LP#5 – Bad Guys

This is a picture taken on orientation day (or what the Brits call induction day), the first day of my summer semester in Liverpool back in 2007.


But I’m not going to talk about the details of the induction. I don’t remember anything that the lecturers and professors briefed us about regarding studying in England. Heck, I don’t even remember who the dean was!

But there’s one thing from the induction that I remember very well, and that’s what I’m going to talk about.

After all the yawn inducing academic talks, there were safety talks by a fireman officer, and then a police officer. This was what the police officer said:

It is very easy to identify bad guys in England. The bad guys here are very stupid, and they wear very shabby clothes. They’re not like the bad guys in Malaysia who are sophisticated enough to dress up nicely to deceive you. So if you see someone who looks suspicious, someone who looks like a bad guy on the streets here, then they are most likely bad guys, and you should walk away from them.

I was confused when I heard those words. I didn’t know whether to feel proud of Malaysian bad guys for being smart, or to feel depressed with the fact that it is less safe in Malaysia because Malaysian bad guys are smart. I still don’t know, to be honest…


  1. They are not very wrong to quote that. Good and bad guys come under any skin and dressing these days. I often hear banking friends how the millionaires walked in tattered clothes and carried paper bags containing over 100k of bank notes. How Nigerian scams milked ladies of money without even meeting up. How gullible!
    We just need to keep our eyes opened wide.

  2. I find it depressing that bad guys in Malaysia will go out of their way to charm you and trick you into thinking they are one of the good guys. But in recent times, they just wear anything and carry parang and cut you first…or maybe smash your car windscreen when you are driving and try to steal from you 😐

    Which is why I think I’m better off staying in Australia…

  3. interesting conclusion from that police but to me bad guys will never have a look to identify, probably because I grow up in Malaysia, haha!!

  4. That guy bluff you all lah. Here also bad guys also dressed shabbily. Those that are smart who dressed nicely won’t target small fishes in the street, same goes for over there.

    • This was in 2007. I think that time really, those street crooks really got put some effort in camouflaging one. Just that nowadays is getting worse, they just slash you without asking, so no need to camouflage. 🙁

    • Aiya I dunno what to trust liao la nowadays. But, if we look at those politicians’ faces, I think the police officer is right. Bad guys really can determine by face one… 🙄

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