LP #4 – Nice Cake

Another of my Liverpool Photos series.

We saw this in Tesco. Liverpool’s Tesco, of course…


If the words are too small for you to see, this is actually a cake. A D-cup shaped cake.

Guys (and girls), is it safe to declare that we will never see something like this being sold openly not just in Tesco, but anywhere in Malaysia?

I was so shocked when I saw this on the racks. I mean, I was already shocked when I saw porn magazines being sold publicly on the bookshelves, but I already expected that because the seniors have all told us stories about the openness in England, so the shock was not so profound. But this D-cup cake is really something else.

Actually a D-cup cake makes perfect sense. I mean… there are many similarities between a D-cup and a cake. They’re both round. They’re both soft, They’re both…. WEI!!! Stop stop stop!!!

Better stop writing for today…


  1. Hahaha, of course you won’t get to have this in Malaysia, when I first saw I was wondering is this in Malaysia? But in Malaysia I think also can, just have to customize it, hehe!

  2. Nice cakes! Do they have other sizes besides D-Cup?
    I wonder if you played them before eating like Showry. Wakakaka
    Talking about the porns, I used to get free readings and watch the Quarter Movies inside the sex shop where my school’s bus stop was. **shy**

    • Hahaha, D-cup here is a noun (thing), not a verb (description of thing). You don’t think the shape resembles D? Or maybe B is more accurate actually wakakaka!!

    • Then the next day there will be mass protest by some extreme jokers demanding Tesco to be shut down completely and kicked out of the country. 🙄

  3. let me add the last word for you…DELICIOUS? hahaha!
    anyway here in M’sia we have ‘Yip Chi Mei tai bao’ (Chinese bun which almost equivalent to that cake) jst that it doesn’t comes in pair…but hey, u can get two buns for that…

  4. I thought you hit jackpot in Tesco here until I read that it is in Liverpool. All of you should have pooled the money to buy it and have a cake orgy party then! ;p But never mind, now with your own kitchen you can bake this cake up to E cup any time and have your own private party, hehehehe.

  5. I am quite surprised to see this on the shelves in Malaysia. I don’t know if you will see anything like that in Jusco or Aeon, as its now called… 😐 Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a cake like this in the shops here.

    • No no no! This isn’t in Malaysia. This was from Liverpool. That’s why I said we will never see this sold openly in Malaysia…

  6. so did you buy the D-cup cake, put both your hands on it (or shall I say “them”), give a good touch and then sink in to grab a piece and put it into your mouth?? lick lick ~~

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