Lance N’ Masques

I discovered my new favorite Japanese song on Youtube a few days back. It is a rather new song by Mimori Suzuko, who is also one of the members of μ’s, the seiyuu girl group for the anime series Love Live.

The song is by a seiyuu, and the title has the word Knight, and in the lyrics there are words like destiny, lance, chivalry… surely this is a theme song for an anime that I do not know of?

So I began my search. And I searched and searched and searched. And I was right. This song is the opening track for the anime Lance N’ Masques.

I found a source and began to watch episode 1..



Hmm. This seems promising. Apparently the anime tells of a high school boy who is actually a Knight in hiding from his ancient Knight organization (yeah, I know, stuff like this happens in anime). He goes around performing heroic acts and (mostly) saving damsels in distress while wielding a formidable looking lance that is extendable and retractable.

Cool… I think I could like this anime. It’s only 12 episodes, so I could finish them quickly.

Then I got to episode 2, where more characters are introduced…

So this hero who is called Knight Lancer, has a mentor who taught him everything that he know of in terms of knighthood. The mentor is herself a super powerful knight (What’s a female knight called? Knightress seems like a wrong word) much stronger than Knight Lancer.

She is also his maid (WTF?!), and she seems to enjoy punishing him at every occasion (double WTF??!!).


As if having to deal with a maid is not enough, as episode 2 comes to an end, one of the “lady” that Knight Lancer rescued decided to be his bride.


Now, a knight and a lady is very common in anime-lore, but the thing is, in this anime… the knight is a high school boy, and the lady is a 6 years old toddler.

Fuck!! It is then I finally realized what this anime is. This is a lolicon anime!

Okay, I didn’t know what lolicon means, and I assume you don’t know either. If you do, then… well… never mind…

Anyway, let me tell you what lolicon means. A lolicon means a person with a fetish for underaged girls that have not reached puberty. A lolicon anime is, well… an anime with a lolicon theme.

Damn! …

I’m not a lolicon! And I won’t be one! I’m attracted to girls around my age, not a 6 years old kiddo! So I think I will not continue watching this series…

But… but… this guy wields a lance that is called the Rhongomyniad.


I believe most of you must be wondering, dafuq is Rhongomyniad??

You guys know King Arthur? I’m sure you do. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, anyone? If you have read about these Arthurian folklore, I’m pretty sure you know of Excalibur, that famous sword which King Arthur pulled out from a stone to prove his claim to England’s kingship.

But what many do not notice when reading the folklore is that, in the final battle that King Arthur fought,

At the last battle Arthur drove his spear into Mordred, but Mordred, feeling his death draw near, forced himself along the shaft of the spear until he could strike Arthur a great blow on the side of his head. Mordred lay dead with Arthur lying mortally wounded by his side.

He did not kill Mordred with Excalibur. It was his spear. It was with this rarely mentioned spear called the Rhongomyniad that King Arthur put an end to the treacherous Mordred, at the cost of his own life.

You must be wondering why I know all these Arthurian legend and sh*t and whatnot. Yes, I’m a sucker for King Arthur and all his stories.

Rhongomyniad aside, there are awesome fight scenes in the anime, where different knights charge at each other and cause sparks and explosions.


Damn, this is a cool anime with a touch of Arthurian in it. Why does it have to also incorporate the lolicon elements in it?! It feels like a waste to not watch this through.

But I’m not a lolicon, damn it!

What should I do? What should I do? To watch or not to watch?

Okay, episode 3 has just finished buffering…


  1. His mentor is also his maid??? Muahahaha! This story line is super weird. Just watch lah, so what? Watching a lolicon anime doesn’t make you a lolicon 😀

    • It is a lolicon anime. It is supposed to be weird. Well.. it’s not weird if you are a lolicon yourself. 🙄

  2. Weird… it reminds me of that anime with a butler in it (I can’t remember the name at all; it’s been a long while since I watched it on Animax).

    With that being said, I love the OSTs from the anime shows – especially ‘Lacie’ from Pandora Hearts and Song of Storm and Fire from Tsubasa Chronicles.

    • A butler is nothing as bad as a maid. At least people won’t cry “lolicon!” when they see a butler LOL!

  3. Usually if I like the anime theme song, I would prefer to watch the anime version of it instead of the actual singer MV, don’t know why, maybe because by that it can refresh back the scenes back in the story.

  4. hehehe, no wonder the first thing i saw in your song list is “Light for Knight” by Mimori Suzuko 三森すずこ.. come share more discoveries to give me more hints to add more songs for you :p

  5. When I read the word lolicon in your post, the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov published in 1955 comes to mind. The book is very famous in the literary world. Since the book is accepted worldwide, I think it is safe for you to finish watching this lolicon even though you are not a p***d**f**l*** (one * does not stand for a character).

    • I always thought Lolita is a Japanese word. How misinformed I am!

      Your spelling is wrong. The **f** should be **ph** 🙄

      • Oops, sorry. You are right, it shows you know which word I am trying to write there. Perhaps you are interested now to read the original Lolita book.

      • Wow! You have submitted your list! I have not even started yet.

        Oh God! I clicked to watch your Lance N’ Masques and liked it instantly. I have stopped watching long running dramas or anime as I have to refrain my serious addictions from coming back again. All my bad habits of clubbing, drinking & getting high were at hard core levels! I was also spending too much time playing arcade games and watching dramas like a hard core addict. Muahahahaha

        • You sound like you have to start living like a monk to avoid all the temptations of the world hahaha! But then no, that would be addicted to meditating and reciting mantras and whatnot. 😐

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