Fish Noodles Soup

I’m going to show you something that I had for lunch some time last week.

DSC_0026 (1024x627)

Woohoo! Fish noodles soup with white broth! This is something rarely found in Penang, so I was glad to discover a new place to have it! Yes!!!

DSC_0028 (1024x576)

Om nom nom nom!!!

Or… was it?

Unfortunately, this was a case of [it looks better than it tastes]. You know, when we went into the restaurant, we were overwhelmed with a rather pleasing aroma associated with that wonderful milk based broth. The aroma itself was already very promising.

And then when we saw how glorious our bowl of noodles were served, we got pretty excited. Understandably so, especially when the broth exuded a nice fragrance…

Then we took a spoonful of noodles and chucked it into our mouths, together with the broth.

And then we got confused. The broth was… bland. Utterly bland. I thought my tongue was broken, but I quick look at my lunch mate and I noticed the same perplexed face.

Damn, this is disappointing. This is totally the opposite of those stinky tofu experience. With stinky tofu, it is disgusting stench but once you put it into your mouth, heaven! This one gives you wonderful aroma but once you put it into your mouth, underwhelming and disappointing.

Which is why I’m not going to tell you what this restaurant is and where it is located in…. πŸ™„


  1. Fish Noodles or Fish Head Noodles are my top favourite. I could eat slowly and nibble all the tiny fish bones out. My colleagues often shook their heads.

    I never knew Penang could make this well. I don’t believe you on this fact, so better tell me the location. ** point gun on ya head**

    • I think you missed out the second half lah dei… The second half is me saying they screwed up! If you still want the location, refer to my reply to Mun’s comment. πŸ™„

  2. haha…u got me so excited on this fish noodle then…bam!!! plunged into disappointment….
    I never seen any fish head noodle in penang before…so I tot this must be good in order to survive there…but well….

    • I’m not exactly a super fan for fish head noodles, so I never really noticed the lack of this thing in Penang. But you can at least find this in Penang, not like pork noodles which is non-existent. I’m not sure if the few others here are any good.

  3. actually I thought something is missing when I first look at the photo.. maybe just because the one I usually have is stuck in my mind, there is supposed to be more tomatoes and salted veggie floating on the soup, haha!! :p

    • I suppose because the stuff you mentioned are only used as garnishing here, the soup covered them up. And there’s not a lot of them to begin with. πŸ™„

  4. I had pretty good and cheap fish noodles at the coffee shop that is outside Glow Hotel on McAlister Rd, across from the Red Rock. It is in a place with tons of other stalls too. I was told there is a really good one next to the Pg airport. We were there very late a couple of months ago, so nothing.

    • Heh, I know which one you are talking about. That place at McAlister Road, is actually more famous for the wood fire pizza (ironically). Apparently the old man and woman team migrated back from Italy after years of working in Italian cafes or something…

    • Strange, I have not seen too many of these white soups in Penang, they are actually more commonly found in KL. Yup, it is the milk.

  5. How could the broth be bland when I spotted some ham choy in the soup? Were there any tomatoes in the bowl? If there are tomatoes, there would at least be a hint of sourness in the broth. You must tell me where this place is so that when I celebrate CNY in Penang this year I can eat there and tell you whether the broth is bland to me or not. TQ in advance.

    • I suspect the ham choy was just garnishing and not part of the broth making process. And it was just a few strands of it. Same goes to the 2 slices of tomato.

      Sigh… it’s one of those shops in Elit Avenue. The One Noodles or something like that, a couple shops away from the Korean BBQ Chicken…

  6. Smells good and yet taste bland. Yes, that can happen. I wonder if the cook tasted the broth for seasoning. Anyway, I very geli soup with milk. Taiwanese style right?

    • I’m not sure Taiwanese or not, but for sure you can find these in KL more easily, those fish noodles soup with white broth.

      • No, milk in fish soup is not Taiwanese style because I went to a famous Taiwan restaurant in Taiwan to eat and the fish broth is those clear type. This white broth with milk is very common in KL but I don’t know its origins. Perhaps you can do research on this – who started using milk in fish broth – as you do write a lot about the background of the dishes you wrote about in your posts.

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