Sunday @ Home

I know, I know. I’m finally back in KL again. I really should make better use of my time to go out and visit all the new malls, eat good food, meet up with friends and stuff like that.

But I’m tired. Spent all morning involved in a prayer session for my grandma. Before that I also accompanied dad to the morning market to buy prayer food. After the prayers, making small talk with relatives in my cramped home, lunch (too many people, too shy to take photos openly) and cleaning up, I’m now stuck with my usual routine when I’m back home: glued my eyes in front of the TV while talking to mom. The Indonesians are spanking the Chinese in men’s double on live TV as I am typing this.


I don’t even know what was the purpose of the prayers. According to the parents, it is the “third anniversary” or something to do with “three years”. Whichever way I count, grandma has only left us for two years. I wonder what calendar those experts use to arrive at the three years figure. Maybe it is not human calendar we are talking about here. I wonder if TM Anay has any expertise with this…

Oh yeah. I also attended a wedding of a college friend last night. The dinner was held in Flamingo Hotel, Ampang. I am embarrassed to admit that even though this hotel is within 10 minutes driving distance from my home, this was the first time I set foot into this hotel. I was shocked that there is a nice (man made) lake behind the hotel, so the view is somewhat nice. Some of you have probably seen this photo on my Instagram or personal FB already. But… who cares? I’ll show the photo here again.


Actually, I probably should not feel embarrassed. What wrong with never visiting a hotel that is within a 10 minutes drive from your home? It should be perfectly normal. Visiting a hotel so close to home would be what is really weird, right?

I don’t know if you have noticed, but it seems to me that nowadays, most wedding dinners will inevitably have shit happen, one way or another. I cannot count how many times I have heard foul mouths commenting on how the PA system sucks, food sucks, service sucks, waiters not handsome enough, etc. I cannot count how many times I have had to interrupt said foul mouths with comments like: “You’re here because you are a friend. The main reason you are here is to give your blessings to the newlywed, not comment about things beyond their control”.

Thankfully, yesterday was one such occasion where I did NOT have to make such comments. the wedding was very nice. I’m not sure if there were hidden stuff going on, but from my point of view, the wedding dinner seems to be progressing smoothly with no hiccups. It was wonderful. Good job, Flamingo! And good job, bride and groom, for making the right choice of hotel!


Last but not least, Congratulations, Keith and Jenn! May you make lots of babies together ASAP! 😀


  1. I have visited this Flamingo Hotel several times. Their lake and food was good as I could remember. Once I was plying the jammed route to Ukay Heights and quickly turned in to use their toilet for emergency!

    Talking about the “3 Years” issue, I only know that most obituary ads often added 3 years to the deceased’s age, hoping to fool the hell judges that this person had spent each year on earth, hell and lastly should ascend to heavens. That was what I was being told.
    Now this death anniversary thing, I am not very sure as it is new to me to hear “3 years” again.

    Next is the old Chinese parents often celebrated their 69th or 79th Birthdays on a grand scale but when you attend their big dinners, you would see their big birthday cakes wishing them 70th or 80th birthdays instead. When I asked, they would smile sheepishly and reply ~ “Oh, we celebrate earlier lah while we still could”….

    • Huh… I think it should be something along the lines of what you said, earth, hell and heaven. Three years in one. My dad seem to mention about something along those lines.

      I remember my grandma had her 80th birthday for 3 consecutive years, for exactly the same reason!

  2. well, u r not really fully @ home on Sunday. U got to attend ur fren’s wedding aka some sort ‘reunion’ with coursemates. Catching up with frens after awhile is kinda interesting weekend activity too.

    • Ah no, the wedding was yesterday of Sunday. I was fully at home on Sunday… until evening. That’ll be another blog post…

  3. Waiters not handsome enough? hah..hah… First time I hear of such a complaint. Anyway, it’s good to know that the wedding reception went well. I have had my fair share of grouses but I don’t bad mouth lah…

  4. Nothing wrong with haven’t been to Flamingo Hotel. I stay near there too and I’ve never stepped inside either. In fact, I’ve not been to many hotels here simply for the reason the food is say 3 times more expensive that what you’d usually get elsewhere. I’m not saying the food is not good (some are) but it’s the budget that stops us.

    I’m with Mun on the “make more babies” comment…maybe you could change that to allay miscommunication…hee…hee! 😀

    • You did 4 things, which is a lot of things, not nothing! Daydreaming is a very serious activity, you know? 😀 😀

  5. Congrats to your friends. Something going wrong at weddings is just one more story to tell I guess. At home, it seems weddings are more about the family than the married couple anyway. 😉

    • It is true. Most wedding ceremonies done nowadays are about the families. I think if given choice, most of the couples would prefer to have a small wedding banquet and an expensive honeymoon instead.

    • I’m not planning on having a lavish wedding at all. If I get married, I probably want to do a travel wedding.

      Sheeshh.. Forget I said that…

  6. At least you still stick to your daily routine of writing a post here. I have not been to many hotels within close distance of my place too. Perfectly normal. You write make more babies mean they already have one baby already?

  7. the moment it happened was already considered the first year, if it’s past the new calendar year then it’s another year.. I guess that’s why it’s the third anniversary..

    shame on you!! I’ve been to Flamingo Hotel… once!! hehe~~

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