Going Back To Work…

A couple days ago, I wrote this in my blog post:

[Yeah, I’m back home for the weekend to escape the heat before going back to work on Monday. Yeah, I know, it seems pretty stupid to come back this weekend and then go back to work when next weekend will be CNY. Yeah, the heat was that bad in Penang, and I was that desperate…]

I’ll own up now. I have been rather misleading. You see, I said I am going back to work on Monday, but I did not specifically said I am going back to work in Penang. And it was really desperation that prompted me to drive home for the weekend. I could’ve stayed in Penang over the weekend and take a flight to the place where I am as we speak now.


So I am working for this coming week. But I’m not exactly in Penang, nor am I in KL. Where exactly am I in? I don’t want to make a direct reference, but well, here, I’ll show you where I had my dinner just now.


This is from an award winning buffet spread in a very fancy hotel. I figured I should start my first business trip in over a year with a bang. The Yum List could probably recognize where this is from. I came here because of the wonderful stuff I read and saw from her blog post, after all.

Well, if she doesn’t, maybe she could recognize this view from this very fancy hotel. The hotel is so nice that I came out to snap some pictures of it before dinner.


After that fancy buffet dinner at that fancy hotel, I went to check into the actual hotel that I will be staying in

And so here I am. For my personal security purposes, I will not tell you the actual hotel that I am staying in. You could probably figure out which city I am in, but I will not let you know which hotel I am in. And don’t bother guessing in the comments. If you get it wrong, I will not acknowledge it. If you get it right, I will also not acknowledge it. That’s how personal security purposes work.

But I will tell you that I am going to be here for the entire work week, and I will be driving straight back to KL on Friday to make it in time for Chinese New Year.

Which brings us to the main point of me writing this blog post…

You see, while you may think: “Wah! Syok lah! Travel using company’s money again!”, but the fact is I’m here for work.

My daily schedule for the week would probably be:

Wake up, have breakfast, go to work, get off work, embark on an eating binge after work, come back to the hotel and pass out immediately.

No, that doesn’t sound right. It sounds like I am having far too much fun. So let me re-phrase. My daily schedule for the week would probably be:

Wake up, have breakfast, go to work until late evening, get off work at 8 PM, embark on an eating binge, come back to the hotel to read 50 emails from Penang, reply to 10 or 15 of those emails, AND THEN pass out immediately.

Can you see what this means? What’s missing from my schedule? Yes, the word BLOG is missing from my schedule…

I’m not sure if I will have the time or energy left to blog after the eating binge reading 50 emails and replying to 15 of them daily. I for sure as hell would not have the time and energy to visit all your blogs after the above mentioned activity. I don’t have a choice. I am being paid by the company to come and do work related to the company. If it means I have to sacrifice my blog for a week, that’s something that I will have to do.

So I guess it is better to just declare upfront that I won’t be blogging, and won’t be visiting your blogs for the whole of this coming work week. If you noticed me disappearing from your comments section, please don’t hate me for it! Well, actually, if you are going to hate me for it, then you’re not really a considerate person and I don’t care about you anymore anyway.

But I will make sure to take photos for all my eating binge adventures as they come up. I’ll (hopefully) have tonnes of stuff to write about when I get back. In the mean time, if you want updates from me, you should follow me on Instagram or Facebook (if you haven’t already), I’ll post teaser photos of ALL THOSE FOOD occasionally.

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Otherwise… I guess I’ll see you again this coming Saturday…

Or if you are already away for Chinese New Year by then, then I’ll see you again after your CNY holidays, and let me wish you here a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR! GONG XI FA CAI! HUAT ARRRR!!!!


  1. one final week of “fight” before you go back home in KL for CNY.. hope you got everything settled nicely within this week and you will have a peaceful CNY break 🙂

  2. Sometimes being busy is not a bad thing at all!
    Enjoy whatever you are doing la!

    I also wish you and family a prosperous year of Monkey!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  3. Cannot guess where you are, CL.. anyway, wherever you are, Happy Working and wishing you Happy Chinese New Year as well!! Enjoy your Food binge!

    • You click on the link to The Yum List and you will at least know which city I am in, though you wouldn’t know which hotel I am staying in… 🙄

  4. Well, you are out of Penang and if your day includes “embark on an eating binge after work”, then it should be OK 😀 Enjoy your work (and the food) and have great Chinese New Year with your family. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  5. I can recognize this hotel and pool!!!!! But I have to shaddup since your safety would be at stake if I blurt it. LOL

    Happy working and Happy Chinese New Year! May your relatives stop asking you when is your big day??!!!!


    • You can blurt this out, because this is just where I had dinner. I did not say I checked into the same hotel as where I had dinner… 😛

  6. Advanced Happy Lunar New Year to you, just in case when you post the next post, busy during CNY and might not online…

  7. Aiyah….very easy one…if you want to keep up with your daily posts, just post those 1P100W for the entire week lor! 😀 At the speed you write, it won’t even take you more than 5 mins…kekeke! You can post one food each of your eating binge.

    So, your revised daily schedule looks something like this:
    Wake up, have breakfast, go to work, get off work, embark on an eating binge after work, come back to the hotel, post a 1P100W and then pass out immediately….wakakaka! ;D

    • Tsk! You really think 1P100W is as easy as it seems? Trying to use the right words to make sure they fall within 100 +/- 10 words is hard work too! Not to mention you picked the wrong schedule to revise for me… 🙄

    • It’s okay to say where, people who clicked on the link will know anyway. But like I said, that’s the hotel where I went for dinner. I’m not saying the actual hotel that I’m staying in. 🙄

  8. You already posted pictures of your makan place and the hotel. All we need to do is right click on it and the location will pop out. Apa wanna hide somemore?

    But I understand lah. You so femes, must keep a bit of privacy. Ppl like me, announced to the whole world oso nobody come to meet me. Sobs!!!!

  9. Ok, not going to guess here. Aiya, you so big size, what you scared about personal security. Who dare to stalk you in real life, just punch the wind out of them lah!

    So happy Chinese New Year to you since you will not be around online soon. Happy Working and enjoy your food in wherever you are now. Eat more more and enjoy! Huat huat huat in year of the monkey!

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