1P100W #68 – Brand New Cafeteria

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When the company announced changing the cafeteria’s vendor for the new year, I was skeptical. Especially when they claimed the food quality will drastically improve at just a slight price increase. Usually this means the opposite.

It didn’t help when I checked out breakfast on the first day and noticed 3 of them were selling same things! Meh…

But credit where credit is due. I quite like the brand new zhap fan (mixed rice). The above was RM 4.20 (RM 2.20 after subsidy). 70 cents more expensive, but instead of Auntie Stingy scooping dishes for me, I get to scoop my own dishes. I get better value for money portions.

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  1. With the nonsensical GST, Inflation and pocket inflammations in our country, I really miss this food subsidy which I only enjoyed once in my whole life! That was when I worked for Texchem Group in Prai. You lucky boy!

    • I’m sure they factored in the subsidy as part of our total remuneration. A bit of a stretch to call that lucky. 🙄

  2. I love it when the food court lets you scoop your own portions. That is very rare nowadays, and there is no such thing here in Australia.

    Now at my new work, there is a big food court below the building. The food there is very nice, from things like pasta to Indian food. But so expensive – $8 per dish (small) and above 😐

    • Probably because there is no zhap fan in Australia. Still, $8 for a dish… well, I guess the concept of “food court = cheap eats” is not in practice in Australia. Which is the same with the US by the way. 🙄

      • Here cheap eats would mean make your own food at home and eat at the office or outside wherever you are. And don’t forget to bring your own water or drinks too… A drink outside, say a cup of juice can sets you back easily $5 or more.

        • It is the same as when I was in the US. I was so shocked when I compared the cost of making my own lunch vs eating out. Here in Malaysia, it is the other way round. Yeah some say cooking at home is cheaper than eating out, but I think that is only true if you are feeding a whole family. If you are alone or a couple, it is much more expensive to cook. I guess it is because we tend to use quality ingredients when we cook, whereas the hawkers over here use crap and dirt cheap ingredients. 🙄

  3. I always prefer to scoop my own dishes because those guys’ portioning is too small for me. Besides, I hate it when they scoop the meat together with the oily chap. They always assume everybody loves chap 🙁

    • A few months? I’m thinking weeks even… 🙄

      PS: You should check your blog link when commenting, I’ve corrected a couple of it..

    • Not really. In Penang, this kind of dishes, I could still find places that will charge me RM 3.20 or 3.50 for these. But of course, to do that I have to brave the hot sun and sweat like an oink to go out.

  4. I only have Zhap Fan once in a while and usually I would definitely ask them to add curry sauce to my rice.

    Your Zhap Fan looks healthy with cauliflower and broccoli.

    • On the other side, I try to steer clear of sauce as much as I can. Those sauce and gravy is the most unhealthy parts especially in a zhap fan stall. That’s where most of the MSG and dirty oil are.

      Although I guess things are different in Singapore. I think you guys have an enforced guideline to the hawkers on what’s the MSG limit allowable, that kind of thing?

  5. The zhap fan looks good with cauliflower and broccoli. So nice your company subsidies your lunch. Good that you can now scoop your own dishes for better portion control. Are there more meat choices with this new vendor?

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