1P100W #71 – Eat In Rome

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I ordered this dish from Coffee Smith without looking at the description because the name [Eat In Rome] sounded awesome. But I got depressed after it was served.

Yeah, presentation looks nice, but I could only draw 2 possible conclusions from this dish:

  1. This isn’t what the Romans eat. Coffee Smith is a bloody liar with their menu.
  2. This is really what the Romans eat. In which case I am sad that people from the capital city of the food capital of the world have been reduced to eating toast, fries and scrambled eggs. Where’s the pasta or pizza?

Well at least the chicken’s creamy sauce tasted western…

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    • Yes, that’s it! Although to be fair, I ought to pay more attention and read the descriptions before ordering. πŸ™„

    • Lesson learnt… probably for 2 weeks. I’m sure I’ll repeat this mistake again in the future. πŸ™„

  1. aiyak…too bad….

    wei…they tarak baca ka… now cannot “wrap” food with newspaper leh… err…maybe they can argue this is not wrapping…this is putting on top only

    • I didn’t even notice the newspaper to be honest. I was to depressed seeing the food to notice anything else. Well, that’s not newspaper anyway, although yes it is a sheet of paper.

  2. The “Eat in Rome” item did not have a detailed description of what it includes? The chicken in the creamy sauce with green bean sprout (is it?) on top in the pot seems like a lot of food. Using pots and pans to serve the food in should cost much more than using the usual plates and bowls.

    • Oops, I just read that you did not read the description so it was there so question 1 answered d. How much was this? Below RM20 would be considered ok.

    • Don’t be deceived. Those pots and pans are mini versions. The pot is the size of a fried egg in diameter.

  3. is that a water tap next to ur food tray?? anyway, the item might sound ‘too gorgeous’ to mislead u into tinking about some pizza or spaghetti…Perhaps they should change it to something that has connection to it like ‘Eat in US/UK’ whatsoever where fries and toast is the main course.

  4. This looks like UK food. Or even American or Australian. It looks like a very filling meal to me. I probably would only be able to eat the chicken and that’s it πŸ™„

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