I Won A CD!

The other day I was checking my email during lunch break at work when I noticed a strange looking email in my inbox. So I clicked it open and got the shock of my life!


It appears that I have won another blogging related reward, this time from SK Thambee. Thambee is an Indian name but SK is actually a Chinese guy with a somewhat vulgar mouth just like me, don’t ask me how he got that nickname. Beats the fuck out of me too.

My senior manager always told us that we have to be outspoken at all times. Heeding his advice worked! For being 口水多过茶 hao shui duo gor cha (talkative) and spamming comments on every of Thambee’s blog posts, I’m going to win myself a handmade personalized music CD! How cool is that?

Anyway, a more pressing question is: what the fuck is with this email?? It comes with a link to a web-form, complete with a token password and some disclaimers. This is too professional and awesome and intimidating at the same time. It is a million miles more impressive when compared to a typical dingy little blog run by a fatty, like RealGunners Blog for example. When I did a giveaway some time ago, all I did was did a bunch of pathetic and unprofessional back and forth emails with the winners. I feel almost embarrassed thinking about it now…

And it gets even better. When I clicked on the link to complete the process to redeem my award, I had to go through a login page and key in the token password to activate the page specifically for me. Then there were a bunch of boxes for me to fill in with details. There were buttons for me to press to either Save or Submit.

And when I finally Submitted my details, I can even track the progress of my award, like how you track your PosLayu or FeLex or UBS shipment.


These are all the works of the scripting genius that is this SK Thambee. I’m telling you, he can do a lot of scripting and web page related development stuff much much much much better than a lot of those freelance web developers who will charge you over US$ 5000 for something that isn’t even half as impressive.

Too bad I don’t think Thambee is actively looking for side income (are you??), otherwise with his impressive works, he should be able to make a lot of money even just by freelancing, as there’s a lot of demand for high quality web development. But who knows? With 2016 shaping up to be a gloomy year for Malaysians financially, maybe he would consider joining the #2kerja fraternity

Anyway, I can’t wait for my CD to arrive… 😀


  1. Yes I am really impressed with SK’s scripting ability. Entering his blog page is like a whole new world out there. There is always something new to impress us.

    Congrats for winning his CD. That is a priceless gift which I’ve failed to achieve for so many years liao 🙁

  2. Who doesn’t like winning a prize, big or small. Congrats, CL. All that blogging paid off 😀 I rarely win competitions. When I was still living in Singapore, I loved entering in competitions run by radio stations. One time I called up to this station, got through and won a CD – and then was asked to go to their office and collect it there myself 😐 There was another time I won a goodie bag on the same station, and same deal.

    • The thing with winning stuff from Malaysian/Singaporean radio stations is that they also want the promo. If they mail your prize to you, that’s it. But if they make you collect the prize from them, you get to go to their office and they get to take pictures with you and plaster those pictures all over their Facebook page.

      • I won those radio station goodies back in the day before the days of Facebook, so I don’t know why I was asked to personally make the journey there to collect what I won. I was hoping to meet some radio deejays I listened to when I went to the station, but I was ushered into the admin office and then out once they gave me my prize..

        • Maybe not Facebook, but surely some other media. I remember regularly seeing pictures of people winning prizes from radio stations somewhere. I think mostly in newspapers.

  3. OMG! OMG! Oh My Gawd!!!! I have been so carried away that I forgot to submit my lists! This Thambee is no bradder and could just ignore me if I miss the deadline. You think we are Thambee & Anay online but in real life, he means business and no short cuts or special favours from him. That’s what I loathed my Thambee many times!! Kaneeneh!

    Congratulations to you!

    • The good news is, you still have a week to do so, so not all is lost hahaha!

      Congratulations to you too!

  4. Excited eh? hee..hee.. I got my first one last year and it was so cool. I look forwards to my cetak rompak CD where I can choose my kind of sound. I don’t seem to enjoy the current new songs that kids listen to 🙁

  5. wah!!! someone wrote a full post regarding me, hehehe!! 暗喜..

    errrr, i am that vulgar meh?? no lah, i only CB mouth a bit in Twilight Man’s blog only because he is my Anay, and hence i am his Thambee.. how did we get these nicknames, errr, it was back in the previous decade and Anay started it all lah..

    well well well, this is the 5th year i am doing the CD and hence i have all the experience to make me do this webform the make things easier.. hope you enjoy this little page that i have built in 2014, which i can reuse for years later, haha!! it’s all automated and actually saves me time in sending emails with correct information, monitoring the progress, retrieving information etc..

    your CD is being processed as you can see from the status, but of course this is my “part time freelance job” so please be patient on waiting for your CD ah, hehehe.. anyway, when you receive the CD later, you have another webpage to blog about, hint hint~~ :p

    • Hahaha, I will most definitely blog about the actual CD, no need to hint hint LOL! Actually why you wanna hint hint or wink wink? I don’t think it will drive anyone who is reading this but did not receive that special email himself/herself to despair. I mean, not anymore… 🙄

        • Sheeshhhh!!! 😀

          But, I recently tried to trace back to find out when he started to do what this fella did and see if I can find any correlation with any specific blog posts of mine. You know what? I think I finally figured out what was going on… I guess I can assume that this fella did not understand the concept of [lucky draw], maybe this fella thought [lucky draw] means [puppet show with pre-determined winner that should be the “oldest” and “most respected” person] or something like that…

          But still… yeah let’s drop this topic for now… 🙄

  6. Congrats on winning the CD. His tech skills sure are impressive, but I wouldn’t be too embarrassed about your back and forth email approach. I think the world is moving towards a desire for more of a personal touch – which you don’t get filling out a form, but do get with a personal email.

    • I’m a nerd, so I prefer sophisticated web-forms. And in my opinion, creating an elaborate web-form is also a way to provide a personal touch. You do what you are good at, after all. 😉

    • Actually you should also look into spamming commenting more effectively. I got this by making an average of 1 comment per post.

    • Er… probably not. It’s not like I intentionally wanted to go for no 1 or top 10 or what. I am still me, comment as I see fit. 😐

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