Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know, I know… I said I wasn’t going to go watch this latest Star Wars movie, the supposedly first episode of the so called Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. But I did, so I’m a big idiot now…

The thing is, I was waiting for an appointment in Queensbay Mall. And I was bored and have time to kill. And there weren’t any other interesting movie on show and I didn’t want to watch Snoopy, so…

Anyway, since I have become an idiot, might as well tell you what I thought about this movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The thing is, I am a fan of the original trilogy. Not a super huge fan, but still a fan. As a fan, I want to remember Star Wars as it is. I don’t want the movie producers to mess around with things by doing a sequel. Especially not one after more than 30 years later.


The thing with sequels is, it is a matter of damned if you do, damned if you don’t for the movie producers. You try to make a movie using the same theme and setting and people would say you are boring and recycling stale materials. You go off in a new direction and the hardcore fans would start cursing you for ruining their fantasies. There is just no way you can win. So you can understand my disappointment when George Lucas agreed to do this and subject himself to such a huge risk.

Having said all that, after coming out from the cinema, I think I have to admit that they did a decent job with this one. Not great, but decent. I guess having low expectations helped a bit too.


They kept the concept of good vs evil, light vs dark alive and distinct in the sequel. And I think they probably want this movie to be some sort of a bridging episode to the other two episodes coming out in the future. So they kept a lot of the elements from the old movie.


I guess this should be good news for the hardcore fans. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed all these nostalgic stuff too. The stormtroopers, the whole light versus dark side of the Force,

Chewbacca and Han Solo,

All good stuff. But then, it got somewhat predictable and boring to me. For example, there were scenes which got me going “Oh man, not again! Not another joker with daddy issues?!“. And they did not even try to conceal the identity of the daddy. His identity was revealed quickly, and when he uttered that legendary “I’m you father” phrase, I could already tell how he would end up. And my predictions proved correct in the end.

By the way, this is the original joker with daddy issues…

Source: Someone’s Twitter

Also, I suppose some of the younger generations (I mean those younger than me) might not appreciate the original trilogy, and they might be baffled by some of the stuff that played out here. I mean, even for me, as I watched the movie play out, I couldn’t help but think, had I not known that this is a sequel meant to be a tribute to a movie series over 30 years ago, I would think the plot doesn’t make sense and the villains are all stupid dumbf**ks.

While watching this movie, it made me realize that Star Wars reminded me of that famous battle of the Three Kingdoms, that 赤壁之战 Battle of Chibi. The northern troops who have the superior numerical advantage, instead of using it to overwhelm the enemies, decided to consolidate all their firepower into a single entity, and leaving a massive weakness for the enemy to exploit. Cao Cao was totally destroyed after that.

Except Cao Cao was much smarter. After defeated, he learned from his mistakes, switched tactics and stayed away. These space villains are much more stupid. Instead of learning from their mistakes (not once, but twice in the original trilogy) and changing their strategy, no, they decided that the best way is to make an even bigger…

Oops, never mind. I almost revealed a major spoiler here…


One thing I do like about this new trilogy though, is that they are introducing new lead characters. I guess they don’t have much of a choice. I mean, look at Harrison Ford. The original Luke Skywalker is even older now! It would make zero sense to cast him as lead in this new trilogy, wouldn’t it?

Fresh and young new stars

You know, as usual, I don’t really care about the guy. I only care about the girl. And the girl… when I first saw her appear on the screen, my first thought was: Is this Natalie Portman? No, she looks much too young. Did they CGI her into the movie?

Turns out, she is a new English actress, Daisy Ridley. Seriously though, Daisy does look quite like Natalie, doesn’t she? I’m keeping an eye on her…

Anyway, as usual, before I end, here’s the trailer of the movie.


  1. I remember the first Star Wars movie. It was such a sensation back then, my cousin had it on videotape and every time we go to the house, he will insist on playing it. At the time, I hated it. But later, I watched Star Wars and quite enjoyed it. Maybe I will like this latest one too 🙂

    • If you’re a neutral, I guess so. If you’re a hardcore fan then I’m not sure which way you will lean. Like or hate. 🙄

    • Well… the thing is, if you are not a movie person, or a Star Wars person, I don’t think you will enjoy it..

  2. Good to hear that you like the movie. I accompanied my friends who are fans to watch this movie on opening day and find it to be ok, acceptable and exciting for kids with the flying ships chasing sequence. I watched momentum too recently, is there going to be a sequel with that hanging ending?

    • You mean Star Wars or Momentum? I have not watched Momentum leh.. I don’t think they are even showing it in Penang! If you mean Star Wars, the producers already said this will be a trilogy. The sequel trilogy…

      • I meant momentum. I know there are episode 8 and 9 for star wars. Sorry, I remember wrongly, Sheta watched momentum, not you. Olga is absolutely stunning in momentum so you must watch it.

    • Sigh, then no need to comment. I’m not like some bloggers, I don’t expect my readers to comment on every of my blog posts for the sake of it. 😐

  3. This movie is being promoted like crazy – if you don’t know the movie is out, then you are living under a rock. I have to admit that I haven’t seen any of the movies, but they are iconic enough that I know the names of the characters in the movie.

    • Understandably so. The producers have already committed that this will be a three movies series. If this first one tanks in the box office, they will be in deep deep trouble. They need to go all out and make sure the movie sells.

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