Banglasia 猛加拉杀手

When Namewee announced that he will be crowdfunding for his banned controversial movie Banglasia, I was so excited. I thought I would never be able to watch this movie ever, and now there’s a chance.

The goal is US$ 500k. I thought this should be an easily achievable target. Especially when I looked at the number of subscribers that he has on Youtube.


Look, over 600k subscribers. I know, a lot of them are students and kids with no independent income or credit card. And a lot of them are non-Malaysians who would not appreciate this movie. And a lot of them are neutrals who do not care to provide financial support to this controversial movie maker.

But let’s be conservative and assume 10% of these 600k are adult Malaysians with our own incomes and possess debit/credit cards. At 60k people who can afford to support Namewee, and a $20 pledge for the movie link, we are looking at over $ 1 million. Even at the minimum $5 pledge, we should be looking at $ 300k.

But assumption is a dangerous game to play with, because reality tends to differ, sometimes by a lot. In this movie’s case,


Yup, over 20 days since Namewee’s announcement, pleading for crowdfunding for this movie, it isn’t even 30% pledged. To make matters worse, look at the number of backers. Less than 4000!

What the fuck is going on?? I remember his first 3 movies were somewhat of a blockbuster hit in local cinemas. Surely the number of his supporters are not that few??

As you can see from the snapshot above, yes, I am a backer. And I am so disappointed with the current progress of this Kickstarter project. You know, if it fails to hit the target by the date line on 18-Jan-2016, Kickstarter will not deduct any money from our credit cards. Damn, I really hope they DO deduct the money. I want that link to that movie!

Which is why I am doing my feeble part to write about this movie, this Kickstarter campaign in my blog, in case any of you who happen to be his supporters are still sleeping and not aware of how you can support this talented bugger of an artist.

Here’s a video which Namewee himself made to explain why Kickstarter, and also a [The Making Of] video…

I know, many actually hate Namewee. Many thinks he is vulgar and always does controversial things. I’m sorry to tell you, I’m not one of them. Maybe I’m a vulgar bastard myself, so I don’t really take offence with his vulgarity. In fact, I totally enjoy it. And he might be controversial, but I deeply admire and support what he does.

I’m more disappointed with certain sections of his haters that claimed he has changed over the years. Many originally supported him and cheered him on because he made Youtube videos that seemed like bashing the government (he’s currently dealing with a court case for one such video). But when he started to make proper songs and movies to sell instead of controversial videos, this same bunch of haters deserted him and called him a coward that has been bought off.

To this bunch of losers, I would like to say:

人家不用吃饭啊?拍那么多骂政府的影片,能吃饭吗?你们躲在键盘后面为他鼓掌,能买到饭吃吗?如果想要赚钱吃饭就是没用的家伙 那么你们还不辞工一起去骂政府?你们那么有原则 说他不骂政府就不支持他了 现在你们的机会到了咯!他现在拍了一部连政府都怕到要禁播的电影 你们还不用一点实际的行动来支持一下?证明给黄明志看 他骂政府也是不会饿死的 有你们会支持他的。这样你们才有资格去骂他,不然就… Diam lah!

[Doesn’t he need to eat rice (earn a living)? Can he get to eat rice by making so many videos to mock the government? Can he get to eat rice with all your hidden applause behind the keyboard? If trying to make money to eat rice means he is rubbish, they why don’t all of you quit your jobs and join in with mocking the government, together? Since all you losers are so principled and claim that you cease to support him after he ceased to mock the government, now is your perfect chance to prove it! Now that he’s made a movie that scares the authorities enough to ban it from showing, why haven’t you guys put your money in your mouth and show him some tangible support? Prove it to Namewee, that he will not starve to death even if he insist on mocking the government, that he will have actual support from you guys. This is the only way you can earn your rights to actually scold him, otherwise… Diam lah (STFU)!]

Sorry, I’ve been emotional. It is just that every time I see comments from these type of haters, my blood will boil. It reminds me that a lot of Malaysians are actually full of shit. We are angry with the corrupt government, we want a martyr, and we want entertainment, but we want it for free and without any sacrifice or even contribution of our own.

Sigh… I guess I should not whack people… Whacking people is never a good way to persuade people to part with money. Especially not with haters. Maybe I should remind you guys how funny Namewee can be…

Damn, his videos never fail to crack me up and make me burst into laughters! 😀 😀 😀 … And of course, you know all his previous movies that were not banned from the cinemas were all laughter bombs (at least for Malaysians who understand the inside jokes).

I really hope I get the link for his latest movie Banglasia. Please, take my $20! Take it! And please guys, please support Malaysian talent!

Banglasia 猛加拉杀手 Kickstarter Page



  1. I like this guy’s movies lah, I watched his nasi lemak movies and had a good laugh. He is hilarious. OK, now I go check his Kickstarter thingy. I didn’t know about it until I read it here.

  2. I was also like the crowd who applauded for Namewee at the beginning of our rakyat’s endless frustrations. He was like our brave voice to help us connect and speak out. Later years, my regards of him waned for no particular reasons. I think humans are funny and often have short memory as nothing lasts forever. Even Psy could not make a comeback but he shocked the Koreans instead with his dressings.

    • Sigh, maybe because he started to make less confrontational videos and more pure entertainment videos, so you no longer see the need to applaud him. You’re not alone, many are the same. In fact, many who deserted him started to whack him for “losing his balls” to continue whacking the govt. Can’t say I’m not disappointed with how things turn out.

      Even without mocking the govt, his works are funny and vulgar and entertaining. And he can’t keep making 100% videos about mocking the govt, those won’t feed him and pay bills. Many people don’t seem to understand this simple point…

  3. I’ve heard of Namewee but have not seen any of his movies or youtube…probably because I don’t understand Mandarin. But I did watch his Kickstarter explanation video (that you’ve included here) and believe his cause is worth supporting. I hope he gets the crowdfunding he needs. As to the tepid response he’s had, I think not many Malaysians know or are aware of what crowdfunding is.

    • It seems like this is really the case. That’s why I write this blog post. You know, his newer videos have Malay and English subtitles, you can watch and enjoy them if you want to. 🙂

    • He’s got a few videos promoting the Kickstarter campaign. And that’s also why I assume only 10% of his total subscribers would be aware and can afford to support.

  4. subscribe is free, like is free, share is free.. many people just click them with no reason as there is no string attached, many did not even know what they are clicking.. :p

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