutritiously prepared!” That comment 😐 Even dim sum, steamed foods like har gao and siew mai, aren’t all that nutritious. I was thinking fish ball soup noodles was quite a healthy meal, but I suppose the soup base often has a good deal of MSG and salt.

            In Australia, make your own sandwiches and salads are very popular, and you can find these stalls in practically every food court. Provided you don’t ask for dressing or too much sauce, then those are reasonably healthy meals.

            • Yup, I’ve seen similar sandwich stalls when I was exploring US malls too. Although I was always going to Carl’s Jr or IHOP or Denny’s (oops!) 😳 …

              You are spot on with your diagnosis of the fish ball soup noodles. MSG soup all the way, that! I think the only soup that is somewhat nutritious over here if you eat out is bak kut teh soup. But then you don’t like pork, so… 🙄

              • You remember. I don’t like pork. But my impression of hawker soup like that and chicken soup and the rest, is that they are fatty. I never believe hawker stalls use non-fatty meat to boil soup, so all the fat will leech into the liquids 😐

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