Macam Yes Only

Sigh… Has it been raining a lot in KL this past couple of weeks?

It’s been hell for me over here. The sun has been scorching hot and there was absolutely no sign of rain.

Well, I don’t know, maybe there were rain during midnight, or during working hours when I was indoors, but it did not rain when the sky was visible to me. So as far as I am concerned, there was no rain at all for the past 2 weeks. It left me many a sleepless night, and my bed turned into a swimming pool of sweat constantly.

The sky finally turned gloomy as I was leaving work just now, with a few droplets of water and a couple of loud thunders. I was feeling hopeful that it will finally rain and bring me some much needed respite in the form of cooler temperature over the weekend.

DSC_0015 (1024x576)

But no. I just parked my car and the sky is now clear as f**k! Hence the blog title: Macam yes only!

Macam yes only is (I believe) a term unique to Malaysia. I think it is a direct translation from a Cantonese term that is also unique to Malaysia: 好似喺咁 hou chi hai gam. The term itself is a blend of Malay and English. Macam = Looks like, so macam yes only when translated literally, means looks like yes only.

But I doubt looks like yes only will make much sense to non-Malaysians. Yes means yes in proper English, but yes can mean quite a few things for a Malaysian, when used in different context.

In this case, yes means something positive, something good. So looks like yes only becomes looks like something good only.

But that’s not all. Manglish grammar is kind of weird. Normally, looks like something good only can be expanded to mean looks like something good only, nothing bad. But for us, looks like something good only means something that only looks good without actually being good.

So, when macam yes only is used to describe the sky that I am seeing right now, it means the sky only looks like rain, but no rain is actually forthcoming.

By the way, another way of describing this sneaky weather is called 雷声大 雨滴小 loud thunder, tiny droplets of rain.

Sigh… I hope the dark clouds will come back and bring some rain later… Really need some good nights’ sleep here for the weekend…


  1. Today the weather was the hottest for the whole month. I think it reached 35 degrees Celcius. Freaking burned my skin. Screams!
    The world is going crazy when the northern countries are getting coldest record winters esp Hong Kong but not here. Even nearby Bangkok is having coolest days. Aiyor!

    • I just noticed earlier this week, the sky is still not completely dark at 8.30pm now. WTF is going on?!

  2. The rain doesn’t really help. It’s still warm! I know what it’s like not having the comfort of air conditioning. I used to live in a rented room during my early years and it was hell during the hot spell 🙁

    • I’ve been living through this “hell” for the past 7 or 8 years. And I will continue until I either buy a house in Penang or escape to some other place when even Penang gets too congested for my liking…

  3. Is it humid over there in Penang? It was raining a lot in Melbourne yesterday and it was so humid. Reminded me of Malaysia. It is rare here to get a KL kind of rainy day 😐

  4. You are good. Good in writing. You can write such an interesting post starting with a common subject such as rain and then move on to explaining in detail about macam yes. Macam yes is a new term that only exists in the last 5 years. It was not around when I was young. When did you first heard of this term?

    • I really wanted to just write about the lack of rain, but somehow the topic expanded spontaneously hehehe…

      I don’t remember when I heard this term. But seems like it has been around for very long already. I remember using this term even when I was still in KL…

  5. yes it rained heavily this afternoon.. is this some El Niño effect where some places are scorching hot and some have heavy downpour??

  6. Over here the sun is looming over our heads once daytime is here… it is now 7.30 and the sky is not even dark yet… good, I like this kind of weather than raining whole day.. very gloomy when it rains..

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