My Blog’s 2015 Review

Last year I said I wanted to try to hit a 1000 page views in a single day and get 100k accumulated page views.

Well, based on what WordPress is telling me, I fell wayyyyyy short of the 1000 views per day target.


607 views. The highest number in 2014 was 459 views. So that’s not much of an improvement. On the bright side, I got 88k views from 2015 alone. It is comforting to know that the number of views I have for 2015 is the equivalent of 4 days worth of visitors to one of the most famous museums in the world.

And thanks to this 88k views, my accumulated total page views now stands at:


Yay! At least one target was met. Nice work!

Also, another comforting stat to take note of: although I could not hit the 1000 views in a single day target, I have 10 blog posts that broke the 1000 barrier in terms of total views.


Although I was discomforted about as quickly as I was comforted. 9 out of 10 of them are food, food, food, food posts. And the one that wasn’t about food was about a temple that should be famous but nobody writes about.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat: I’m not a foodie blog! So… seeing this stat… Yikes!

Anyway, I’m not setting any new targets for the blog to achieve in 2016. I’m not visiting a lot of new blogs or promoting my blog in a lot of places anymore nowadays, so I don’t expect the numbers to grow exponentially anymore.

Maybe I’ll just look forward to reaching 200k page views by the end of 2016…


  1. Congrats, CL. Your blog is doing very well. I really enjoyed reading it over the last year, and glad to have connected with such a down-to-earth Malaysian 🙄

    Do you enjoy writing about the food posts? It seems like you do.

    • I enjoy writing in general. I never noticed any preferences specifically on food. I guess I don’t really know myself that well then. 🙄

      • Well, food makes the world go round, as well as makes us each go round 🙄 You do travel posts very well, though. To the point narration. And then you do the YouTube videos and movie reviews. Well-rounded blog, and all those views 🙂

        • Well, I don’t do travel posts like how most travel blogs do because I’m not a travel blog. I’m sort of writing them like a personal log entry. Actually I prefer to read travel blog entries like how I do it too, because I prefer to read the personal touches. If I want an informative article, I would’ve gone to Lonely Planet or something I guess. 🙄

    • Sigh… I guess I should just live with this. Yup, I’m a non-foodie blog that talks a lot about food.

    • Depends on what you want out of the blog lah. We all work towards what we expect ma. If you just want to blog for fun, who cares about stats or if others visit you back. If you want the blog to rank, then write more SEO posts. If you want more followers, then follow other blogs too. Different requirements will need different approaches. In the end, all that matters is you get what you want and happy with it. 🙂

  2. Ah you see, even Lazy Man’s cooking get’s attention 😀 I guess people love food and it’s something everyone can relate to. Carry on blogging, yah? 🙂

    • Eh, not cooking leh, the ones that get attention are those restaurants and cafe review posts. I think mostly from Google search hahaha!

  3. It’s great that you get such stats from WordPress (not from blogspot though). I’m happy to see that my introduction to you of Boey ended up to be your most popular post todate and garnered the most no. of pageviews on a given day too for you. Well, you may not have reached your target but improving from 26K views in 2014 to 88k in 2015 is an improvement and still something to be proud of (I take it then that you transitioned to the new blog in 2014?).

    As to the fact that your posts that generated the most views are food posts, it looks like everyone is just interested in food!! 😀 I face the same thing in my blog too…my cooking posts and my few non-related food posts don’t garner as many views as my food posts! T_T (and Cookie is not happy).

    I do visit other blogs as a silent reader and seldom leave comments (so promotion of my blog is practically zilch). I only leave comments in maybe as many as my fingers can count…that’s probably why I have so few commentators in my blog…haha! 😀 But who cares, I will follow a blog (some more diligently than others) if I like it and not just leave comments in the hope that they’ll come back and comment in my blog.

    • I used to want to leave comments on every new blog posts on every blogger that I follow, sort of reciprocal thing. But I’ve cut back on that now. I read the posts, but I’ll only comment if I have something to say. I don’t like to leave comments like “Nice picture.”, “My dog is cute too.”, “Not into this, so no comment”, that kind of thing. Actually, I don’t really like those comments showing up in my blog too, because I like to reply to comments but those really leaves me nothing to reply with…

      Poor Cookie, give him a belly rub for me will you? 😀

      • Give him a belly rub? I think he’ll claw me to death! Cats are very sensitive to belly rubs…unlike dogs.

        Yeah, I too only leave comments if I have something to say but I did notice that commenting seems to be a reciprocal thing (which it shouldn’t be). If I like a blog, I will follow it irrespective if I leave a comment or not. I’ve had some of these first time comments on my blog and because I didn’t reciprocate, I think they never visited again. And then there were also blogs who reciprocated coz I commented on their blogs and when I didn’t comment as frequently, they stopped coming too…ah, well! 🙁

        • Well, there is yet a few more types that I have come across:
          – you leave comments on their blog, but they don’t reciprocate (which does not concern me).. and then you stop leaving comments on their blog and they think you have deserted them.
          – they only leave comments on your blog whenever they have new blog posts because they expect you to reciprocate.
          – and of course, those crappy comments where you write about fried rice and he comments about the spoon.

  4. I guess your stats show just how many of us think with our tummies. Your stats are probably more of a reflection of the interests of the public than quality of your blog. Happy blogging for 2016.

    • I suppose you are right. We all do think with our tummies more than our brains most of the time. 🙄

  5. I like that you share your stats with us :). Congrats on even hitting mini milestones! And my top 5 posts are all food too, but only if it’s a guide kind of post (like, not on a specific restaurant). So now, I’m wondering if I should be more of a food blogger??

    I’m also not promoting my blog or visiting new ones anymore, so it’ll be interesting to see how my blog does in the new year!

    • Well, if you’re happy to remain as it is, why not? It all comes down to what you really want to achieve with your blog. Anyway, I would not mind if yours become a more foodccentric blog! 😀

  6. Congrats on meeting some targets for 2015. Perhaps you should write all food posts from now on then can hit more pageviews based on the 2015 results that you got.

  7. Food posts seems to attract a lot of views and comments. I noticed that in my blog too.

    Congrats on the 88K views.

    This year perhaps you’ll hit your target, yes? 🙂

    • LOL! Because everyone loves food, but not everyone loves running or chasing Japanese cartoons I think. 🙄

      Heh, I’m not setting any targets this year, so nothing to hit hahaha! 😀

  8. wokay…noted on the stats and congrats for achieving it…ermmm…should I or should I not congrat u? coz ur post is kinda happy then ….I also dunno liao. Anyway, whatever stats u got, jst be happy with blogging coz a true blogger enjoys blogging regardless of page hit. Happy blogging & happy new year!

  9. You are so determined in your goals and the results are actually good and surprising to me. I had no idea what people are looking at the search engines, I have shared before that the hamsap public baths post hit almost your number too but not in one year! Anyways my objective of blogging is not enlighten the public and not for income or hits. However if I could earn big bucks, why not??
    Tell me what is your next step after achieving your target views later.

    • Earning big bucks from this blog? Never think of it now. As you can see, I don’t even have those ads in my sidebar anymore. I do want to make money through this blog, but not directly. I mostly use this guy as a sample of my writings to score freelance writing jobs for OTHER PEOPLE’s blogs and websites LOL!

      • Oh no, pardon my frequent typo errors lately in many blogs. My typing skills have improved until I hardly need to see the keyboard, hence the errors escalated. I am so bothered by my oversight as my English is not that bad lah. I do freelance copywriting for several award winning property developers so I pay attention to the words used. I came back to read the above comments and shook my head again…..

        We often have offers from commercials to do product write ups, so can we introduce you to them?? I do not layan all of them but select those not too sissy.

        • What typo errors? I don’t see any in this particular comment.

          Anyway, thanks for your offer, but I’m fine. I can get jobs to fill myself up easily enough. I mostly write for sources that pay in USD, that’s why I’m not really interested in those local commercial blogvertising stuff anymore, like the ones that get on Thambee’s nerves all the time wakakaka! 😀

  10. you are considered very hebat already lah.. all my posts have very little hits, I think average 200 only.. but comments a lot lah, thanks to the spamming from some of my readers, hehe!!

    • Because you don’t even write those stuff that got me most hits. You write Sanora, BaoBao and McRonalds, sure cannot get stray traffic from Google lah XD .. But you got your own motive so it is fine lah hahaha…

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