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I made it! I finally made it! I went somewhere to have some nice food when I’m back in KL! Woohoo!!!!


I guess there are people who are more excited than I were about me going to this oink-derful place. Okay, okay.. since you can’t wait, I’ll do the blog post now…

So, the reason I was able to come here was because I was going out to meet up with a friend, again. This time, the friend is actually an American blogger, the lovely Anna of Slightly Astray. She is currently in the middle of a one month stay in KL. She has been here for 2 weeks, and she has sticked to within a 2 kilometers radius from where she is staying for most parts, in downtown KL. So today, since I’m back in KL, I made it my mission to “kidnap” her to some place far away. And I immediately thought of this place, because this was the top of my list of must visit cafes in the Klang Valley, top by a few thousand miles from the second contender. So she gets to accompany me to become white mice…

It’s not as bad as it seems. She wanted to experience what the locals do on a weekend. As you all know, the locals don’t go around hunting for char kuay teow or nasi lemak or roti canai all the time. The locals (at least the Chinese) go out and about looking for nice little cafes to have coffee and some porky-licious noms on weekends more often, right? Right???

And the menu here is mostly locally inspired creations, so that’s definitely something cool too, right?

Wahahahahaha!!! OMG I’m so happy, I’m barely coherent… Let’s have the pics…

Hazelnut Latte
Babi (Pig) Fried Rice
Chee Yau Char (Pork lard croutons) Angel Hair Pasta
One Night in Cendolman

I know, these are all items that Eat What, Eat Where have eaten and featured in her blog. I really should have been more original and adventurous and try other items not seen in her blog.

But… but but but… those other items do not have stars right next to the item names. And the reason I came here was because I saw those pictures in that blog post. I know I wanted to try them!

If I ordered something else but got disappointed instead, I would have only myself to blame!

No, no no no. I can’t take that type of risk. Not when I think I’m only going to come here once. I must have the food items that attracted me!

And so I had. How was the food? Well… I came here with high expectations. Let’s just say, my expectations were not misplaced. My expectations were met, brilliantly!Β Anna said it was very good, but since she is American, I don’t know if she’s being honest. I think she is. But actually I don’t really care about her opinion on this one, regardless πŸ˜€Β . I’m sure it will be damn good for the local Malaysian Chinese palate.

I’m not going to describe in minute details how each dish tasted. I’m no food expert of that level. You can go to the link above for that, she’s a better food blogger than I am and ever will be.

Still… there’s one minor disappointment. Not because of the food. Well, yes I guess it is because of the food. It is because I did NOT get to eat that food!


Tsk!!! While I was happily digging in, I noticed this plate of salad looking thing served to a couple seated next to our table. At that moment I thought, “What? A salad? WTF is a salad doing in this place??“.

And then I noticed a platter with 3 mini glasses of…Β things being served as well. One of the glasses contained what looked like bacon bits. Another glass contained pork lard croutons! And another contained some liquid stuff. Pork lard oil???

And then I saw the couple poured the contents into the salad, and began tossing it. What the…??? And then it hit me. Is this Yee Sang?? Pork lard and bacon Yee Sang??!! Man…. fuck! That’s exciting! I should’ve gone for that!!!

And then I began to pay attention to my surroundings and noticed a big poster showing that they are offering this Yee Sang for Chinese New Year. What?!! Why didn’t I notice this before?? Noo!!!! Argh!!!!

Don’t tell me that I should’ve just ordered that as well and stuff both of us silly. That’s bad manners to my traveler friend, and I’m not like that. Sigh… I guess I’ll have to wait until next year’s CNY to come here for this again. Hopefully I will remember it by that time…

Anyway, the point is, yeah, Flingstones @ Subang Jaya is pork-some! Flingstones is pork-mazing! Flingstones should be worshipped by the pork eating fraternity in Malaysia! And Flingstones is doing a kick-ass pork lard and bacon Yee Sang sempena Chinese New Year so you must definitely pay them a visit if you love your oinks!

Sekian, terima kasih. Thanks for reading…


  1. This is one of the reasons I love to read blogs over the years! I always learn something about food, travels and shopping matters from bloggers. This place sound so interesting that fits my whims and liking. I am a porky fan.

  2. Thanks for the mention…and it’s great to finally see you go for the thing you’ve “lusted” all this while! πŸ˜€ Clap, Clap! I’m so glad that you had your babi, pork lard and bacon fix (all at once)…and it met your expectations…phew! πŸ˜‰

    I do the same too…order what I see in other blogs if those photos tempt me. It’s nothing to do with being original or adventurous…we just want to make sure we got to eat the good stuff.

    And that last paragraph, it should be a paid post (paid by Flingstones)…lol!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, not gonna happen… Well, never say never, but the only paid post that I think I will ever do is the RealGunner’s style of paid post: I paid for the food and then write a blog post about it.

      • Yup, that’s rather similar to the paid posts I have on my blog too…haha! πŸ˜€

        And thanks for the compliment….but, no, I’m not a better food blogger than you. Everyone is a good (and unique) food blogger coz everyone has a different take on the same food. You write some really good posts that I wouldn’t even know where to begin or how to write.

        If you liked the food, why would you think you’ll only be coming here once? I always return to places I like.

        • At least you’re better at describing the minute details, like why they’re good or why they’re bad. To me, the food is either just good or just bad… 😐

          I’m not like you lah dei… you should know the reason(s) what after reading my blog for so long. You see I can only manage ONE cafe in KL area after 1-2 years, there’s no guarantee that the next one will be another 1-2 years away. πŸ™„

    • Susah lo… not every time I have “meet friend” as excuse to escape from my mom’s healthy meals. πŸ™„

  3. The food does looks good, especially the pasta. Though I don’t like pork, I’d give it a shot. Or maybe I will push the pork aside and give it to any eating companions around πŸ™„

    From what I see, this looks like a sort of Western joint.

    • No!! You don’t like pork, this is not a place for you. DO NOT come here if you ever come back to KL to visit! You can’t push the pork aside, because the rice and pasta is stir fried with pork lard oil. It’s infused into the food. LOL!

      This is a cafe, there’s lots of them in KL and Penang nowadays. They sell coffee and them some signature food that each cafe owner prepares.

      • So I am guessing there is no dish that has no pork? Not even one dish? If I do go, I will probably just grab a desset or a drink. Surely they serve non-coffee too aside from water πŸ™„

        • It’s better to just not come here. You can always entice your friends to go elsewhere for a cuppa. πŸ™„

  4. Of course lah I was excited πŸ˜€ I wanted very much to go to Flingstones for the chee yau char delights but haven’t had the time yet. Now that you say it met with your expectations, I MUST go and satisfy my pork lard lust ASAP πŸ˜€ I hope to catch that porky yee sang too.

    • Yeah! Go for the Yee Sang! It looks awesome!

      Actually, no… I hope you don’t. I will get crazy jealous if you do! Arghhhhh….

  5. Damn you’re fast with blogging!! I don’t know how you do it! Nope, I do not mind being known. It was sooo great to finally meet and thanks so much for driving me all over the place! And I did think it was good! Sometimes you just need a huge plate of fried rice :). But I didn’t know about that pork salad either… sounds very interesting.

    • You couldn’t see it from where you were seated, but I think you did notice me cock my eyebrow. It was because of that salad which we call Yee Sang. Darn, it is something uniquely Malaysian, so it would have been awesome to eat that with you instead!

      My blog posts (at least the ones here) are not as meticulously researched as yours, most of the time I don’t even do any research. I just whack a bunch of photos and type spontaneously what goes through my mind, and that’s it. That’s why I’m fast. But it’s not good if you want to build a proper blog with a good following. πŸ™„

  6. Pork lard and bacon yee sang!! Wow.. that is something different.. yes, do go for that, RG ..at least once and let us know how it tastes like.. hahaha..

  7. Thanks! Thanks! For writing the post so quickly. Aiya, now with your good review, I lagi want to go there to eat that piece of cendol cake and my spouse wants to eat the pork berempah rice but subang jaya very far away. Thanks for censoring part of my name but no need lah because the first photo got the uncensored name.

    Hehehe, rupa rupa ada udang sebalik batu when someone says weather too hot so wants to come down to KL to get the rain kononnya only. Real udang is to meet lovely USA blogger, hehehehe. Oopps, I shouldn’t have wat kong chai wat jut cheong, hehehe.

    • Tsk! Aiya I missed that first photo! But, since you said no need, then… I’m too lazy to go back and edit the picture now πŸ™„ aiya edit it anyway lah…

      No buts lah! I came all the way back from Penang. How’s that for being too far away? If you want it, then go for it! πŸ˜€

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