You may be wondering what I do at home over the New Year weekend, after clocking in some days of unofficial work. Well, I spent some of the time nailing down my trip logistics. I’ve got all my air tickets and accommodation sorted. I’m good to go now. Even if I end up not having a proper plan on where to go and what to do, I’m still good to go. I’ll be spontaneous and improvise as it is.

Apart from that, I spent most of my time sitting around watching Youtube, again. Really, that’s the most convenient form of entertainment for anyone with a laptop and an internet connection. And it’s free, making it even better.

So when I mention Youtube and you see my title, I guess you are probably guessing that I will be talking about this wildly popular music video today.

But no… No no no… I’m not that predictable. You should know me by now, if you are my regular readers. Admittedly, this is a very addictive music video, but what do I have to say about it? Absolutely nothing. Too many people have made parody videos and commentaries on this Silentó guy and his dance moves. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon.

No. I’m not talking about that music video. Instead, I’m going to talk about this video which I came across while randomly browsing for videos.

If you are too lazy to click into the video, let me summarize it for you in one sentence: A real life Japanese man got married with a video game girl character. I’m not talking about virtual marriage. He actually held a real wedding ceremony with this virtual girl, with family and friends and the online otaku community as witnesses.

Which girl? This girl, Anegasaki Nene, from a dating sim game called LovePlus.

I was shocked! I don’t know, man… I mean, I know dating sim (simulation) games are very common in Japan, and many nerds are addicted to it. But this guy who goes by the screen name Sal9000, he’s really taking it to the next level.

There’s a million things that I do not understand, but I guess the most important question that I have is: How does this dude feel when his… wife is also the virtual lover of hundreds, maybe thousands other Japanese nerds? How does he feel when his… wife confesses her love to all those other nerds? I mean, she IS a character of a game played by many, things like this is going to happen.

Damn! I think the LovePlus developers should have just retired Nene from the game and replaced her with a new character after that historic marriage.

Also, I hope Sal9000 does not care/does not go and find out who is the seiyuu (voice actress) that provides the voice for Nene…


  1. Puzzling what is nene…lol…was thinking got something to do with milk….sorry la..i just wentbto princess ribbons blog abt placenta…so cant help thinking of milk lo

  2. Last time during my days, I get infatuated with those young actors, like Donny Osmond, Mark Lester and a few others whom I cannot remember their names already.. come on, this is just a passing by stage.. do they really get so serious as to getting married to these virtual cartoonist characters? wow.. this is really out of the world.. Married to a tree? *pengsan*

  3. The world has gone crazy ever since the “phone sex” craze started during the late 80s as advertised all over US channels.
    Now I heard cum online and marry anything! Oh the terrorists who don;t have onlines, just started screwing goats alive too.

    I better stay away from anything that makes my head sick this New Year.

    • You know, I actually think phone sex makes sense! Not that I will do it, but at least I understand. Hearing some stimulating moans will help you masturbate.

      But… getting married to a virtual character in a game, that’s something I do not understand.

  4. Well, he’s a NERD….and that says it all! I pity his parents who will be the ones who will endure the aftermath of his stupidity. I’ve also read of people getting hitched in the after life! >.<

    • I’ve read another article from no less than CNN covering him. We’ll he’s a nerd, but at least he is still “normal” enough to be able to give interviews. There’s probably some people much worse out there.

      Apparently that “wedding” is official, but not a legally binding one. So he is free to get a legal wife still if he so wishes. I wonder if he will LOL!

  5. I don’t understand. How to get married to a virtual character? Can he have satisfactory sexual intercourse with a virtual character? Have children with her? Can the virtual character (his wife) sue him for a divorce and get half his estate? So many questions. Or is it like main-main only. Simply say marry to a virtual character – does not mean anything in real life.

    • It’s not like I understand any better than you. But he really did it. Who knows what kind of crazy agreements he made with the pastor or the registrar or what… @.@

  6. So weird. I mean I remember what it was like to have a crush on a TV character when I was very young (hah..hah…) but to fall for a virtual girl and then “marry” her, well… my grandma would say “tiga suku” 😀

    • Hahaha! That’s why… to be honest, I’ve done all sorts of stupid things in my gaming life too, I’ve played dating sims too, and I’ve got married (in game) with girls in online games only to find out that the actual player playing those “girls” are actually guys. But it is all within the gaming environment. The only gaming thing that I’ve seen brought to the real world is called cosplay. I’m really shocked to see a nerd fall in love with a game character and get married to “her” in real life. >.<

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