Pie Harbour @ Karpal Singh Drive

I noticed this newly opened shop in Queensbay Mall a year or two ago. It seemed like a shop that specializes in pies. Naturally, I was intrigued. I wanted to go try it out.

So one time, I went near the shop. But then I noticed the pies on their shelves. They looked rather… uninspiring. In fact, at that time, I thought: “Yerrr! Specialty pie shop that sells something that look like those frozen pies.

I did not go in. In fact, I gave up on this pie shop altogether. I think many people did too. A few months ago, that pie shop closed operations in Queensbay Mall. I thought they went bust, but no… they opened another outlet in Karpal Singh Drive.

So… it so happened that I was in that area for my weekend walks yesterday morning, and I wanted to grab breakfast. Most of the restaurants in that area were not open yet. McD was open (naturally), and this pie shop was open too.

DSC_0026 (1024x697)

A quick peek inside, and I was shocked to see many of their tables occupied!

Huh… so many people, must be good? Maybe I had been too quick to judge the book their pies by the cover previously?

Feeling confident, I finally stepped into Pie Harbour for the first time in my life.

DSC_0019 (1024x576)

This Pie Harbour is basically a cafe. They sell coffee and juices, and of course pies and sandwiches. It felt a bit Starbuck-ish, where you order and pay at the counter. Just behind the counter is where all the coffee actions take place. And you get to see the pies and sandwiches available for choosing. One difference is that they will serve you your food, instead of having to wait for it at the counter.

They have a bunch of different pies. I mean pies with different fillings. I didn’t pay attention to the sandwiches. The pies are all priced the same, at RM 9.90. You can also order a set meal, at RM 16.90 you get a pie, a side salad, mashed potato, and a fruit juice. And then there is also the option of paying a bit more to upgrade from juice to different types of coffee.

Since I am giving this place a chance, might as well try a bit of everything, right? So I went for a Chicken and Mushroom Pie set, and I upgraded to a Cappuccino for RM 3.50 extra.

How was it? Well… here’s what the entire set looks like. RM 20.40 for these… good thing is that price is inclusive of GST and there’s no service charge.

DSC_0021 (1024x719)

Okay, I cheated. I got the cappuccino first and had a sip, so the coffee looks ugly in the picture above.

This is how the coffee looks like when served…

IMG_20160103_103743 (1024x1024)

I thought it was good. But then, I’m not really a gourmet coffee person. I’m more of a Nescafe and Kopi O person. You’d do well to NOT trust my verdict on something like a cappuccino…

What about the pie?

DSC_0024 (1024x576)

Well… okay, let’s be fair. I was wrong. This isn’t like like those frozen pies that you get from the supermarkets.

And, again, let’s be fair. The pie is sold at RM 9.90 ala carte. You would do well NOT to expect a hotel/Irish pub quality pie. I thought my Chicken and Mushroom Pie tasted like… you guys from KL know King’s Confectionery right? Remember their chicken pies that was sold at RM 2.20 a pop a few years ago (not sure the current price)? This pie tastes exactly like a King’s chicken pie. Which is not to say it is not good. I loved King’s chicken pies to be honest.

And the size is probably two, maybe two and a half of a King’s chicken pie. So I guess RM 9.90 is a good price for the pies here. And RM 20.40 for a pie with two side dishes and a cappuccino… yeah, good price!

I think… I’m glad I gave this Pie Harbour a chance. It is not as bad as I thought. Decent place to have breakfast or brunch.

Will I come back for more? Well… 🙄


  1. King’s Confectionery chicken pie ah?? no idea at all, or maybe i shall one day try them so that i know what to expect if i happen to go to Penang and coincidentally go near this Pie Harbour.. that would help me to decide if i should pay RM16.90 for a set with salad, mash and juice, or top up another RM2.90 for another pie..

    • Not sure if King’s chicken pie today still feels the same as few years ago, or if they are even still around. Maybe they’re no longer good for all I know 🙄 …

  2. I am a big fan of pies. Savoury pies like the chicken and mushroom one you had. But RM20+ for a meal…I really don’t know. I find that real pricey. Was it oily and did it come with sauce, apart from the mashed potato gravy?

    Pies are very popular in Australia, as you probably know. Sausage rolls are popular too.

    • I’ve seen (pictures of) Aussie pies. I’m pretty sure they’re not the same as the one I had here. At least not in terms of size and scale. Aussie pies look more awesome and if someone were to sell proper Aussie pies here, I would gladly pay up to try it!

      • The pastry can make or break a pie in my opinion. Some pies are more flakier than others here, which means some of them can be a bit more of a messy eat than others. Our meat pies often come with tomato sauce.

        • Tomato sauce?? Well… not what I’d imagine as something to go with pies. I would’ve thought those A1 BBQ sauce or mustard sauce would be better. Still, what do I know of Aussie food culture, LOL! 😀

  3. Eh, I haven’t eaten a pie for so long! Why ah? hee..hee.. I remember one pie outlet at the Aeon foodcourt at 1-U but that was a long time ago. It has since disappeared. Maybe tak laku. And there is one shop called A Pie Thing near my office but I was not motivated to go eat their pie. Anyway, your pie set looks quite good but I prefer to just eat the pie.

    • If I come back again, I would also just go for the pie. The mashed potato felt more like those pre-packaged stuff rather than made from scratch. Although it was quite bland, so I might be wrong.

  4. You are funny and could write a thousand words with a pie! LOL
    I love pies and cappuccino very much, so I would be able to write 2,000 words if I had the chance to dine with you. I agree that the pies are good at King’s besides all their pastry items.
    Pie shops are sprouting up in PJ and KL now which is a lucrative business as they charge close to RM20 just for a huge pie! Crazy!

    • Well… what can I say except, KL.

      Okay, seriously, if it is a good quality pie, maybe it is worth paying RM 20. If they make a proper pie from scratch, the filling takes hours to get right in the oven.

    • Probably needs a little something to push it on. I can’t imagine pies to be easier to make popular over here compared to, say, ice cream or fried chicken.

  5. I’ve not had a pie shaped like that though. There are places in KL that specialises in just pies too. Yeah, adding on to what Mun said, if it’s anything like Secret Recipe’s pies, they’re decent enough.

  6. From the picture of the overall Chicken and Mushroom Pie set, i was attracted by the mashed potato…

  7. I know King’s Confectionery but I have not eaten their chicken pies so I don’t know how they taste like. Have you eaten Secret Recipe’s pies? Does this pie taste like those?

      • I have eaten pies from both places many times and they are worlds apart in taste and pastry. The Secret Recipe serves very thick pastry like a telephone directory with fluffy pages. The Kings often baked compact looking pies that could double as a bomb too.

  8. a pie is probably not enuff for brunch that last til dinner…hence I seldom have pie…but Kings’ pie…yea, I had plenty especially during their promotion (that was some years ago). Unfortunately I have no recollection of how ‘tasty’ it was. All I remembered is that it was cheap (back then) and I dun care heck about the quality and taste!

    • Hahaha, doesn’t sound too good, the way you put it. Maybe I was cheap back then, but I thought they tasted great! 😀

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