Fifty Shades of Bean

A certain video is trending in my FB feed today. I have not less than 10 friends sharing this on their wall… I don’t understand why this video did not went viral earlier. I mean, this video was posted on May 2015!

Anyway, LOL! I did not watch Grey, but if it was this one instead, I would totally go to the cinema and watch it!

Sigh, I know, my posts this week has been short and boring ones. But I don’t got a choice. SQ decided to re-schedule my flight to 1 day earlier. That’s actually great news because that was my original preferred date but too expensive. It means now I paid lessΒ and got re-scheduled to the more expensive day. But it also means I have to do some tweaking on my travel planning and logistics.


  1. I was tickled by Mr Bean’s video. It has been a trying weeks for me at home as you could see my little appearance in blog hopping. This evening I am back into action.

    • This is just a parody lah. Some bored people cut and paste Mr Bean into the video and edit it only. πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, of course will, SQ flights all through Singapore. But only transit this time, not even have enough time to come out through immi gates..

  2. Hahahaha, this is very funny! Your flight rescheduled to a day earlier, does it mean you need to find somewhere to stay for another night?

  3. wow, 50 shades of bean!! haha, what a parody and hmmm, probably because Gray is rated and hence it actually created more curiosity among those who can’t get into the cinema to watch, thus only in YouTube and therefore outshine Bean.. okay, I think I know what I’m saying~~ πŸ˜€

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