1P100W #70 – Lazy Man’s Baked Fish and Broccoli

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I think it is time to show you some Lazy Man’s cooking again. Today’s lazy dinner is made using the tried and trusted [put everything together and throw into the oven] method.

Today’s dinner is carb-less. Originally, the ingredients are just one Pollock fillet and one head of broccoli. But as I was about the whack the casserole into the oven, I remembered my mom’s words.

不要只是吃青菜 要吃一些不同颜色的菜!Don’t just eat only green veggies, eat some veggies of different colors!

Epic Meal Time makes their salad using meats and sausages, so I think sausages are veggies. And they’re red, so… in goes a sausage…

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Bonus stage: If you are still asking why I think sausages are veggies, I didn’t make this shit up. Here:



  1. Me love what you just ate and showed off. I used to like broccoli a lot until I discovered the cauliflower which is much crunchier, juicier and goes well baked with cheese!

    • I’m the opposite of you. I switched sides from cauliflower to broccoli. But if you ask me why, I’m not sure myself. I guess it is just that my taste changed. 🙄

  2. Ah, carb-less. Did you feel peckish or a bit hungry later that night? I hope the sausage wasn’t salty. A lot of the sausages I’ve eaten in Malaysia are salty and made me thirsty afterwards.

    • Well, you’re right, sausages in Malaysia are salty (and full of MSG). Mine was a more expensive type, so it is less thirst inducing, although not completely.

    • I actually treat fish as a type of meat. White meat. And, hey, that red veggie is a veggie, not meat! 😀 😀

  3. Two wrongs don’t make one right! ;p

    Hope your mother does not read this post, hahahaha because you misuse her advice to eat more vegs to suit your purpose, hehehehe

  4. Broccoli is one of the veg. that i eat and like, as certain veg. like lady finger, bitter gourd, i don’t eat, no thank you to it, keke…

  5. hehe!! ya lah, just throw everything in lah.. and I actually think you are very smart to add in the sausages lor, it makes the whole thing look more colorful (hence appetizing) and tastier!!

    and you regard sausage as veggie?? haha.. :p

    • I didn’t make this up. You go back and see, someone already did it, using sausages to make salad. Hence sausages = veggies! 😀

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