1P100W #72 – Oats and Fruits

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I’m saddened that there are people who do not believe I am capable of eating just oats and fruits for dinner on a regular basis. In fact, they do not believe I am capable of eating oats and fruits, at all! This is despite me having blogged before of my oats dinners a couple times before. I did blog about those before, didn’t I?

So today I am showing you how my dinners mostly look like for the past 2 weeks. Instant oats with black sesame powder, with one big Fuji apple cut into pieces here.

I’m sure there’d still be doubters after this, but… heck…

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  1. I believe you. It does look like a plain, simple and boring dinner. But it’s so easy to make and wash up – you don’t really have to think when you come home after work. It makes my after-work dinners of 10 minute boiled noodles and veggies sound exciting 🙄

    • I dislike eating fruits before taking warm food. It doesn’t help me to go to toilet, the only thing it does is bloat my tummy with gas and make me uncomfortable for the day 🙁 .

      You know what helps me with toilet going? Coffee! 😀

  2. I believe you! Would you believe me that I took a plate of instant oats and with cut-up sweetened figs last night? Sounds unbelievable from me too, right? But I did.. and whole night I was tortured when I scrolled down my FB.. so much food and drooling over them! I think next time I post up my healthy meal too.. my friends seem to think I am always eating unhealthy food all the time! hahahaha…

    • I believe you one, because I am similar also. I only post food that I think is interesting, but people end up thinking those are the only things I eat. They want to see me post my oats dinner picture everyday kot… 😐

  3. Don’t care about what other people say lah…

    But in a way, good also to have doubters.

    You have a post to write about it! HAHAHA

    • Yeah, actually that’s the whole point of this blog post! Seems like you are the only one who can see this post for what it actually is, hahaha! I am just taking advantage of the doubters as a topic for a quickfire blog post! 😀 😀

  4. Nope, I have never doubted that you could eat oats and fruits for dinner regularly. I enjoy overnight oats, I think it’s yummy. However, just to share with you, you need to be aware that oats are high in carbohydrates and taking too much will inhibit weight loss. Though they are the healthy kind of carbs, they are still carbs.

  5. I envy you…not because of your “sumptuous” looking oats and fruits dinner….but that you can withstand eating oats and fruits repeatedly for 2 weeks. I wish I could do that. You eat more healthily than anyone I know but still can’t shed the weight? Hmmmm….

    • Yeah, I’m actually quite depressed because of this. Especially because this gives my mom licence to doubt me when I tell her I have been eating healthy. 🙁

  6. No, I won’t be doubtful on your dinner. I will opt for this very healthy kind of combination, oats and fruits are two very low calories food. Gambatte!

  7. I love oats and fruit! Usually have it for brekkie, but could just as easily have it in the evening as well. I usually prepare it the night before with some seeds, nuts and dried fruit. In the morning I add some fresh berries. Yum!

    • Well, your breakfast oats are more exciting than my dinner oats! But I doubt I can do what you do. I’m not a very active seeds/nuts eater. After all, they’re rather expensive… 🙄

  8. I believe you. This is because to me, the taste of oats is really good and I like to eat fruits so why wouldn’t anyone eat them together.

    • You misunderstood lah. What they meant was, impossible I can tahan with just oats and fruits, they insist I must have eaten KFC or burgers or rice or something also. Not to say oats and fruits cannot eat together…

      • Who are they you are referring to? Your colleagues ah? or your siblings/family members? I don’t think they understand you at all, if you have KFC or burgers or rice to eat for dinner, I know you wouldn’t go and eat some more food like oats and fruits because the KFC/burgers/rice would have filled you already. If they meant you ate oats and fruits, then go out again to buy other food like KFC, then you would have already done so and not eat oats and fruits in the first place lah.

        • “They” are the doubters lah. Aiya why you so concerned is who? 😀

          What I mean is, they don’t believe I am capable of healthy eating. They don’t believe I can eat oats and fruits only for dinner. They don’t believe I can survive without meat in my meal. Something like that. I know you know I can lah. That’s why I am not referring to you as one of the doubters.

  9. You always had my respects for all your lazy cooking recipes. It reminded me of my bachelor days a lot. So long as you are not a heavy smoker and drinker like me before, all you ate was nutritious and good without added toxins. I remember your oat meals esp the purple colour!! You and me know you eat healthy oats & fruits, cukup la. The others go fly kites.
    I eat oats and drink oat bran too almost 5 mornings each week. The oat bran drink is so costly and very sticky that it drags out all our most stubborn cholesterol stains effectively from our colons and system. I don’t have high cholesterol issues but I am kiasu.

    • But I am still fat lah. I’m a bit worried now to be honest, it seems the older we get, the harder it is to reduce weight. 🙄

  10. eh…I din know u kena ‘teased’ by some readers who doubt ur capability in surviving with jst oat + fruits…But well, u dun hav to prove urself to anyone. I got this principle of not having to explains myself to anyone, coz if that person trust u, u dun hav to explain/prove much…if that person doesn’t trust u, no matter how u explain/prove also he/she wouldn’t listen.

    • Hahaha, actually I’m more for myself lah. I am just using this as an excuse for making a short post. 😛

      • Yes, I wanna ask also, who questioned you? I look through the comments of your previous post, no one said anything that questioned your claims that you ate oats and fruits for dinner.

        • When I say someone asked me/challenged me/hantam me, I don’t only refer to the comments. I have quite a fair bit of silent readers who prefer to interact with me out of the blog too 🙄 ..

  11. wah that’s very healthy!! your mom sure likes this or to be more correct, your mom sure likes you to eat this!! haha.. I know it’s filling lah, but then can last for you ah??

    • She’ll say why instant oats? Better get the raw oats and soak overnight… 🙄

      Can lah… can last or not is all a matter of psychology (although my way is to quickly go to sleep the moment I start to feel like I’m going to get hungry soon)…

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